CEO, Heartcom Services

Publisher, HEARTcom Network

Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love

Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Director, UltraMedics Services and Legacy Project

Developer and Promoter of the Global TLC Project





Christopher Rudy
Box 1081
Emigrant MT 59027 

         Professional Experience with Holistic Health:

Developed a
new paradigm of
care-for health

policies at the heart of
'Universal Self Care'
that does for
Health Assurance
what paramedics do
for crisis medicine.

Developed a
definitive standard for
via a universal law
light language” for
Accelerated Learning,
and idea capital that
 involves & evolves our
individual & collective
conscious evolution.

Developed a personalized
TeLeCom model
high touch high tech

networking with TLC

that provides a
frame of reference and
E-valuation criteria
for cyberethics

Relationship Capital,
and Net worth
 at the
heart of the
Next Big Thing
in the computer/Internet



Developed Four Holistic Centers: 1979-2016+
Integrating holistic-complimentary disciplines
learning under
leading holistic practitioners:

  • Dr. Bernard Jenson, DC – Iridology  

  • Dr. Christopher, ND – Renown Herbalist  

  • Dr. Maisimund Panos, MD – Homeopathy

  • Dr. Richard Powers, PhD – Metabolic Typing  

  • Dr. William Nelson, ND – Ultramolecular Clinician  

  • Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD – Orthomolecular Nutrition

  • Wayne Roland  Quantum Science Pioneer

     Dr. Kathy Forti, PhD   Quantum Healing Inventor

Two holistic health centers were developed in Troy Ohio, one was
developed in Livingston Montana, and the latest one is developing
as Global TeLeCare via UltraMedics Services.

Experience with numerous personal growth programs.
* Trained in leading mental assessment modalities:  

  • Certified as a consultant for Performax Systems™
    used by leading corporations for personal profiling, team
    building and organizational development.

  •  Training in Psycholinguistics at the McGrane Institute
    for marketing communications and public relations.

  • Neurolinguistics training by Dr. Ross Stewart, PhD,
    developer of the most advanced system of neuro-
    linguistics as a management and communications tool

  • Developed a self-assessment model for self-growth that
    integrates Jungian archetypes, astrologic mindmaps, and
    a variety of other ancient and modern maps of consciousness.


   * 45 years evolving The Model as a blueprint of 
      the Golden Rule/Law Language for global Net reality: