The Language of Light-as-Consciousness

    A cure for full-spectrum dimitude,
   beyond a dense dimwit aptitude,
 is truly conscientious servitude
     to a 'quantum' (
coherent) attitude
      for upwising and uprising altitude.

by 'The MetaPhysician'

A simplified version of color-coded 1st principles
for the language of light-as-consciousness is at:

The Seven Hats for Full-Spectrum Conscience

There are rules whereby Creator's intention
is self-evident to those who focus 
  above as below with Great Love's 
wising up to rise up - conscious 
 in the unified field; co-Creation's 
~ excerpt from
 Evolutionary Ascent

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure
love and reverence for all of life
 will counterbalance the
negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at 
the lower weakening levels."

~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests 
utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in 
POWER VS. FORCE - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior 
by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so 
during the progress of a revolution,
 and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,

that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to
First Principles".

~ Thomas Paine, who sparked the American Revolution with
Common Sense, history's most successful political vision.



of human evolution is
a process of conscientious
evolutionary ascent in Conscience.
As the veil thins, awareness is revealed
 and humanity 'comes into unity' with more 'light'
to define, refine, "combine" (synergize) and '
 an integrated
multi-dimensional co-Creation Conscience
 as will culture mankind's Effective Sensory Perception (ESP)
with a unfied field of conscientious common sense.

The Universal Law-Language of Consciousness
of, by and for Full-Spectrum Conscious

L I G H T" ...
 an acronym, color-coded with full-spectrum 'meaning' as the:
Language of Innersense Geometrizing Healing TeLeComm
or with the many names for the same full-spectrum ‘flame’ of
 Pure intention as will focus attention with love’s retention
   for conscious evolution ascension into the 5th dimension.  

This is the same process of conscious evolution
via the "white light" of the infinite/eternal as it
connects with the "hemispheric holodeck"

(between the ears ~ conscience currency)
whereby the light 'refracts' into the
full spectrum of Conscience...

Coalescing’ in the brain’s physical "prism" as the 
 the 1st dimension - pure intention
     from crown chakra to "Reptilian brain” (R-Complex).

Refracting’ into all the colors of the rainbow within
the full spectrum of conscientious common sense:
  the 2nd dimension - focused attention
    with the best of "both worlds" (both hemispheres) of
       left-brain linear logic to non-linear right-brain intuition.

 ‘Penetrating’ each spectral ‘ray’ with 3-D "depth"
representing the fullness of of love’s
meaning, value and purpose

the 3rd dimension - love's retention
  from forebrain (foresight) to rear-brain (hindsight).

  ‘Balancing 3-fold LOVE for ‘co-ordination in time': 
4th dimension... evolutionary ascension
via "real-time" (moment-to-moment) interaction in
 a unified field of 'co-Creation' with
at the
     interface (heartware) for mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

'Integrating' components to the CAPstone:
Creative Ascent Process - full-spectrum Co-Creation
5th dimension - Unity Conscience
 in the whole, holistic, holographic or otherwise holy
way that represents conscious evolution with
social Conscience in our global
social networks.

Co-creation for Full Spectrum Enlightenment

Intention for our highest and best;
 Attention to keep in focus the rest;
Retention from moment-to-moment;
Ascension building momentum in the
Dimension of 5-D comprehension.



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