With the Power of Love

by Christopher Rudy
Author of:
'On the Path of God and Country',
'The Currency of Conscience',
and 'Evolutionary Ascent'

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Emerging Economics of Abundance
 A new ‘Net reality’ with common wisdom is globally emerging with
our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.
  This is a huge challenge for cherished illusion and mass delusion
 as willfully ignores the opportunity for liberation of abundant truth
     and love at the heart of our Conscience,
BEING and global village.
   The entire world community is now reaching the same conclusion,
    that truth and love empowers wisdom for our conscious evolution
first principles of common law for our global self governance.

The Internet ‘thinning of the veil’ (unveiling Truth)
has brought us to this point of ‘final judgment’…
    to either commit to the Whole Truth, or by default,
 submit to the psychology of subservience to the
       tyranny of the Big Lie as inverts, subverts, perverts
        and otherwise separates us from the Whole Truth…

In Truth, there is a Higher Power

 that wants our pure intention and
  focused attention for co-Creation
with "balanced" (higher) synergy
  of Power with Wisdom and Love;
  'The Constitution of Conscience'.
In G.O.D.~   We Trust

Call it the 'Power of Love' or 'Wisdom of the Heart',
 or 'Source' or 'Unity Conscience of the Creator'
 or however you know one universal  'God'...
atonement for all wrong in the world is
naturally resolved with atONEment
as Co-Creation with Creator's
highest and best purpose
of each and all of
nited S
for liberation of

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

In the natural course of collective planetary conscious evolution,
there comes a time with the maturing of global Net reality
when our conscious evolution accelerates to involve
and thus evolve our individual and collective
consciousness with
heart coherence
and mind congruence whereby

The Currency of Conscience for Renewed Trust
at the Heart of The Next Economy.

This is a spirit-based TRUST that is highly profitable
for our conscious evolutionary ascent.

 Consider how common law is a TRUST based on common sense,
that trust in spiritual principles is the beginning of wisdom,
and that thrust of trust (pure intention/focused attention)
compels and cultures movement with motivation and
momentum… moment to moment
that translates to the holy spirit of one
universal common law language
of, by and for


This is the decentralized instant-everywhere and interactive
TRUST that is the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet.

TRUST in our non-linear spherical consciousness is the heart of
common law - that what goes around with pure intention and
focused attention comes around with natural retention of
intention and attention for conscientious ascension in a
common dimension where universal
networking for the ‘Net worth’ of our Net reality
along more enlightened lines of common law
as cultures conscientious common sense
Effective Sensory Perception of,
by and for more ‘Light and LOVE
easier and faster for all of
United Sovereigns of Earth.

In G.O.D.~   We Trust

Co-Creation Partnering to Optimize Our
Highest and Bests Gifts, Talents and
Resources for Re-Creation of the
‘Abundant Conscious Life’.

Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Make the Vow with Valor and
Claim the Victory of

~ Christopher Rudy, CEO
Heartcom Services

  Heartcom Services is a public/private TRUST
-- the ‘In
G.O.D.~  We TRUST --
with 50% of all profits from various businesses
   consecrated to this
TRUST: for developing apps,
seminars and services of ‘The Legacy Project:

       Culturing social Conscience in our social networks;
    Engaging heart coherence - heartware interface;
mainstream healing - Universal Self Care;
        Serving global health assurance policies with AHA!;
     Networking for Net worth - enlightened Net reality
at the heart of the
Next Economy.
   Establishing the Worldwide  Foundation
 with self-correcting, self-healing, self-governing
service to self-elevation of a 'salvation' nature
 for the Family of Man in our new Global Village.

Conscious Ascent Motivation
  No security without purity of intent.

Heart Coherence Motivation
Heart of interactive

Holistic Healing Motivation
Universal Self Care Standards

Global Upgrade Motivation
Do or Die for Light and Love


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