2024 Quantum Quickening Series

The Aquarian Quantum Age

"The nineteenth century was known as the machine age,
  and the twentieth century will go down in history as the
   information age. I believe the twenty-first century will be
the quantum age."
 ~ Paul Davies, physicist

We have exited the mechanistic 'Industrial Age'
(3D emphasis 'BC': Before Computers),    
- now transitioning to the 'Information Age' -
(4D emphasis: computer/Internet revolution),
and entering the Aquarian 'Quantum Age'
 (5D emphasis: co-Creation Source Code).

The Constitution of, by and for
 the first principles of universal
 Quantum Law and Language.

Quantum 'Food for Thought'

The Currency of Conscience
for the Truly Thoughtful,

Quantum 'free energy' technology makes Rockefeller's Big Oil power monopoly obsolete. That's the REAL reason why reverse-engineered UFO crash technology has been kept secret. Liberating energy abundance is to neutralize the 'e-veil' (energy veil) of 'scarcity's value' (for control - not freedom). Witness how Big Oil is profiting from a scarcity of power to the people because their time of dominance is short; their final power grab is their final judgment.

Quantum Healing Systems (QHS) - including frequency medicine and medbeds - makes Rockefeller's Big Pharma cartel obsolete. Liberating this abundance is to neutralize the 'e-veil' (energy veil) of 'scarcity's value' (for disease - not health). Witness how Big Pharma has been exposed – creating a scarcity of public health freedom because their time of disease profiteering is short; their depopulation agenda for profit is now self-evident to Netizens worldwide.

The frequency of 'Quantum Coherence' is actually a
golden ratio harmonic of one's heart rhythm when  
  fully conscious with joy, love and compassion for all.
(Quantum science pioneered by Dan Winter)

By Dr. Paul Drouin / Quantum University

Quantum Coherence is a concept that will revolutionize the way we look at health potential and disease prevention. In fact, Quantum Coherence is related to the body's ability to enable photons to work synergistically and collaboratively to organize biological processes. When the state of coherence is lost for any reason, the biological system can enter into an entropy state, losing its organization and balance, which enables the appearance of diseases and symptoms in the physical body. Therefore, Quantum Coherence can be used to explain the organizational capacity of chi (vital life force energy), as well as to assess health potential; in other words, the more coherence, the greater the capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate one can expect.

Quantum communication tech - based on abundant 'wisdom of the crowd' (Web 3.0 Heartware) - will set the standard for a 'Quantum Voting System' (QVS). This makes Rockefeller's Big Media monopoly obsolete. Liberating abundant wisdom is to neutralize the 'e-veil' (energy veil) of 'scarcity's value' (for mind control - what to think - not HOW). Witness Big Media profiteering from a scarcity of 'general enlightenment' (Great Awakening), because their time of dominance is short. Big Media propaganda - on behalf of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Tech and Big Government - has made common sense uncommon: a scarcity of real intelligence.

Quantum Financial System (QFS), is the switch-over from the present Swift system of financial transactions to the secure quantum decentralized block chain system that can handle an unhackable 3.5 trillion frames per second.
     This switch-over is imminent; the 'Fed' is dead. They had a 99 year contract which ended in 2012 - with a 10 year extension ending a year ago, July 4th. Presently, most banks worldwide are now compliant with gold backed asset currency. The remainder will go down, likely triggering a stock market crash and temporary martial law with Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) activated to commandeer mass communication during the switch-over before the 2024 elections.

      The QFS is based on the 'Currency of Conscience' (inner gold standard) for an economics of abundance -- makes obsolete the Federal Reserve banking system of Rockefeller-Rothschild 'scarcity economics' (value of scarcity) that conceals, wastes and destroys abundance to keep prices, profit and control high.
     Witness the controlled demolition of the US dollar - via inflation and loss of its status as the world's reserve currency - to justify emergency authorization for 'Central Bank Digital Currencies' (CBDCs) with a digital ID as your social credit passport.

In other words, global economic reset is indeed in process to transition civilization from centralized tyranny to decentralized sovereignty for all 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

(See 'The Sovereignty Crisis')


As the Aquarian Frequency Shift resonates in our DNA - epigenetics of the rEVOLUTION - a 5D High State integrates from the inside out - fine-tuning our atunement with heart coherence and mind congruence under the Prime Directive.

Unity Conscience, Aquarian Opportunity, Quantum Shift.
Abundant for the Abundant Life.

This upgrade of human evolution in the quantum Source Field is the 5D nature of REVELATIONS - from Great Awakening to Great Enlightenment - that naturally neutralizes the Deep State of 3D paradigm paralysis that is 'Dense, Unconscious & Heartless' (DUH).

Quantum Shift Happens!

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC'

 Pure geometry thoughtforms as
Aquarian First Principles 
Geometric Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
Five Core Net Freedoms
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
  via interactive TeLeCommunion:
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

 Quantum Enlightenment
(Aquarian Quantum Age)