Ascension Intention Series - Aquarian Spring

For the Truly Thoughtful

"Education is not preparation for life.
Education is life itself."
~  John Dewey

Decentralizing Education with Blockchain
Nov 13, 2022 / A Firefly Film
Decentralizing Education is the most important task to be
accomplished to correct the course society is now on.

This is only possible through blockchain technology.
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As readers of the 2024 Quickening Series are well aware,
TeLeComm provides Web 3.0 CyberEthics:
a universal interface for global interaction as
involves and evolves the language of
conscious light
TeLeCommunity for ‘US
 United Sovereigns.

This pure geometry frame of reference
for the ‘Constitution of Cosmic Law
represents Aquarian principles of
Universal Love, Peace, Joy and
Prosperous Opportunity for all
United Sovereigns of Earth.

This is the divine destiny of
Aquarian Spring.

Navigating 'The Field' of
Quantum Conscience.

The heart of social conscience is
education of the

Global TeLeComm:
 Global TeLeCare,

Long, long ago, the public fool system stopped teaching HOW to think – the heart source of sovereign conscience – in favor of WHAT to think, like programming a heartless computer. This naturally conditioned the public to be increasingly subservient to political correctness programmed by social engineers running public education and corporate media.

This is the same trend of mainstream media mind control that has accelerated the last 70 years with consolidation of thousands of independent news organizations in the U.S. into six giant media corps that tell us what to think… so we will buy what they sell - politics included.

And then the Internet came along…
exposing false flags and fake news.

Fake News - the Enemy Within the Gate:
Unraveling of US Empire from Within

March 27, 2017 /

The decentralized Internet is unraveling the centralized corporate media matrix of political correctness much faster than the decades long programming of heartless “walls in the mind” (compartmentalized thinking) that has made America morally sick, mentally depressed and financially bankrupt while exporting wars, dis-ease & death to the world.

That profanity of insanity in humanity
is heartless and not sustainable.

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority,  
 but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
~ Marcus Aurelius

Thanks to the Internet, people worldwide now know that Big Media is owned and managed by the same 'tribe' of ideological supremacists who manage the privately owned ‘Fed’ (Big Bank) in collusion with Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Government and much of the Big Business corporatocracy – the nemesis of democracy.

This Big Mess of self-serving elitist interests
 is the Big Enemy of public service interests.

Fooling the public was NOT the original pure intention of U.S. Founders, the public school system, and the public media commons. There was honor in America before the profits-before-people priorities of Corporate Law superseded Constitutional virtues as the law of the land.

America was truly great when America was good,
emphasizing morality with education of the heart.

The whole world of billions of well-connected Netizens have been watching America as a heartless elite strips equity out of the economy with high frequency computer trading managed by banksters and their hedge fund minions.

Wall Street thrives as Main Street dies,
electing Trump with a ‘Hail Mary pass’
for disruption of Clinton’s corruption.

In the meantime, the Deep State of Big Brother surveillance in collusion with CIA intelligence agencies has maintained the Big Lie of corporate power without Constitutional principle.

But that too shall pass with
Upgrade of our 5 Core Internet Freedoms
with Education of the Heart

Educating the Heart: The Heartware Project

 Heart coherence standards for mind congruence
will upgrade formative childhood education, and
will quicken enlightened social conscience at the
  heart of our interactive global social networks for
the ascent of USUnited Sovereigns of Earth.

Details at:
Mass Ascension Portents

  Ascension Currents are Surging,
Systemic Ignorance is Purging,
TeLeComm is Emerging,
   And Prospects are Encouraging.

‘Smart’ without heart is ‘DUH
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)


And remember that the body is the
 temple for the loving spirit at heart.

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'Dr. Christopher'