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Global TeLeCare with Universal Self Care;
Making Disease Profiteering Obsolete

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Universal Self Care

Abundant knowledge power with the Internet has created a timely opportunity to define, refine, combine and 'shine' good information that offers clear choices regarding what works best to build health and prevent or manage disease.

A new model of holistic self-care is thus emerging to provide new standards for "health assurance" (optimal immunity against disease). This standard will recognize the respective strengths of all effective healing modalities, whether that is naturopathy, homeopathy, allopathic drugs, chiropractic, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, etc., or the integration of these modalities for optimal health.
To recognize the respective strengths of all healing modalities is a highest common denominator approach to holistic healing that naturally heals the lowest common denominator paradigm that recognizes only the current medical monopoly approach to allopathic disease treatment rather than holistic health building.

Having developed and operated four holistic health centers over 35 years, I speak with experience when I say that the Internet is a game-changer which will make the drug-based health care system obsolete as we’ve known it.
        The Internet has empowered a new system of health care
         that integrates a myriad of holistic health resources on a
         scale that heralds a global enlightenment as profound as
         the printing press that freed Europe from the Dark Ages.

People worldwide are now going online to social networks that provide support groups for almost every health condition you can imagine.  Many websites that are not owned by or subservient to Big Pharma interests are providing integrated holistic protocols for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease. The results surpass a ‘drugs only’ approach.

Pharmaceutical drugs certainly have their place. They have saved the lives of many, including myself. But in excess, the medical practice of ‘drugs for whatever ails you’ is a weakness. They’re not a cure all, and often with deadly side-effects.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), there are about 15,000 deaths per month caused by medical doctors based on government Medicare records alone!

If we factor in unreported iatrogenocide (death by doctor) in the U.S., the sick health care system is perhaps THE leading cause of death.

The 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. 
is MD Directed Medicine
by Dr. Peter Glidden

The current model of ‘disease care insurance’ called ‘Obamacare’ only insures that the monopoly of MD-directed drug-pushing for Big Pharma will continue no matter which political party runs the government.

But that corrupt system is rapidly disintegration with public distrust because the Internet genie of well-informed choice is out of the bottle. This ‘public option’ is not going away.

The Internet has empowered a new system of health care that integrates a myriad of holistic health breakthroughs on a global scale that heralds public enlightenment as profound as resulted when the printing press brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

When people know better on a mass scale, they do better. And the modern printing page we call the Internet is mainstreaming a new enlightenment for mass healing of global Netizens.
Consider how universal TeLeCare for global holistic healing works:

Since your immune system is the result of healthy metabolism
       -- getting nutrients into the cells and wastes out of the cells --
       it helps to know how your unique blood type corresponds to a
       specific metabolic type with corresponding modalities of diet,
       exercise and ‘best’ healing protocols that most likely provide

       optimal vitality, cell rejuvenation and body-mind-spirit health.

The worldwide web of consciousness is now maturing with capabilities for providing highly personalized online TeLeCare for free - no charge - for the almost four billion global Netizens who are now online.
Imagine a website, now in development by United Self Care (USC), that you can access with your desktop, laptop or “palm top” (smart phone) computer.

Now imagine that you enter the USC website to freely access the database 'cloud'. You’ll be presented a sequence of options in a process structured to optimize well-informed choice, the first principle of universal TeLeCare for global holistic healing.

Your first option is the gateway to your metabolic type; information you share with the rest of humanity. This corresponds to your blood type. If you don't know your blood type, there are a series of questions you can answer to determine your metabolic type; the science connecting the two has matured to show a profound connection to virtually all vital functions of body, mind and spirit.

Each Metabolic Gateway provides the ideal diet for one's metabolic type as corresponds to genetic type; what your ancestors thrived on going back many generations. It's important to know how 'food' for one metabolic type can be virtually poison to another metabolic type.
Once you've entered the Metabolic Gateway, your next major option is a current symptom profile regarding any health condition of yourself or loved ones. That can be the short version or the long version, with more obvious options provided when more symptom details are provided.
Your 'Symptom Profile' thus becomes the gateway to a series of options regarding those modalities and remedies that will mostly likely get the desired results for YOUR metabolic type.
General options of your type include the “recommended protocols” from a full spectrum of health modalities such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, allopathy, electro-acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, UV therapy, quantum field healing, etc. Specific options include a database of empirical results, showing what works best - as self-documented by registered users of this open source research model for universal self care.

Those who register for the empirical results database can either pay for the service or agree to free TeLeCare terms to share, anonymously, their protocols of treatment and record of results over a specified time.

The more people sharing their TeLeCare worldwide, the more it becomes self-evident which Health Assurance Policy is most effective for different symptom profiles of the different metabolic types; the standard of self-correcting, self-perfecting TeLeCare for self-healing with a strong immune system.

People worldwide will thus discover health freedom with self care and professional care services that provide many breakthroughs for optimal  health, including relatively unknown supplements like Swedish Pollen Extract; the ultimate superfood for cellular rejuvenation, strengthened immunity and a long disease-free life.

When was the last time you heard your doctor or Congress representative clearly explained to us how a self-evident solution for universal health care will save the lives of millions of Americans and do more for global health care (and good will) then any other foreign policy we now have?

Just as the best government is self government and the best education is self education, the best health care is self care. When public government, education and health care serves the purpose for which they were created -- the public -- the deceit, disinformation and dysfunction we now see will be healed with the same voice of Conscience, informed choice and core Constitutional freedoms that U.S. Founders championed.

In our new global village of instant-everywhere-interactive TeLeComm capabilities
- the "
TLC" as can now empower universal self-care TeLeCare standards -
knowing better with good information compels that we do better.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution,
4th U.S. President


 Just as holistic TeLeCare is the best self care, so is
health assurance the best health insurance.

Results-based Model for Empirical Evidence of Efficacy

  - Crowd sourcing the 'Public Option' for holistic health;
- Free online user access for individualized self care;
- Blood type correlation to optimal metabolic support;

Definitive Database Standards for a Health Assurance Industry

- Standards for public user interaction that defines and refines
   empirical evidence re: “what works best” (as the standard);

- Standards for cooperating doctors (Preferred Providers)
  who agree to consult health clients via this Public Option;

- Standards that health insurance companies will underwrite
       via public demand for health assurance to reduce sickness;

Informed Choice Protocols for Health Analysis, Prevention and Treatment

- Optimizing one's health choices with interactive “informed choice” protocols
that clearly define self-evident evidence of efficacy  for holistic self care;

-  What will be self-evident for each body type and current symptom profile
     is what is working best for all similar body types and symptom profiles;

- This model of, by and for results-based evidence of efficacy
will naturally focus the attention of those with pure intention
for the evolutionary ascension of public health with this
Public Option for a Free Self Care Cooperative.

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There’s nothing more powerful than
a vision that has found its time.”
~ Victor Hugo


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