A long time pioneer in the field of personal and planetary transformation, Christopher Rudy has embodied the process from local community, and
Capitol Hill to the worldwide web. His web-published articles to date are archived HERE, including highlights from twelve years of his Internet radio talk show, Cosmic .
His visionary background grew out of studies in architecture, design science, free-lance photography, and his discovery of pure geometry frames of reference for the processes of consciousness - light language - and the whole brain model of consciousness for open source everything. This model of universal laws regarding
"light as consciousness" has continued to evolve his vision and mission as a holistic practitioner and metaphysician over the last 50 years.

A high achiever from an early age, Christopher was chess champion in Junior High, winning the local Soap Box Derby at age 13, and racing in the International Soap Box Derby.  In his teens, he was a competition figure skater, Eagle Scout, varsity in wrestling, and high school photographer, Troy Ohio.

His lifelong work has been researching, imagineering and modeling universal law~language coordinates that evolved into LOVEmaps. This began with a life-changing vision in 1970 during a period of intense soul searching his 3rd year of college. With his destiny revealed, inexplicable gifts of the holy spirit and fearless faith, Christopher hitch-hiked from Ohio to Rose'-Croix University in San Jose California to study the ancient mysteries of God as known by mystics, saints and avatars throughout history.  His photo journal "On the Path" is a classic re: 'Unveiled Mysteries' .

By 1974, Christopher was lecturing to futurists and visionaries at Buckminster Fuller's month long World Game Studies Workshop in Philadelphia.  In his presentation he explained how all problems are, at heart, communication problems, and how the new 'World Game' could be defined by a simple yet profound 'universal interface' for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

This has been Rudy's core "Big Picture" (mission) every since.  The implications are no less than resolution of the number one problem of the Information Age – info overload – with an interactive process of 'information's ecology' that recycles general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom with a heart.  In short, this is a communication process that organizes all information IN FORMATION; a unique frame of reference for qualifying wise dominion with the ordained power of love that provides checks and balances on the inordinate love of power.

Attending futurists at the World Game invited Christopher to give the keynote address to ten agencies of the Federal Government on Capitol Hill in Nov. of ’74 at a Future's Summit looking to a vision for the 'Bicentennial Era' from Independence to ratification of the Constitution.  There he explained how his universal law/language model could celebrate the New American REVOLUTION -- emphasizing 90% of the word -- with the means to upgrade core Constitutional freedoms at the heart of sovereign self-governance.

At that time, cable TV was wiring the nation with satellite downlinks.  Christopher's vision for culturing civilization with greater interactive civility was presented as an opportunity to provide a Space Age 'TeLeComm' upgrade of our Bill of Rights and anachronistic horse-and-buggy representation system. The potential was emphasized as an opportunity to make public institutions more accountable to the purpose for which they serve, but government had become a growth industry in which public institutions are privatized with little public oversight or accountability.

Intent upon integrating a greater understanding of universal law as the language of consciousness at the heart of the first principles for personal and planetary sovereignty, Christopher attended a modern day mystery school in 1979 at Summit University, near Malibu CA.  He later attended two World Teacher Seminars and dozens of related conferences, eventually teaching advanced workshops on one's astrology as relates to the psychology of personal growth.

By 1986, Christopher had adapted his universal law~language model for framing holistic health information into a definitive model of self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and management of disease.  He calls this the new paradigm of 'informed choice - for both self-care and physician care - 'UltraMedics'... doing for preventive health care what paramedics do for crisis medicine.  His model evolved as online 'Universal Self Care', for defining a wholly new preventive 'Health Assurance' industry that raises the standard for mainstream holistic health care.

Christopher's extensive experience developing four holistic health centers has uniquely prepared him for the current trend-fit of global Net reality with self-evident capabilities for free on-line holistic self-care - Global TeLeCare. 4+ billion global Netizens could now benefit with easy access over their smartphone, tablet, lap-top or desk-top computers.

By 1996, with the Internet revolution in full bloom worldwide, Christopher repositioned his universal law/language interface as HEARTware to trend-fit what is ostensibly the "Next Big Thing" after hardware, software and netware.  His innovative interactive model for “cyberEthics” (new rules for the Next Economy) redefines the natural evolution of the computer-Internet revolution from "the computer is the network" to "the network has a Conscience"... the natural evolutionary ascent of global consciousness from an understanding of the computer as the network of computers - the Internet - to cyberethics heartware as a universal interface, enabling mass-to-mass TeLeComm; a 'TLC Blessing' for core self-governing social networks.

With an understanding of the natural trend trajectory whereby computing power is rapidly achieving "more with less" (Moore's law), Christopher has correlated this evolutionary trend from high tech to high touch - the spirit that matters for upgrade of social conscience - our Five Core Internet Freedoms - in our ubiquitous social networks.
Christopher's 'Source Code' for an Internet infrastructure upgrade of 'Net reality' is his universal law language for culturing... 

Aquarian   Processes
 with the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.’   
(Geometric Ordered Divinity) framing
Language of the
 Angels of Love
 (our better heart coherent nature).

According to Rudy, the higher the concept of divine love, the greater the results.  In this regard, Christopher explains how the self-correcting, self-learning or otherwise self-healing capabilities of universal love can thus culture the "Genesis Effect" -- self-elevation as a self-fulfilling prophecy of a "salvation" nature.  Or as Rudy says, "The vision alone, as a universal law language interface working model "between our ears", will activate unused DNA strands via the epigenetics of Effective Sensory Perception, just as the heartware-cyberethics interface will culture the power of love for atonement as atONEment."  

"The natural evolution from "the computer is the network" (web 2.0) to "the network has a Conscience" (web 3.0) is still as abstract a concept as was the Internet before the Internet. Necessity for upgrade of our social networks with a Conscience will be the mother of it's realization for the mother of all networks, the morphic energies of Mother Earth and all our life support systems. The bailout the world needs is the currency of Conscience that checks and balances the corruption of consciousness.  And heartware cyberethics will culture social Conscience at the heart of our social networks".

This is Christopher's core message for the Aquarian Dispensation - that we can reboot the global economy with the 'Currency of Conscience", reframing our Net reality with "universal rights" () in the "public sphere" () with "co-Creation" () via "integration" () that upgrades sovereign social Conscience with Space Age TeLeComm capabilities. The full portents for enlightened change with heartware cyberethics is a natural biomimicry function of our Conscience-culturing capabilities.  The more 'universal' those standards of, by and for a 'moral compass' -- in form and "frequency" (as in frequently) -- the more they will universalize, harmonize or otherwise heal the disconnect with the spirit that matters at the heart of global civility.

The new "Net reality" that Rudy proposes is a paradigm shift that fulfills the vast transformative potential of enlightened Conscience in our all-connected social networks.  The way he explains it, the rate of change is accelerating with a new global consciousness due to the instant-everywhere Internet, and a wholly new 'geography' for geometrizing 'inner space' is emerging.  Navigating this inner space -- the heart of cyberspace -- will be optimized with  "conceptual framing" (mapping), that is centered and connected with heart coherence.

A prolific writer, Christopher consistently references the geometrized order of the universe - 'Cosmic Law' - in his GeoNotes News Service. He provides a unique perspective on government, education, health care and the economy published in hundreds of articles, dozens of newsletters, thousands of Internet postings and the equivalent of a hundred e-books published at HEARTcom Network.

As a cognitive dissident objecting to paradigm paralysis behind the disintegration of civilization, Christopher has identified the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" (scarcity economics) as the driving force behind the scarcity of virtues in prevailing 'politically correct' thinking that is morally wrong.  Christopher's mission is to provide the 'powershift codes' and 'Emerging Blueprint' for transforming social networks with 'Ascension Intention'.

As Director of HEARTcom Services and the Legacy Project, Christopher is now utilizing his management experience to serve organizations with HEARTware infrastructure upgrades that culture the new 4th wave business paradigm of "informed choice with a heart".  Since the evolution of business is ultimately the business of evolution, Christopher has recently developed the Heartware Project and Founder's Program for this business model.

"The bottom line", says Christopher, "is that the higher the vision of Universal Love applied to our new Net reality, the greater the results for global freedom.  The Vision alone, networked freely by those who 'get it' and share it, can truly be the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy in our love-challenged world.  On a mass scale, conscientious common sense in this regard is virtually the '2nd Coming' - a global rEVOLUTION in higher love-centric consciousness as will culture social conscience in our social networks.  This is the holy spirit of love-in-action at the heart of Quantum Computing, and this upgrade of conscious evolution is at heart the pure intention that focuses attention on our evolutionary ascension in multiple dimensions of full comprehension.  Technology in service to conscientious common sense will thus embrace a standard for "cyberEthics" (web 3.0) as 'Cultural DNA' for the the Aquarian 'Quantum' Age of Freedom in Universal LOVE.  May it begin with 'U.S.'  -- 'United Sovereigns' in a Unity State that reflects and perfects Universal Solidarity through Open Source Everything."


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