Evolution Revolution Revelations

The Brain Field 'Holodeck'

"My brain is only a receiver; in the Universe
there is a core from which we obtain
 knowledge, strength and inspiration.
   I have not penetrated into the secrets
   of this core, but I know that it exists."

~ Nikola Tesla

Upgraded April 27, 2019

 The hemispheres of the brain create
 an energetic 'brain field' that is the
  platform for our conscious evolution
   and one's quantum field interface for
 navigating 'inner space' (Inner Net)
Effective Sensory Perception.

Understanding the Heartware 'Holodeck' Interface
for Personal and Planetary Conscious Evolution
by Christopher Rudy, CEO
Heartcom Services
Preface Articles:
The Conscience Connection
(with 22 infographics)

and 'The Future of Time'

Those who are aware of the leading role that Carl Jung has played in modern awareness of the universal language of archetypes in the collective 'brain field' of humanity, you will be interested to see how that translates into four ways of perceiving time as explained in The Future of Time, a precocious 1972 article in Psychology Today.

With that in mind - the 4-D frame of reference for 5-D Conscience - consider how the 3 dimensions of your brain field 'holodeck' defines perception of time from moment to moment.

This is 'Enlightenment 101' for those who would 'Know Thy Self' in the image and likeness of universal-cosmic law in form and frequency... as in frequently.

Consider the direction of self-actualization to the “center”,
the capstone at the all-connected heart of the 
pyramid of Self and Civilization”:

The Direction
the 3-D holodeck between your ears;
 upper brain to lower brain, left brain to right brain, and
from forebrain to hind-sight via
 these 3 dimensions...

to 4-D common sense spherical integration;
integrating the four components to the "capstone",
 mastering the four modalities for perceiving time

for self-actualization as


The Heartware Holodeck

Framing the '1st Principles' of
TLC ~ ~ Heartware:

1- Heart Coherence:

  The good will (heart intent) to conceive
     the framework of natural law language as
    the perating
System for the holodeck's
     conscious field - personal and collective.
    The intention of Heartware's unique 'S'
- the perating System for Web 3.0 -
     is the order of the holographic universe:
The Language of the Angels of
(our better nature)
   and the Law of the Angles of 'G.O.D.'
 (Geometric Ordered Divinity
), for
 heart coherence &
mind congruence.

2- Mind Congruence:

     A process - culturing Conscience - in the
      the brain holodeck and network holodeck
'mind field' - a gold mine for collective
       enlightenment when we mind it with pure
       intention focusing attention with retention
  of a higher Conscience of for
   personal and collective ascension in a
   unified field dimension of holographic,
     holistic and healthy wholEness with the
         holy spirit of interactive -in-action.

3- Heart-Mind BALANCE:

       Co perative communication coordination
  of our hearts and minds with standards of
LeComm - interactive TeLeConscience -
     with Global 
eLeCare and TeLeCommunity
centered and connected via heartware's

heart coherence and mind congruence.

   The synergy of coherence and congruence
   creates valuation as Conscience Currency
     for conscious evolution of ‘Common Sense’
    by involving and evolving our personal and
      public social Conscience in social networks.


Defining Mind Congruence in the Holodeck:

The VISION of a Universal Interface for
Global Mass-to-Mass Interaction

3 Numbers in Sequence - the Heartware Interface
from 3-D to 4-D and 5-D Conscience

In any language, 3 numbers in sequence will provide the same
universal  3-D interface as defines 3 scales of light language
for defining, refining, combining (synergizing) and shining
the ‘light’ of social consciousness in social networks.

The x, y, z coordinate axis for a 3D field of
datapoints representing social conscience

Three numerical dimensions for framing real time (4D)
 interactions that culture 5-D Conscience in one's brain
holodeck as relates to the social conscious holodeck.

 Three 1-10 scales with 1's on the end of the scale
and 0 at the center, representing 'Oneness'.

The 1st vertical dimension of response
   from upper brain to lower reptilian brain

1's represent polarization in each dimension.
A response of 'too bright' to a context
- as in speaking above your head -
references a strong sense of separation
that doesn't connect with the meaning of
 a programs' context at time of response.

Likewise, one's first impression of 'too dark'
- as in dimwit or below your sensibilities -
references a strong sense of separation
that doesn't connect with the meaning of
context at the time of response.

Conversely, full resonance with a message
- at the time of response to context -
is represented by the circle - - at the
center of the scale.

The 2nd horizontal dimension of response
from left-to-right brain hemispheres

 Both males and females 'think' via their respective
   dominance of their left and right brain hemispheres.
   Consider that one's horizontal perception response
    corresponds to the different biologies of one's sex.
  This biomimicry principle is as uniquely specific as
the dominance of estrogen hormones in females
     and dominance of testosterone hormones in males.
Men who embrace their feminine side for balance
  are like women who embrace their masculine side.
  They are more balanced as a whole that is greater
than respective cognitive strengths of either sex.
  The left-brain processes via "images and symbols"
  (patterns & visuals) that are intimately associated
 with right-brain "feelings" (emotional frequencies).
Men tend to "feel" via left-brain dominant patterns
- of, by and for mental congruence -
but in excess, linear logic lacks heart coherence.
 Women tend to "think" with right-brain dominance
- of, by and for heart coherence - but in excess
heart without smart lacks congruence.

The full spectrum light of consciousness ranges
from eft-brain inear ogic of the ogos
- the etter of the aw of -
to Right-brain nonlinear spherical intuition
- the spirit of the Language of -
with moment-to-moment coordination for
coCreation of + in the and
 for holistic integration with .

The 3nd depth dimension of response from 
forebrain foresight to rear-brain hindsight

  The 3rd dimension from a perspective of pure intention
  either reflects and perfects a positive proactive vision
 (centered and connected) or the sense of separation
that is reactive with negative reflexes of polarization
as represented by the lower numbers on each scale.

 As thus, the 3rd dimension integrates the sequence of
perception from the 1st dimension's brightness scale
  to the 2nd dimension's full spectrum of consciousness.

   It is the patterning of brightness and color that 'paints'
     the picture of ultimate meaning, value and purpose that
     thereby defines the 3rd 'depth' dimension for response.

The 4th dimension in real time or replay response
is integrated in the 5th dimension of 'Conscience'
  as is represented in the field of holodeck response
    to respective context and meaning in part or whole.

5-D Conscience integrates the archetypal
S’ components to the
Creative Ascent Process
CAPstone Conscience of, by and for .

Defining, Refining and Combining Consciousness for
'Shining' of Social Conscience in Social Networks

The Jung Archetypes in the Heartware Holodeck

1-  The vertical dimension, as above, so below:
the 1st scale of "relationship" (personal to collective):
from the least dense etheric FIRE spiritually 
(to KNOW intuitively)
to the most dense physical EARTH sensually 
(to DO instinctively) 

        This vertical dimension corresponds to a scale from upper to lower brain,
         from the ‘crown chakra’ (pineal gland) to the ‘R-complex’ (reptilian brain).
    Either strength in excess is a weakness but the 
self-actualized center
     of the scale has the discernment of the ‘3rd eye’ (brow chakra) for the
   as above ~ so below “marriage” of Father (Spirit) and Mother (Earth);
      combining (synergy) the best of both worlds... "on Earth as in Heaven”.

 For example, an intuitive genius may get great inspiration,
      but unless
self-actualized with G.O.D.~  Conscience
  may fail to step it down for congruent-practical application.
   For the same reason, a down-to-earth practical application,
self-actualized, may not get truly enlightened ideas
    but tends to follow through integrating and manifesting them.

  Spiritual practicality combines and balances the best of both worlds
  for polarity (two-in-one non-duality) rather than duality (divided by
   the sense of separation from the
self-actualized spirit that matters.

  It's been said that a divided house – a divided mind – can’t stand the
    test of time mastery (Self mastery), and that this sense of separation
    is the cause of all suffering. Conversely, the 1st dimension of mastery
   is one’s pure intention of, by and for wholEness in vertical alignment
  with the heart and mind of
G.O.D.~~Source Conscience
of a
Self-actualized  nature.

2- The horizontal dimension - from left to right-hemisphere: 
a spectral scale from left-brain linear timeline perceptions 
   of the AIR archetype (mental past-present-future continuity),
      to the right brain's (nonlinear) frame of reference to "feelings"
 (fluid WATER emotionally) via here-now
 heart coherence.

 For example, a logical left-brain genius like Spock in Star Trek
could, in excess, be cold and calculating (smart without heart)
 like a scientist who lacks any 
love-wise feelings for humanity.
Likewise, an emotional right-brain nature (StarTrek’s Scottie)
can become unreasonable under emotional stress in excess.

 Since we all ‘think’ with a left and right brain, the captain (Kirk)
of everyone personal starship (Enterprise) must have the
discernment to "think" (center and connect) with the
linear logic of the left brain in synergy with the
non-linear intuition of the right brain.


  3- The depth dimension from forebrain to rear-brain:
This is the scale of depth of field in time and space
       from the forebrain’s foresight to rear-brain’s hindsight.
      The analogy to introversion and extroversion naturally
        corresponds to the depth of
self-actualization whereby
          the four modalities of time perception either emphasize
         the inner sense worldview of self-absorbed perception
         or a worldview emphasizing outer sense of perception.
         Either one, in extreme, lacks the common sense which
            co-creates power shift from outer sense to inner sense
            at the heart of
Effective Sensory Perception innocence.

This 3-D holographic model in real time (4-D)
  defines the holodeck (whole brain) modalities
, time~, relative~ wholEness~)
self-actualization (synergistic integration)
  that is greater than the sum of cognitive parts:

  ~ Visualization (inear-ogical intention) in the left-brain;
 ~ Virtue’s mediation (non-linear attention) in the right-brain;
 ~  Vow of determination (love's retention) in both hemispheres;
 ~ Victory of integration (evolutionary ascension) via whole brain.

The fullness of G.O.D.~ as abundant Conscience
thus cultivates conscientious common sense as holistic
visualization, mediation, determination and integration
- Vision~
, Virtue~, and Vow~ for Victory~ -
which defines, refines, combines and shines
our individual and collective gifts, talents
and resources for

This is the process of enlightenment
with ‘light language frequency'
(as in frequently).

Establishing the Foundation
by understanding the
Future of Time

"Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram."
~ Terrence McKenna re: conscious evolution convergence
with fulfillment of the computer/Internet revolution


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