2015 Enlightenment Series

Take Heart! Net reality is Maturing

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Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer-Internet revolution.  A senior generation has now witnessed the big shift from the 1970's emphasis on mainframe hardware (IBM), to the '80's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to the '90's emphasis on Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to 2000's emphasis on Web 2.0 with interactive social networks (Facebook). Now witness the last decade's integration of palm-top smart-phone hardware, software and netware as a mobile platform for emerging global Net reality with Web 3.0 heartware (HeartServe).
These four phases of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION correspond to trends in the conscious evolution of global humanity towards integration of all former advances with those 1st principles of universal law language that create an interactive platform for mass-to-mass TeLeComm, the natural fulfillment of Net reality for almost 4 billion global Netizens; the biomimicry model of the human brain with individuals as nerve cells in the global brain.

Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network
June 16, 2015 (New Moon in Gemini)


The ‘rules’ whereby rules at the heart
of personal and planetary
is no longer a mystery.

In good Conscience of pure intention, our upward-mobile conscious evolution focuses attention with love's retention for conscious ascension in a united dimension of enlightened comprehension with Effective Sensory Perception for Net reality.

Netizens as "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth)

The vision alone - how that matures - reveals a process of self-correcting, self-governing, self-fulfilling prophecy that represents our self-elevation (salvation) with self-evident truth at the heart of the Net neutrality reality that will define, refine, combine and shine abundant vision, virtue and valor for the victory of the Family of Mankind in our global village.

The tools and processes that assist this
general enlightenment process will
help humanity deal with
Net Reality.

 "Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of
body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816

Net reality in the Internet Age

The worldwide Internet has created a new Net reality.
Time and space are now virtually eliminated with new
instant-everywhere and interactive unity capabilities.

The Family of Mankind has arrived in a Global Village
 as a new public commons with a new common sense.

  In the continuum of global space-time relativity,
 we're all accountable for conscious selectivity.
Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
will thin the veil or by default mean severance.

 Divisions in the ‘global mind’ are disintegrating
  while new heart-mind coherence is integrating 
 nonlinear “spherical” (global) common sense.

This systemic enlightenment process has inadvertently challenged authoritarian, closed-minded, privatized control in core public institutions that resist transformation into a more enlightened version of public service as a whole.
The urgency of a Crisis in Conscience in world affairs is to reconcile the stinking thinking of paradigm paralysis with the Currency of Conscience for defining and refining a vision for combining and shining our talents & resources in 4 unique “processes” (paths) to 5-D unity Conscience; the Creative Ascent Process for ‘CAPstone Conscience that holistically integrates the 4 archetypal quadrants of Self: Spiritually~Mentally~Emotionally~Physically, as in Civilization: Governing to Learn & Heal Abundantly; Power & Wisdom via for the Next Economy.

The Four Quad-Branch Processes for
Up-Lifting Self and Civilization

Managing Power in the Next Economy

- EXECUTIVE BRANCH: eft-brain inear 'Rights'
TeLeCommunity for Decision Making

The governance model for decision making in our social networks will optimize the currency of conscience with interactive response ability as empowers responsibility for culturing real community whereby we come-into-unity via executive decision making - the aw of the Angles
- EXECUTIVE BRANCH: eft-brain inear '
Rights' of, by and for TeLeCommunity Decision Making.

~ Pure Intention in 3 Dimensions:
mind & spirit
gold & pink
wisdom & love

faith, hope & charity
horizontal & depth
judicial & legislative
Your 3-fold Frequency in 3-D

See: Heartware for governance of public power.


Culturing Wisdom in the Next Economy

- JUDICIAL BRANCH: well-Rounded public Sphere
TeLeConscience for Wise Dominion

The learning model for culturing social network wisdom will involve & evolve our individual & collective sense of fairness, balancing the scales of justice by engaging our hearts & minds in a heart coherent learning process that qualifies a learning network with representative justice; the Language of the Angels at the heart of well-rounded - -wise dominion in the public SPHERE ... recycling TeLeConscience for Educating the Heart of Wisdom.  

~Focused Attention in 4-D Time
      In the mment with pure intention;
      Attention mment-to-mment;
Frequency as mmentum &
Your habits ver time for
 'atNEment' as your


Your 4-D Frequency in Conscience:
: You are what you believe (intention),
       having become what you believed. 

You are what you think (attention),
 having become what you thought.
: You are what you feel (retention),
having become what you felt.
: You are what you do (ascension),
 having become what you did.

See: Heartware for culturing public wisdom.


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