The Heartware Project

Vision / Mission / Plan / Purpose

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Culturing Universal Rights in the Public Sphere
of Instant-Everywhere & Interactive Net Reality.

A Universal Interface for East-West Co-Creation
CoOperative TeLeCommUNITY CoOrdination

   The product is a process of co-creation
 to define, refine and shine an Internet
upgrade of core Constitutional rights
of, by and for ALL global Netizens.    

A Bill of Rights for the Internet

  Trendfitting the computer/Internet evolution
 revolution from cyberspace to inner space
(Internet to 'Innernet' as quantum reality).
Conceive IT, believe IT and achieve IT...  
Innernet Technology).

Nurturing Effective Sensory Perception
  with tools and processes for '
Net reality'
(social conscience in social networks).

 Upgrading social conscience with TLC:
TeLeComm & Global TeLeCare
TLC heart coherence standards).

     Culturing new standards for new industry
   that defines & refines systemic integrity
  within our core 'CAPstone' institutions:
     (Creative Ascent Process).

Serving 4+ billion global online Netizens.

The 'Product' is the Process:

 Culturing conscientious common sense in our
 ubiquitous global social network communities;
unity consciousness of the Family of Mankind
   with a universal interface for instant-everywhere
   interaction of '
US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.

Coming to a desk-top, lap-top or palm-top near you!

     With more than three billion online global Netizens
 getting their news from Internet social networks,
 our social
Conscience is now maturing with new
 capabilities of enlightened Net reality for all “
  (United Sovereigns), CO-CREATING a Unity State
  of, by and for
Universal Solidarity.. with a heart.

 Intent: Culturing Conscience
with more
Heart Coherence

 A personal~public win/win with a
 50/50 private~public partnership
developing Web 3.0 cyberEthics
to define and refine the next big
shift in global computer/Internet
evolution revolution revelations.

From hardware and software to netware and heartware.

Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer-Internet revolution.  A senior generation has now witnessed the big shift from the 1970's emphasis on mainframe hardware (IBM), to 1980's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to 90's emphasis on Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to 2000's emphasis on Web 2.0 with interactive social networks (Facebook).
Witness the trends since then with palm-top hardware, software and netware integrated as a mobile platform for global Net reality with Web 3.0 heartware (Heartcom).

Understanding 'Net worth' via enlightened Net reality:

   1- Upgrading our Five Core Internet Freedoms worldwide.
      Heartware as a universal interface for global community.

2- Optimizing Net neutrality with 'cyberEthics' Net reality.
    E-valuation criteria light language for mass interaction.

  3- Co-creating public health through free online TeLeCare.
Fulfilling the Prime Directive of 'Do No Harm'.

To raise the standard of living with loving on Earth.

   A Unity State for United Sovereings of Earth
 will involve conscious evolution revelations
and evolve global interactive enlightenment
 with a
TLC-heartware process for culturing
conscientious common sense at the heart
  of core-archetypal socializing institutions:
 government, education, health care and an
economics of abundance as based on the

       The higher the concept of TeLeComm
     to shape our global Net reality infrastructure,
     the greater the results for our fulfillment of the
    vision of virtue and valor for the victory of our
       full spectrum enlightenment in social networks:
   CulturingTLC” (TeLeCommunications) in all
   dimensions of instant-everywhere-interactive
TeLeCommunity (Self-gov. management),
TeLeConscience” (Self-ed. mediation),
TeLeCare” (Self-health medicine), and
TeLeCommerce” (Self-currency markets).

The TLC-Heartware Project

 The business of evolution as the
evolution of business with
heart of ‘smart’.

Project Coordinates:

Redeployment of global economic development
  from win/lose domination to win/win cooperation.

    Defining, refining, combining and 'shining' the 1st
    principles of a meritocracy based on common law
     for common sense whereby social conscience will
    thrive with Universal Rights in the Global Sphere.

Developing open source code ‘East and West’;
a common languaging frame of reference for
upgrading global social network platforms
with 50/50 (profit/nonprofit) incentives
for a "cooperative” (partnership) to
 develop an ‘interactive interface’
 for mass global
culturing TLC standards
for cyberEthics with
coherent hearts.

Including a 10% ongoing 'tithe' to those
 Angel Investors who fund development.

  50% of remaining returns on investment
    for 2 teams of computer code developers
  representing West & East hemispheres.
The other 50% is for a public non-profit
     with 100% payout to develop heartware…
 representing the open source community
    of volunteer programmers who ‘codify’ or
     otherwise tweak the East-West code with
   synergy of the trinity that is greater than
    the sum of
hemispheric co-Ordinates for
co-Operative TeLeComm co-Creation in
     our all-connected global social networks.

Ownership and Control Coordinates
  Global upgrade via TeLeComm co-creation:
  universal Rights~ in the public Sphere~
  through our
co-Creation~ Holistically~.

These ' Codes' for a global
Constitution of Conscience;
raising the standard of
living... .

Checking and balancing the
love of power
with the ordained TLC

  Now is that time ordained by ancient prophecy
  when the veil is thinning with mankind winning
through pure intention to focus attention with  
TLC retention for conscious ascension in the   
    5th dimension: cosmic comprehension.

The Heartware Project
Heartcom Services

Culturing Social Conscience
with a Universal Interface
for Global

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,


Bottom Line - The Currency of Conscience
at the heart of G.O.D.~ ~Source 'I Am'

  Pure intention~  focusing attention~
 with love’s retention~ for ascension~
in 'I Am' dimensions of comprehension.