The 'Power Shift' Chart

Christopher Rudy © 1997-2013
Updated 5-5-2013

the graphic below in 3-D with the center being the top of a ‘cone’,
  a spinning vortex of energy that is a "gateway" (portal) as the ‘
Creative Ascent Process) that -- in time (4-D) -- spirals you higher into
a centered-and-connected
5-D CONSCIENCE… the V5 Vision of Virtue
Valor as Vows for the Victory of pure intention as focuses attention
love’s retention for conscientious ascension in a unified dimension...
a full-spectrum
Dimensional Shift.

 Note that the outer circle is the outer world and the inner circle is within you.
The negative spin of the ‘outer world’ is a downward spiral; devolution.
The positive upward-mobile clockwise spin of the inner circle is
Creative Ascent Process at the centered heart of our
individual and collective evolutionary ascent 'home'.

 Shift HappensJ

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