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  Interview on Cosmic LOVE, Sept. 6, 2014
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Dr. Forti's sequel show on September 20th
- featuring her development of Trinfinity8 -
can be replayed HERE.

   Dr. Forti has 20 years experience as a clinical psychologist
 and developed an
advanced quantum healing device after
  a near-death experience that initiated ongoing guidance to
    comprehend and coordinate research in the harmonic order
     of the
quantum field, including the mathematical order of the
   harmonics involved with calibrating wholEness in the body.
 Kathy’s true story is well documented in her recent book,
   FRACTALS OF GOD, which can be read (many excerpts)
at the Amazon link


A Journey into the Mysteries of Life
and the Very Blueprint of Creation

Dr. Forti shares how in 2003 her heart stopped (died) but was healed in a miraculous way that returned her to life with a healing mission. Kathy was guided into unfamiliar realms of physics and sacred geometry, learning how fractal algorithms governs bioenergies of homeostasis and holistic health in any correctly addressed quantum field.

Dr. Forti's mystical experiences will forever alter your concepts about life, healing, and man's true potential for evolutionary change. This revealing and insightful story speaks to the very essence of our soul's purpose - to find a greater connection with the God Source of Being.

January 23, 2016 Presentation by Dr. Forti:
Ancient Science Being Rediscovered

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