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The All-Connected Source Field
And The Aquarian Dispensation

The quantum connection between your DNA, 
consciousness and the unified source field.

“There is a field… and I’ll meet you there.”
~ Sufi Poet, Rumi

As above, so below… as within, so with all...
from microcosm to macrocosm

Compilation by Christopher Rudy

“The Field… the sole governing agent of
   each particle of matter.”
~ Albert Einstein

 This is the unified field or quantum field
 also known as the ‘Source Field’ that is
   now surging with cyclic alignment of our
 solar system with the Galactic plane of
our Milky Way Galaxy.

Photograph of another galaxy, depicting what our Milky Way Galaxy
 looks like from the side (Galactic Plane/Photon Belt), with alignment
 hundreds of billions of star systems around the Great Central Sun.
Our solar system is about 2/3 out from the center.

The following video is an excellent visualization of
  the fundamental pattern that the universe uses
to evolve... from atomic to galactic.

The Geometry of Spirit into Matter and
 the 'Dance' (flow) of Spirit that Matters

Watch THRIVE I for FREE at:

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The Galaxy, Sun & Earth are Torus Fields

 There is also a torus field in the aura of the body
and the brain torus field which reflexes with the
solar plexus torus field -- as above, so below --
plus torus fields around every cell in the body, 
centering in the DNA spiral helix 'transceiver'  
for body field order in your amazing system.

Cellular Mitosis Torus Field (Crop Circle)

   Because Earth is now making the ‘Great Crossing’ in
  our approx. 25,920 year orbit across the Photon Belt
    of approx. 240 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy…

Galactic Crossing

…a powerful ‘Light of Creation’ is now surging on Earth
    to spark the ‘Creator’s Light’ in the Family of Mankind
 for Co-Creation on Earth as it is in the Source Field.

"If the shadows appear to be getting darker, it's because
the light that casts them is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck

This is 2 minute computer-animated video of the
Great Crossing across the Galactic Equator.

"One does not become enlightened by
imagining figures of light, but by
  making the darkness conscious."
~ Carl Jung

 This is the time prophesied, a new time beyond
    time as we have known it. Called "Omega-point"
   (Universal Co-Creation with the Divine Mother),
  it's the Spirit that matters as we enter 'the field’
  of Aquarius with energies of ‘Freedom-in-Love’
   now being unveiled with cosmic 'Source Code'.

  Note how the orbit of our solar system into the
deep space energies of Aquarius heralds the
2nd Coming of Christ as a collective field of  
  5D Conscience: Effective Sensory Perception
(more Christic Light with Cosmic Love)

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
 the real tragedy of life is when men are
afraid of the light."

~ Plato

 Photonic light in our Earthly part of the Universe is thus surging
in alignment with the Galactic Plane of intensified photons,
so if you want more of this ‘light’ to transform your life,
then open your mind to the ‘language of light’.

Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.

Once you understand the universe as a ‘holographic field’, and realize that galactic alignment surge of photonic light is amplifying source field energies from the galactic core --  flooding the Earth with pro-evolutionary energy to ‘bless’ systemic Earth Changes -- it’s easier to comprehend how this wave of light and coded intelligence will literally transform us not only physiologically, but also ‘ignite’ mass awakening with spontaneous evolution of latent DNA activation for conscious evolution with Effective Sensory Perception as “reflects & perfects” (mirrors & models) ‘Source Code’ of, by and for the 'Prime Directive'. 

As this energy continues to change us, we will see more people ‘awakening’ and thus questioning what they have been taught, and what is most important to fully learn now.

To know better regarding The Field
is to do better co-Creating with it.

Conscious evolution is at heart  a process of 'Co-Creation' with your understanding of the Creative Ascent Process as your creation of patterns of perfection in 'The Field' as will consequently Make It So... with CAPstone Vision.

The Model is an archetypal 'Universal Interface’ for global interaction through the ‘Language of Consciousness' as cultures Aquarian social conscience in our ubiquitous social network communities – the Source Code for Aquarius and quantum field reality as known by many names:
۞ "The Matrix" ~ Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics;
۞ "Quantum Holodeck" ~ re: The Holographic Universe;
"Nature's Mind" ~ Edgar Mitchell, Apolo 14 Astronaut;
"Mind of God" ~ Stephen Hawking, Astrophysicist;
"Source Field" ~ David Wilcock, see his video

Indigenous cultures worldwide have understood
The Field as the "web of life".

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

Gregg Braden calls it 'The Divine Matrix', and the prescience
he brings to this subject is extraordinary in this presentation:

Gregg Braden ~ Full Conference ~ Divine Matrix

Study this video if you want to understand 'The Field'
and our 'divine destiny' as Co-Creation with the
heart and mind of 

Thanks to many people networking this message for the Net worth it represents, the ‘cause’ of conscious evolution is reaching critical mass as a new enlightenment norm… with systemic change that ‘links the light’ of lightworkers and light-servers to culture global civility with ‘more light’.
If this makes sense to you, and you can see where it’s going, it’s important to do ‘emotional clearing’ work that will recode your holodeck free of  any ‘anger hooks’ or negative patterns that may sabotage co-creation with the ‘field’ of light potential as is surging with Galactic Alignment at this opportune time.
Your body is the ‘chalice’ for ‘light of Source’, and your DNA is the ‘transceiver’ being activated - spontaneous evolution - with the Aquarian Frequency Shift. As 'photonic light" (gamma rays) surge at a core quantum field level, general enlightenment transcends 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless). 5D Shift Happens:)
That’s why it’s important to support your DNA and immune system with the richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material for genetic replication and repair, supplementing with SPX.

Your mind is theholodeck for the holographic source field, and this is where the multi-dimension universe is ‘framed’ by those thought-forms and corresponding frequencies whereby you can navigate inner space at the heart of a balanced 3-fold flame which truly represents...


This ‘programming language’ for one’s holodeck is the
law and language of ‘light’ that is ‘color-coded’ to
represent the different frequencies of light as a
dimensional guide’ for Co-Creation with the
“Universal Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
(Geometrically Ordered Divinity)…
for mental congruence with the
"Language of the Angels of
One Universal "

(heart coherence).

 That's how "Co-Creation via Universal "
intention, attention & retention for ascension)
    balances the
 3-fold Flame of "Heart Coherence"
      (Source Connection) as a
unified field dimension.

The VISION of the POWER of  empowering ‘Higher Power';

 The VIRTUE of WISDOM in   enlightening ‘Wise Dominion';

   The VALOR of LOVE as += inspiring ‘Heart Coherence';

Holy Whole (synergy in the trinity) that is greater than the sum of
++ parts as are integrated in the CAPstone of the  in:


  THE CAPSTONE as the ‘Creative Ascent Process’ (CAP)
   as the 5th cornerstone in the pyra-mid (fire in the middle)
   of Self and Civilization… the 4 ‘sides’ of which represent
 the individual 
spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
 dimensions at 
the heart 
of our core social institutions
  as represent
 media, mentoring, medicine and markets
that naturally culture the 
power of wisdom with love
  of, by and for our conscious 'evolutionary ascent
' via:

      - mediating ‘Higher Power’ for our ascension;
 - mentoring ‘Effective Sensory Perception’;
  - medical via free online Universal Self Care;
- markets based on cyberEthics with .
     This is the purpose and plan that personal and planetary
evolutionary ascent serves - the whole, holistic, 
holographic and otherwise 
holy spirit of

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, 
do more and become more, you are a leader."
~ John Quincy Adams

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