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Health Assurance Policies Introduced
by United Self Care


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United Self Care* is an alliance of health care practitioners and users of a highly personalized service for self care with "Informed Choice Services" (ICS) as defines health assurance standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease; new infomatic standards for a new health assurance industry with health assurance policies.

USC is launching it's free on-line self care service with simple apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The USC alliance, aka AHA! (America's Holistic Alliance) provides numerous AHA! apps for personalized health assessment and choice fulfillment, considering the full spectrum of homeopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, allopathic and other modality choices as correspond to one's metabolic type and current symptom profile.

What's working best for self care becomes increasingly self-evident as the AHA! "cloud" (database) matures in three ways:

1- User feedback with reporting protocols that clearly define the parameter of results,

2- Practitioner feedback with more extensive analysis and reporting protocols,

3- Efficacy guidelines that represent the full spectrum of health modalities asdocumented by their respective professional associations.

Well informed choices are thus optimized by empirical results as to what works best for specific symptom profiles and one's unique metabolic type (blood type), as corresponds to established genotype preferences regarding, diet, supplements and prescription drug risks.

AHA! support groups for specific health conditions will utilize advanced CRM capabilities to highlight efficacy models that reflect and perfect USC's optimal care-for health consensus that distinguishes which modalities of self care are most efficacious for health optimization.
This defines the AHA! opportunity with health assurance policies that users select among the self care options. That may include professional counsel by health practitioners who agree to ICS standards of well-informed choice.

USC is a 'Preferred Provider Opportunity' (PPO) with health practitioners and service vendors providing their expertise and health aids as indicated by ICS/PPO user results. Products and services recommended by ICS users and PPO providers are listed in the AHA! Yellow Pages at

AHA! apps for optimal health include an interactive interface for real-time care-for-health "TLC" (TeLeComm) within numerous health care support groups. This "universal interface" (heartwareTM), includes heart coherence standards and a mind congruence process for culturing consensus; what's working best to support optimal health.

As a non-profit public service on the front end, USC is 50% owned by private partners and professional practitioners in the healing arts. 50% of all profits from the AHA! Yellow Pages is paid back to a bonus pool for ICS luminaries, AHA! developers and PPO service providers. This 50/50 public/AHA! partnership is a model of 'Fourth Wave Business in the 21st Century' (Maynard & Mehrtens).

The bottom line for this working model of results-based AHA! standards is to raise the standard of self-care and physician care with 'Informed Choice Services', reducing the cost of care for individuals, families, small businesses, corporate America, and the burgeoning global mobile market that is now serving billions of customers.

United Self Care is advancing the 'gold standard'
for personalized
integrated health care with
a new global
health assurance industry.
*United Self Care is a subsidiary of Heartcom Services which has pioneered quantum computing, defining the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution that integrates hardware, software and global netware with Heartware, a universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction and a global standard for TeLeComm as cultures social conscience in our social networks. Heartcom Services is a public/private partnership as provides a 50/50 profit sharing model underwriting the currency of conscience at the heart of a new economics of abundance "with heart" (heart com).

Terms unique to United Self Care (USC):
  New standards for organizing information
 IN FORMATION in the way that shows
 what's working best for holistic analysis,
 prevention and treatment of all

1- New standards for a new industry: health assurance
    policies that optimize holistic health for less cost...
      with insurance companies competing to underwrite,
            and self-insured companies utilizing for optimal health.

2- '
ICS' standards defining 'Informed Choice Services'
        with health options defined by well-informed choices
         and empirical results via interactive response ability.

   3- '
PPO' standards for 'Preferred Provider Opportunity'
      with health practitioners organizing their expertise
          to 'speak for itself' via the 'cloud' of ICS/PPO results.

     4- '
BMS' standards for 'Body-Mind-Spirit' wholeness and
         healing with products and services recommended by
        ICS users and PPO providers via BMS Yellow Pages.

 5- 'SNC' standards culturing 'Social Network Conscience'
          as will integrate ICS, PPO and BMS care capabilities
         with specific health condition support networks that
            utilize heartware's interactive interface for qualifying
optimal care-for-health consensus and applications.

Christopher Rudy

 Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview

Over 42 years, I’ve developed four holistic health centers
while imagineering a whole systems upgrade for global
TeLeComm with Heartware and Universal Self Care.

This is the back story for the Big Picture of the
Accelerated Ascent Alliance 'A-Team'
(Alliance Apps Advancing Available Assistance)

As the host of BBS Radio's Cosmic Love podcast
with fifteen years of shows archived, and with
5000+ e-mails on my in-house mailing list,
I’ve networked the business concept
out in the open for many years...
via the 'Heartcom Network'.

 For timely reasons now,
here’s the plan and

“E Pluribus Unum” (Unity in Diversity);
“Novus Ordo Seclorum”
(New Order of the Ages)


Cultural DNA for conscious evolution, establishing 'The Foundation'
with application of the next generation human/computer interface
for optimizing social conscience in our global social networks.

 Positioning, packaging and promoting 1st principles
 that are whole enough and bold enough that when
told enough will become a self fulfilling prophecy:

 The Emerging Economics of Abundance:

Networking for the ‘Net worth’ of a
more enlightened ‘Net reality’.

Organization model for the Heartcom Network:
Organizing information IN FORMATION
along more enlightened lines framing
-connected vision.

Coming to a network near you!

Executive Summary
(prospectus positioning)


Contact: Christopher Rudy

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