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The Constitution of Conscience

Source Code for Enlightenment

 Co-creation codes for culturing cyberEthics:
operative communication coordination
intention, attention and retention for our
ascension in the quantum dimension where
(Sovereignty principles / Self-governance)

The Constitution of Unity Conscience

by Christopher L. Rudy

Sept 3, 2019
(last update)

Culturing Full Spectrum Common Sense
'Unity Conscience'

Keep in mind the basics:

     To love with all your mind ~ : Left-brain Logic of a Linear nature,
 and all your heart ~ : right-brain nonlinear intuition,
  and all your strength ~ : balanced co-Creation synergy,
  and your Netizen neighbor
~ : global "wholEness" (whole brain),
                             as thy Self
~  : interdependent TLC Co-Creation.

Preface Articles:

  2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series
7 Hats of Full Spectrum Conscience
The Personal and Collective Holodeck

5-D Conscience Explained

Understanding the 10 Dimensional Universe
(5-D 'individually' + 5-D 'collectively')

 Upgrading one’s perceptual process for enlightened
social conscience involves social networking along
enlightened 'line's that frame the "mass-interaction
interface" with those first principles and processes
   for conscious evolution as will most likely insure our
    safety and happiness with abundant and sustainable
A Declaration of Interdependence of, by and for
The United Sovereigns of Earth.

Advanced 5-D Coordinates (in-depth source code)
for Co-Ordination (
Ordained Power of Love)
defining, refining, combining & shining
all dimensions of consciousness
within 5-D common sense;
Universal Co-Creation
with the Law and
Language of


The Core 'ONE' Principle:

Spherical Conscience ~ well-rounded awareness
in the Spirit of the Law of universal ;
understanding spherical awareness as
the unified source field of, by & for
common sense unity Conscience
in your brain field holodeck as
your platform interface via

 Heartware TeLeComm

– The smaller “o” in the “” is limited when the etter (ogos) of the
aw of eft-brain inear ogic in excess is a weakness (lock-step).
              This is why the '
letter of the law' (in excess) 'killeth the spirit of the law'.
              This “o” in the 
eft-brain transcends compartmentalized thinking with
               that still-small “voice” (
circle of right-brain Conscience) which still will
               self-govern the “
Mind of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) with
               the “
Heart of LOVE” (angels of our better-compassionate nature).
               It is 
Conscience, with a capital ‘C’ as in ‘See’, which gets it… how
               the ‘
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.’ () represents the 5-united 
               processes of consciousness with pure geometry thought forms as will
               focus the 
inear eft-brain’s VISION of natural-universal-cosmic
 as law and language framing the whole-holistic-holographic
aw anguage of the Constitution of 5-D Conscience~.

 – The larger “” in  represents non-linear right-brain spherical 
as the intuitive KNOWING beyond fragmented thinking
              of a 
divisive BS” (Belief System) habit.  Unity Conscience = “”.
              This is the 
Effective Sensory Perception which transforms/transcends 
               the compartmentalized thinking of the 
eft-brain’s inear ogic.
The Law of ne naturally resonates with a SOURCE connection to
               the ‘
Language of the Angels of Love’ (heart coherence)... the
heart of divine feminine attributes of caring, sharing, cooperation and
               the unconditional love which distinguishes REAL community with
               pure intention for unity in our diversity through 
social Conscience 
               in our ALL-connected local/global 'holodeck', the unified field of
               Universal Rights in the public SPHERE of 
Unity Conscience with
NE law language for atONEment with 5-D Conscience~.

– The Thesis () Antithesis () and Synthesis () which naturally 
              synergizes a holistic-holy whole that is greater than the sum of the 
 +  parts, i.e., a process which synergizes the creative process,
              the learning process, and the processes of consciousness at the
              foundation of a self-correcting and self-healing process. This is how
5-D Constitution of Conscience frames the ‘Holy Trinity’ as a 
              PROCESS which represents the Holy Spirit of 
              It is this
Spirit that inspires co-Creation of eft-brain inear ogic
              with the right-brain’s intruitive knowing of a non-linear well-rounded

              nature… thus culturing creative learning with self-governance of a
              self-correcting, self-elevating and otherwise ‘
salvation’ nature via
" (Co-Creation) with angles~angels of 5-D Conscience.~.

– The ‘cross-referencing’ of the four archetypes of universal  
                in the whole brain synergizes a WHOLE 'in time’ (4th dimension) of
                a synchronicity nature in synch with an eternal-timeless unified field as
 in order to define, refine, combine (synergize) 
                and 'shine' the quintessential 
etheric light of 5-D 
“The light that lighteth every soul that comes into the world."
This is the WHOLE point of the circle in the cross of “, (integration)
                 with the Power of Love which assembles the archetypal components
                 to the ‘
Capstone Vision’ for the ‘pyramid plan” (
) whereby the etheric
Conscience of  centers and connects the pure intention of
                 focused attention for conscious retention and evolutionary ascension
into the 5th dimension of full-spectrum comprehension;
                            the Constitution of 5-D Conscience

     As for the interactive ‘brain holodeck' globally, in our new
     Net reality, consider how the same Constitutional framework
     applies to social
Conscience in our global social networks:

Understanding ~spherical awareness
for Unity Conscience in the
Public Sphere’:

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