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Updated August 15, 2016




There are now more that 4 billion global 'Netizens' who access the worldwide web of 'Net reality' with their smartphones, tablets, lap-tops or desk top computers.

The fastest growth of this new 'common sense' is in the developing world where smart phones now outsell dumb phones, and tablets are used to introduce remote classrooms to the worldwide web.

Wisdom in the web is emerging with a new social conscience in our global Internet commons. The foundation for this new enlightenment is based on classic principles of common sense... that the best government is self government, the best education is self education, and the best health care is self care.

This revival of personal sovereignty principles -- to own your own life, learning and health -- is the natural consequence of freedom and opportunity to know better and do better with our new Net reality.

With global Netizens now awakening to our new all-connected common sense as the Family of Man in a global village, the implications for personal empowerment in general -- and optimal health in particular -- are indeed profound.


Would you agree that informed choice for optimal health will

 empower anyone with a computer or palm-top smart phone
to know better and do better for breakthrough self care?


Click or tap on image for article published in Natural Life News

Just as the printing press sparked the American Revolution,

so has the Internet sparked global conscious evolution.
A healing vision of unbiased integrity can likewise
harness the pure intention of health devotees
to focus attention on the optimal-practical
application of new Internet opportunity
for our well-informed choice
Universal Self Care and Global



Optimal health of a holistic nature is now possible for global TeLeCare, emphasizing the TLC at the spiritual heart of health care.  Well-informed choice as a first principle for holistic health can now be cultured through an on-line cooperative information-sharing process as will clearly define and refine what’s working best for one’s unique biochemical individuality and current symptom profile. 


With all the assaults on our health these days,
there's nothing more valuable than a vision
for our healing that has found it's time.


Holistic TeLeCare is an interactive 'user cooperative' that shows what complimentary health-building products and protocols will optimize holistic health based on your unique “metabolic type” (blood type and genetic bio-dynamics), and what’s working best, considering the "common pattern" (common sense) displayed in the database of user results for your same body type and symptom profile.

  Results-based TeLeCare Standards for the Holistic
Analysis, Prevention and Treatment of Disease

The Mission-Vision


New standards for a new health assurance industry
can now optimize informed choice and the public
option to help define & refine these standards
whereby doctors and insurance companies
will cooperate with the public in order to
reverse the incentives in the system
from profiting from more sickness
to profiting from less sickness.


This proposal for a Universal Self Care Cooperative is rather simple in concept for practical development.  The interactive feature, that allows users to report results in exchange for improved service, has profound implications for well-informed choice at the heart of any public option for health freedom and ALL our freedoms in general.


With well-informed choice, all of our core freedoms
are up-graded with optimal public health as the
foundation for our greatest common wealth.


Obviously, a database model of a “self-correcting” (learning) nature for TeLeCare will optimize the core health freedom of informed choice as will culture a model of self-evident health assurance standards that global TeLeCare doctors will appreciate and and honor... for your optimal personal and public health.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what
medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state
as are the souls who live under tyranny.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


The current health care system in the U.S. is NOT sustainable as explained well in the following article by the Thrive Movement. It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide have seen the Thrive Movement website and documentary, and are following developments.  This article is a good overview of the health problem with the medical-industrial complex that is virtually killing us with disease profiteering at the expense of health optimization as could go mainstream soon with global TeLeCare.


See this THRIVE presentation:

Empowering Your Health Beyond Monsanto and
the American Medical Association


This full-length documentary by Gary Null explains why
Universal Self Care in an idea that has found its time.

Note from CR: Gary North has been one of the best truth tellers
   exposing the corrupt policies of the medical-industrial complex,
   and he's therefore been one of the most censored by Google...
   which is why this exceptional video 'disappeared' from the net.

Let’s be clear: the public's right to know -- for 'consent of the governed' --
is a higher power than the self-serving profit of the corporatocracy
that sacrifices core Constitutional principles for corporate law
that values stockholder interests before public interests
whenever profits are at stake, which translates to
corporate incentives to create and manage
disease, terror, war and hell on Earth
like a cancer devouring health. 
Continued with:

Global TeLeCare with Universal Self Care;
Making Disease Profiteering Obsolete