2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Introducing Web 3.0 Heartware for Interactive
Mass-to-Mass TeLeCommunications


Biggest Breakthrough Since the Internet

With about half of the world's population now connecting through the
 instant-everywhere and interactive Internet, the Next Big Thing in the
   computer/Internet revolution will define, refine, combine and shine the
   abundant gifts and talents of the Family of Mankind in a global village.

Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Services

Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer/Internet revolution. A senior generation has now witnessed the big shift from the 1970's emphasis on mainframe hardware (IBM), to 1980's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to 90's emphasis on Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to 2000's emphasis on Web 2.0 with interactive social networks (Facebook). Now witness the last decade's trend integrating palm-top hardware, software & netware as a mobile platform for global Net reality via Web 3.0 heartware (Heartcom Services).

 What’s Next in Computing?

The evolution of business - new standards for the Next Economy - will proceed with the business of conscious evolution one way or the other.  Web 3.0 will enlighten the process with a 'universal interface' (global languaging archetypes) for interactive real-time mass-to-mass 'TeLeComm' - culturing conscientious common consensus with 5D TLC that involves and evolves our individual and collective conscience in our ubiquitous social networks. 
The apps for mobile and PC markets will have the appeal of Twitter, with more of a laser focus for short attention spans, and with a far more in-depth metric for qualifying 'wisdom of the crowd' (cloud-field) of collective social conscience.
What Google lacks with its search and find ability - now compromised by secret algorithms that skewer concensus - is a social conscious field-centric vision for organizing all that information IN FORMATION along more 'enlightened lines' that frame the typology heuristics for 'information's ecology', recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers social conscience with Aquarian - the "CAPstone" (Creative Ascent Process) for conscious evolution revolution REVELATIONS:

Finishing globally that which the Author of
our Independence
had in mind:

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny
and oppressions of body and mind will 
  vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson

Network Society and a Future Economy of Collaboration
“Progress in capitalism takes place by going through various successive great surges of development, which are driven by successive technological revolutions.  Each of these overlapping great surges of development, lasting approximately 40-60 years, is the process by which a technological revolution and its paradigm propagate across the economy,
‘leading to structural changes in production, distribution, communication and consumption, as well as to profound and qualitative changes in society’. (Perez, 2002)

Three major megatrend markets will be
upgraded holistically with Heartware:
e-Care, e-Learning & e-Commerce.

Global TeLeCare, the 'ebay' of holistic self care, will define free online 'Universal Self Care' with a "Peer Provider Organization" (PPO Yellow Pages) that links TeLeCare providers with users of the service. With health insurance as the highest cost of doing business in America, Global TeLeCare is strongly positioned with self care 'Health Assurance Policies' that provide definitive, self-correcting database analytics for showing what empirically works best for the holistic analysis, prevention and management of disease.  These results-based health assurance standards will give currency to 'care' with social conscience; user consensus of optimal care for individual body types and specific health conditions. That health-wealth consensus gives currency to High State standards for preventing dis-ease in our social networks. 

Global Education will experience a renaissance with heartware, bringing heart coherence standards to the interactive interface as a new metric for gauging conscience with 'heart' as well as 'smart' within our social network communities. Quantum computing in the 'holodeck field' of a social network will culture the currency of conscience that upgrades social reform in the whole systems way that increasingly serves the purpose for which public education was created... HOW to think for life-long learning. This process for culturing enlightened caring wisdom, as clearly demonstrated at Global TeLeCare, gives currency to social conscience proportional to any social network's intent to upgrade as a self-correcting learning network that is also self-healing.
Global E-commerce will thrive with heartware's 'cyberEthics' standard that gives 'free and open trade' the transparency yet security of blockchain with the value-added currency of conscience for an economics of abundance as represents optimal personal/public win/win. The Next Economy will thus emerge as the evolution of business synchronizes with the business of conscious evolution - an upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms... integrating consensus with ethical openness and fairness. The prosperous potential of conscience currency thus provides equilibrium to accelerated change as social powershift progresses from top-down non-interactive institutions towards public Net roots Net reality that optimizes interaction with common sense as 'Effective Sensory Perception': new currency for the Next Economy.

Witness the computer/Internet revolution over the last 40-60 years. A global village 'platform' is now established with the hardware, software and netware infrastructure installed and operational.  Heartware integrates these capabilities to culture social conscience in global social networks.

This is a 'trend-fit' whereby the Internet can increasingly fulfill the capabilities of 'open systems' and 'cloud computing' for optimizing global markets on the threshold of paradigm shift with greater social conscience... "leading to structural changes in production, distribution, communication and consumption, as well as to profound and qualitative changes in society". (ref. above)

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Note: More information is available per request regarding the Heartware Project for culturing conscience 'currency' and the Next Economy via Net deployment of Web 3.0 cyberEthics 'with heart' (heartcom).

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Christopher L. Rudy
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 Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
    with pure geometry thoughtforms
~ Constitution),
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