3 Videos on Global Holistic Healing

From the January 23, 2016
Holistic Healing Seminar

  Global holistic healing is taking a quantum leap in 2016,
 and these 3 videos set the matrix with pure intention to
 focus attention with love's retention for rapid ascension
 in a co-Creation dimension of inspired comprehension.
This first video on Global TeLeCare is a 7 minute intro 
 to 2016 roll-out of a global holistic healing opportunity. 

Transcript with hot-links: HERE.

News release article on Global TeLeCare HERE.

The second video is a 53 minute interview on the new
emerging Internet capabilities for holistic health care.

Christopher Rudy interviewed by David Christopher Lewis.
Live video broadcast thanks to the HeartsCenter.org.

 The 3rd video of Dr. Kathy Forti presents her discoveries
   of ancient healing technologies as are being rediscovered
  with quantum science and Atlantean crystal technologies.

Healing Discoveries from Ancient to Modern Times

More on the '2016 Global Healing Vision' at:
'The Language of Healing for Global Reset'

 If you have friends who love holistic health,
please pay it forward forward freely
in the spirit of freedom of choice…
to own your own health:)

They Will THANK YOU as I Do,

Host of Cosmic LOVE
Director of UltraMedics Services