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HEARTware - How to Catch, Define, Ride and Fulfill
the 4th Wave of the computer/Internet Revolution

۞ The natural evolution after hardware, software and netware;
 ۞ Cultural DNA for Social Conscience in our Social Networks; 
۞ Networking for the Net worth of Global Netizens via upgrade
of five core Internet freedoms.

Reference: One of the best scholastic works with charts and graphs
explaining the concept of the 4th Wave paradigm shift in the book,
Fourth Wave Business in the 21st Century by Maynard & Mehrtens

by Christopher Rudy
Heartcom Network

June 22, 2017

OVERVIEW Over the last 43 years, the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution  has evolved from an emphasis on 'hardware' (IBM) to 'software' (Microsoft), to 'netware' (Netscape) and now to capabilities for 'heartware' (Heartcom Services).

We've all witnessed how the computer became the network of computers, and we're now on the threshold of integrative capabilities for maturing of this 'global brain-like network' (Net reality) with a heart - social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

43 years ago, I introduced ten agencies of the Federal Government to a vision of the future for America and the world... to celebrate the Bicentennial of the American Revolution with a model of interactive mass communication as would jump-start a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness, a peaceful rEVOLUTION (emphasizing 90% of the word) as will upgrade core Constitutional freedoms for our new Internet-connected global village.

You might say that I was a little ahead of my time, but I didn't give up. By the turn of the Millennium, I upgraded the application of the model as 'Heartware' -- the constitution of the golden rule/law language frame of reference for 'cyberEthics' as the cultural DNA for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm; an interactive interface for culturing social Conscience in our social networks.

With the rate of global change accelerating to a new Unity Conscience -- the megashift megatrends are naturally creating tension between status quo paradigm paralysis and the systemic healing agenda of, by a for peaceful rEVOLUTION in our global social networks with a more enlightened social Conscience with Web 3.0 CyberEthics.

--------- Article follows:

Global humanity as a bio-energetic whole is rapidly morphing culturally as our DNA 'activates' in resonance with the larger scheme of Galactic Alignment.  As the veil thins at an accelerated rate - as above, so below - there is a frequency shift that finds synchronous trendings in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION... the central nervous system of the Family of Man in our new global village.

The more things change, the greater the need for a centered and connected perspective of those first principles of cosmic law that governs the fractal order of the holographic universe... framing the constitution of cultural DNA via pure geometry archetypes:

"Geometrically Ordered Divinity"  (G.O.D.~)
in form and frequency
(heart coherence).

This framing of the golden rule/law language as a universal interface for culturing the currency of Conscience will culture the Constitution of Conscience as a standard for cyberEthics with E-valuation criteria for 'Net worth' as an integral function of social Conscience in our social networks. 

CyberEthic E-valuation criteria that serves this purpose - Whole Systems Upgrade - is the pure intention of global Netizens who want representation of freedom-in-love with core Constitutional freedoms which bring us back to a higher standard for culturing social Conscience in social networks.

Obviously, such an evolution revolution requires a moral compass as will direct and perfect the holy Spirit of interactive -in-action.  By framing this process through the form and frequency of
-- as in frequently -- the nature of cultural DNA for social Conscience becomes self-evident.

Heartware cyberthics provide a core conceptual framework with working models that facilitate the planetary paradigm shift in all "M5" Management, Media, Mentoring, Medical and Marketing applications.  These applications are self-correcting with self-governing principles of a 'self-elevation" (ascent) nature for global conscious evolution.

Imagine a cross between Facebook and Wikipedia
(call it
mapsTM or Wiki)
and you'll get an idea of the self-evident potential
for self-correcting, self-governing, self-elevation
- the ascent of
Conscience -
in all our all-connected global social networks.

The Heartware™ "product" (process) is the heart of Informed Choice Services™(ICS) as will define a higher TeLeComm standard -- conscientious common sense -- at the heart of the "CRM" Industry (Customer Relationship Management), creating value-added networks with the currency of Conscience.

New standards create new industry for upgraded TeLeComm-based CRM, including interactive mass-to-mass TeLeCommunity (governance), TeLeConscience (education), TeLeCare (health), and TeLeCommerce (economy).

Catching the 4th Wave of Megashift Megatrends

Access to these "applications" (plug-in download upgrades) will include high touch (personalized) portals licensed to corporate networks, branchised via kiosks, and accessed via porta-portals (wireless palm-held Net appliances), as well as home "TLC2" (TeLeCom Learning Centers™) . 

This is the genesis of the 'Worldwide Foundation' via subscriber/affiliate applications or on a licensed pay-per-use basis via HEARTcom Services.

The "incentive plan" that drives this process of "Net working for Net worth" is unique to the Heartcom Network ™.  It's as trend-worthy for an interactive integrative Internet paradigm - our new Net reality - as as Google has been for the search/find knowledge explosion and information overload.

The difference now is that the core valuation of 'Net worth' for a social network is as a living-breathing 'reality show' -- for gathering the tribes of "IS REAL" (with a Conscience) -- rather than merely a way of delivering advertisers to your eyeballs.  This is the different between Wall Street's profit agenda and Main Streets Constitutional agenda; the difference between "making merchandise out of people" (selling our attention to advertisers) and the pure intention U.S. Founders -- to keep Conscience sacred.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

The higher the concept of what IS REAL for freedom-in-love, i.e.
the holy Spirit of interactive
-in-action as the
heart of our
Conscience-culturing Net reality,
the greater the systemic results for
Gathering the 'Tribes' of
'IS REAL' in sacred


Consider what this global up-wising and up-rising will look like as Net reality's e-valuation criteria is defined and refined via Heartware:

  • The highest and best use of the Net’s freedom (to know better) and opportunity (to do better) is to empower wisdom at the heart of real (vs. virtual) community; the gathering of the 'tribes' (networks) along more enlightened 'lines' - the infrastructure for framing the the gold standard for social Conscience.

  • The ideal positioning strategy for raising the standard of e-virtues at the heart of global interactive "TeLeCom with a heart" (TLC) is universal law/language “e-valuation criteria" (Heartware) as an interface model for the instant-everywhere Internet.

  • Universal values modeled at the heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm must be simple yet profound; a child can appreciate them as well as a unified-field theorist; how "God is Love" translates to "G.O.D." (Geometry Ordered Divinity) is ".  in other words, how the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." translates to the "Language of the Angels of LOVE" (our better nature).

  • A truly universal law/language at the interactive interface heart of interactive TeLeComm will serve to organize information in formation along more enlightened 'lines' that outline the framework of spiritual law/language which, by use, will center and connect (involve and evolve) our individual and collective CONSCIENCE in the "Spirit of the Law" (holy compassion) - the heart of the 4th Wave.

This interactive interface at the heart of global TeLeCom must be whole enough (truly universal) and bold enough (the “Next Big Thing”) so that when told enough (with Heartware)… its dynamic integrative rEVOLUTION capabilities will define and refine its consciousness-raising potential for "Net reality" as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ve been “in the trenches” test-marketing every aspect of this e-valuation criteria and typology heuristics for 41 years... while trend-fitting and upgrading contemporary business models along more enlightened lines that frame the core concept and applications of HeartwareI've worn many hats in many different markets for many years while perfecting this model to be successful in all archetypal dimensions of our cultural institutions: 

  • (e-gov) - Spoke to department heads of 10 agencies of the Federal Government on Capital Hill (Science and Astronautics Chamber of the Rayburn Building) in November of 1974, regarding the key interactive role of this model to fulfill the potential of CATV for celebrating the Bicentennial Era (’76-’89) with an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system and Bill of Rights.

  • (e-media) - Pioneered the concept of interactive mass media in Troy Ohio (1975) while developing cable TV and a Public Access CATV Center  after incorporating a non-profit organization (Community Video). I educated the community regarding the offerings of the five CATV franchise applicants through newspaper articles and newsletters (Bicentennial focus), lobbying City Council with tactics ranging from cartoons to “guerilla TV”.  The result was a cable TV franchise with the best e-media package of cable channels plus public access channels for local origination of programming.

  • (e-care) - Introduced a preventive Self Care version of this model (HEALTHmax™) at the OTC Stock Expo in Denver (1987), framing self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and holistic treatment of disease that insurance companies would compete to underwrite, creating wholly new standards for a new Health Assurance industry.  The Universal Self Care model has been upgraded with a Global TeLeCare model for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease.

  • (e-business) - Developed a computer-based business version of this model before the Internet explosion (1992), called CAN DO™ Systems (Computer Assisted Networking of Definitive Opportunity).  Articles written and published in home business publications brought buyers from as far as Australia who bought the system for $5,500.

  •  (e-learning) - Reinvented CAN DO™ Systems (1997) to trend-fit the Internet phenomena with desk-top or lap-top “TeLeCom L$arning Centers” (TLC2) with a “learn to earn” emphasis that custom-fits information services to one’s unique learning style for the optimized organizing of all information in~formation in terms that personalize accelerated learning and Net worth.

  • (e-commerce) - Introduced the concept of Heartware(1999) to frame the operant rules of e-commerce with a Conscience... for TeLeCommerce that cultures an economics of abundance.

  • (e-conscience) - Integrated all the above with a 4th wave standard for cyberEthics which provides transparency for open networks, team collaboration, and the organizational infrastructure of Net reality. Resolving the #1 problems of the Information age -- info-overload -- will be resolved by this standard for -centric "information's' ecology" that "recycles" knowledge with interactive processes that "geometrize" (frame) wisdom with a heart.  This model of "TeLeComputing with TLC" for "TeLeConscience" is the heart of cyberEthics as the 4th Wave standard that qualifies “Net working for Net Worth"

Bottom line:  The maturing of social Conscience in social networks is the purpose of Heartcom Services, customizing the core concepts and applications defined above to define, build, ride and fulfill the 4th wave paradigm of Net reality in the collective Conscience of global civilization.

The pure intent of this process is the evolution of business as the business of evolution from the Internet to the InnerNet - from cyberspace to inner space - via standards for mass-to-mass TeLeComm as will involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience, providing cultural DNA with Informed Choice (IC) Services for personal and organizational growth and development.  This process is the “product”, trend-fitting Heartware-centric services to define, build, ride and fulfill the Next Big Wave in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.

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Founder-Director of Heartcom Services

High touch high tech at the heart of Net worth

   - Positioning an interactive interface - Heartware™ - for culturing social Conscience;
Networking the Vision of Ultimate Virtue for the Victory of Global and Local Civility;
        - Framing Personalized Gateways from Cyberspace to Innerspace with CyberEthics;    
- Centering and Connecting Universal Holistic E-Valuation Criteria
for Net Worth;
  - Involving and Evolving More Light for Social Conscience in our Social Networks

Seize the Vision (), Embrace the Virtue (), Make the Vow () and Claim the Victory ()


With Heartware cyberEthics as the rule
- InnerNet 
heart of the global Internet - 
Conscience Rules!

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.