2024 Quantum Quickening Series

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Keep the Faith:
Claim the Victory of Great Awakening
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See the Good:
The Alpha and Omega of Global Healing
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Make it So!

Aquarian Light and
50 Years... Pioneering an Aquarian Vision
of the archetypal infrastructure for a

Global Golden Age,

An architect of the archetypes - megatrend memes,
and Host of the Cosmic Show~Podcast
16th year


 Review and Preview – 2023 to 2024
Cosmic Show Podcast

2024 Quantum Quickening Series:

Jan 7, 2024
Humanity 2.0 Quickening of REAL Intelligence

Jan 11, 2024 (New Moon)
New Year Check Up From the Neck Up
Cosmic Podcast HERE

Jan 15, 2024
What Would Martin Luther King Say?

Jan 16, 2024
ChatGPT Interpretation of This Phrase

Jan 20, 2024
The Davos Elite in the Cross-Hairs

Jan 25, 2024 / Full Moon
Davos Elite Versus Collective Sovereignty

Jan 27, 2024 / Cosmic Show
David C. Lewis on His New Kuan Yin Book

Jan 30, 2024
Liberating Earth with Aquarian Sensibilities

Feb 6, 2024
Gaza Genocide, Pole Shift, and the Solar Flash

Feb 9, 2024
Big Drama with the Tucker-Putin Interview
Cosmic Podcast HERE

Feb 17, 2024
The 'Perfect Crime'; Victims Defending the Perps!

Feb 20, 2024
The AI Agenda and Hive Mind Control Matrix
Cosmic Podcast HERE

Feb 27, 2024
Great Awakening Anxiety => Great Enlightenment

March 2, 2024
How We Fix Society with a New Common Sense

March 3, 2024
Internet Censorship - Meme Wars - IDs the Perps

March 4, 2024
Zionism Speaks from Gaza to the World - No One Is Safe!

March 9, 2024 / New Moon
The Great Awakening Neutralizes Systemic ‘D.U.H.’
Cosmic Podcast HERE

March 12, 2024
Big Shift from Centralized Power to Decentralized

March 14, 2024
Politics, Parasites and Unspeakable Mass Pharmacide

March 19, 2024
1st Quarter Equinox – Portents for 2024 Quickening

March 25, 2024 / Full Moon Eclipse
Are We Winning the Spiritual & Psychological War?
Cosmic Podcast HERE

March 31, 2024 / Easter
Global Resurrection of Golden Age Culture

April 8, 2024 / New Moon
Solar Eclipse – Celebrating Deep Shift
Cosmic Podcast HERE

April 13, 2024
Great Awakening via Tribulations and Triumph

April 17, 2024
Those Who Profit from War and Disease are Killing Us!
Cosmic Podcast HERE

April 21, 2024
David Wilcock and Ben Fulford on the Global Reboot

April 22 => April 23 Full Moon
Earth Day and Wesak - Celebrating Our Oneness

April 26, 2024
Will the 
Whole Truth Obliterate the Big Lie?

May 1, 2024
May Day!  Uniting Sovereigns of Earth

May-June Special Report
50 Years... Pioneering an Aquarian Vision
Cosmic Podcast HERE

May 7, 2024 / New Moon
The 1776 Revolution is a Global Affair Now

May 10, 2024
Ready for a Quantum Shift in the Global Order?

May 14, 2024

May 17, 2024
Let's Get Real: Zionism Unmasked in 10 Minutes
Cosmic Podcast HERE

May 23, 2024 / Full Moon
Aquarian Quantum Age - New Testament Fulfilled

May 27, 2024
Memorial Day Alert - Accelerated Drama Ahead!

June 1, 2024
A Time for Fearless Faith as Never Before
Cosmic Podcast HERE

June 6, 2024 / New Moon
Transcending Deep State Chaos Creation

June 11, 2024
5D Conscience Moving Forward

June 20-21, 2024 / Solstice Full Moon
Summer Reading and Video Entertainment
Cosmic Podcast HERE

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC'

 Pure geometry thoughtforms as
 Aquarian First Principles 
Geometric Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ Constitution);
Five Core Net Freedoms
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
  via interactive TeLeCommunion:
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

 Quantum Enlightenment
(Aquarian Quantum Age)

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

Imagineering a Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of
 Pure Intention as Focuses Attention with Love's Retention

Conscious Ascension in the Soul's 5D+ Dimensions of
 Coherent Comprehension 'On Path': Eternal Progression.


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