The Aquarian Book of Cosmic

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(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

by a MetaPhysician


1971 (50 years ago)
Mystical Origins – On the Path
Initiation of the Vision-Mission

Three Years Later:
Speaking Truth to Power – Capitol Hill
Planning the Bicentennial of Revolution

1975 – Acting Local / First Book:
The Troy Model

1979 Mystical Origins of Web 3.0
Universal Interface => Global TeLeComm
“The most powerful thoughtform in the universe,
and key to ascension of the planet.”
. ~ Cyclopea, 1980, E.C.P.

1980 to the Present
Holistic Health Care => Global TeLeCare
Developing Five Holistic Health Centers

1997 to the Present
Rise, Fall and Resurrection of
Universal Law Language

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The Fully Present (Prescient) Now;
Prime Directive – Cosmic Law;
Emergent Blueprint for Aquarius.

Gateway for a Golden Age:
Heartware Project - CyberEthics
Net Reality for our Global Village

Seven free e-books to get up to speed
for the '2022 Timeline Turn-Around'...

From reactive to proactive and from
the 'centralized top-down paradigm'
(command and control corporatism)
to Aquarian Quantum Shift with the
 'decentralized networking paradigm'

  (cooperative cocreation community).

Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age (2016)

The Big Shift to Global Net Reality (2017)

Global Decentralization Upgrade (2018)

Global rEVOLUTION Updates (2019)

Global Co-Creation Series (2020)

Aquarian Spring Prelude (2021)

The Great Turn-Around of 2022
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