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Mainstreaming Quantum Net Reality



Over the last 33 years of the computer/Internet revolution, the process of our conscious evolution has accelerated with the power to know better and do better for liberation of mankind's vast untapped talents, tools and resources as will involve and evolve our quantum Net reality with social Conscience at the heart of global social networks.

A new Net reality is emerging in quantum terms of instant, everywhere and interactive TeLeCommunity as will involve and evolve our individual and collective social Conscience.

This trend has been defined by the 4 phases of the worldwide computer/Internet revolution that is mainstreaming quantum Net reality:

1st phase emphasis on ‘hardware’;
massive mainframe computers.
 IBM sets the hardware tech standard.
 Business development was top-down
   with command-and-control hierarchies.

2nd phase emphasis on ‘software’;
     desk-top personal computers.
Microsoft set the standard for software.
        Business development was grass-roots
      with a surge in small business growth.

3rd phase emphasis on ‘netware’;
the ‘computer’ is the network.
Netscape set the standard for the ‘I-Net’.
       Business development goes global with
      culturing of Net reality in the Net roots.
4th phase emphasis on ‘heartware’;
    networks get
heart coherence.
         Heartcom sets the Cultural DNA Standard.   
     Business development gets cyberEthics
      - integrated hardware, software & netware -
       for social
Conscience in social networks.

See: Fourth Wave Business in the 21st Century
by Maynard & Mehrtens  

Net Reality of, by and for Quantum Reality
Going Mainstream in the 2020s.

 Navigating the New Frontier of InnerSpace
at the Heart of Quantum InnerNet Reality

We are what we believe, having become
what we believed.

"Believe that life is worth living and
  your belief will help create the fact."

~ William James

How Aquarian Quantum Science
is Shaping Global Net Reality 

   Are you aware that quantum energy technologies
could now liberate global humanity from petrochemical
     toxins & radioactive wastes that are poisoning our air,
    water, food and Earth's natural life support systems?

    Is it true that quantum healing technologies could
        now liberate global humanity from
the toxic side effects
     caused by the creation and treatment of disease with
genetic disruptors in drugs for whatever ails you?  

     Are you ready for quantum computing technology
as could liberate global humanity from the lock-step
   psychology of subservience to tyranny and austerity
  that is toxic to freedom, opportunity and prosperity?

 There are 3 good reasons why it is important to
 grasp this vision of quantum Net reality:

The 1st reason is ‘enlightened self interest’,
the incentive of every soul to mature through
greater service to the purpose and plan of     
conscientious eternal progression;
to evolve
  in the image and likeness of love without end.

The 2nd reason is preventing 'meltdown' of
 global civilization due to 'paradigm paralysis'
(normalcy bias) that can't see real solutions
due to identification with systemic problems.

The 3rd reason, if such a 'meltdown' occurs
- which some people believe is happening -
is to provide a compelling vision for global
metamorphosis by liberating the power of
Good Will in our all-connected Net reality.

 Networking for the Net worth of Net reality:
Liberating and Leveraging Global ‘TLC

With our ‘
QUANTUM’ Connection

 Networking for TeLeComm unity
Upgrading horse-and-buggy representation
quantum Internet Age capabilities for
      for all of “
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth) 

Networking for TeLeConscience
Upgrading lock-step left-brain education
quantum right-brain heart coherence
  and Source Code for mind congruence.

 Networking for Health TeLeCare
Upgrading mechanistic chemical medicine
quantum ultramolecular energy healing
   integrated with online Universal Self Care.

 Networking for TeLeCommerce
Upgrading the ‘currency’ for all the above
   with heartware cyberEthics at the heart of
  quantum co-Creation in the Source Field
Effective Sensory Perception (ESP).

   This is the PowerShift  promise of
TeLeComm cyberEthics.

 The future is born in the moment-to-moment
conceiving, believing
and achieving of the
   vision of virtue, valor and vow for victory via
  intention, attention, retention and ascension
in a dimension where 'Cosmic
LOVE' rules
    with a
kind-loving frequency, as in frequently.


There is plenty of time if we make time count.
    Inch by inch it's a cinch. Yard-by-yard it's hard.
  But given pure intention of great
LOVE for all,
 pay attention with focused attention because
   such attention pays with
LOVE's retention and
 conscious ascension... moment-to-moment...
building momentum in the rarified dimension 
where co-Creation with Creator-God-Source 
rules with the whol
E Spirit of LOVE-in-action
  at the heart of cyberEthics E-valuation criteria
 as a universal interface for global
as will define, refine, combine and 'shine' our
  individual and collective talents and resources
 for mainstreaming 'The Blessing' of worldwide
Conscience in our new social networks.

Good Will in our all-connected Net reality:

TeLeComm-unity via 'E-governance'
(Mass-to-mass TeLeComm)

TeLeConscience via 'E-learning'
(Education of the Heart)

TeLeCare via Universal 'E-care'
(Health Assurance Policies)

TeLeCommerce via 'E-commerce'
(CyberEthics at the heart of it)

 And thereby neutralizing "stinking thinking"
(paradigm paralysis) also known as "
Stuck In Negativity) which manifests as
DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
ignoring and denying quantum reality
that liberates the natural power of
universal-cosmic .

For example, watch this video to see how
modern science ignores quantum reality
in astrophysics of our Sun as regulates
the quantum field dynamics on Earth.

Eric Dollard reveals quantum dimensional secrets
about the Sun, debunking the paradigm of
mechanistic Newtonian physics.

Realize that the 'Currency of Conscience' has brought us to quantum science reality that is disruptive to a status quo as suppresses current quantum capabilities, and denies The Blessing for all of 'US' (United Sovereigns of Earth).

"The Earth and humanity are currently going through what is termed an 'ascension process'. The Earth as a whole is ascending, which means her frequency is rising in response to an unprecedented increase in the influx of Galactic energy. These intensified Galactic frequencies also affect humans on physical, emotional, mental, energetic, psychic, and spiritual levels as our personal frequency responds to these incoming waves of energy and attempts to synchronize with them.” ~ Nicolya Christi

For advanced understanding of quantum science
with optimal quantum reality outcomes,


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters

 compared to what lies within us". 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  Global civilization is ‘on the brink’,
the unveiling of quantum reality.

   There’s no security without purity;
 pure intention to know better as
   focuses attention to do better via
    loves retention for our ascension
in a unified quantum dimension
 where the whol-
E (holy) spirit of
-in-action thrives for:
TeLeComm-unity (E-govern);
 TeLeConscience (E-learning);
TeLeCare (Universal E-care);
TeLeCommerce (E-commerce)
(cyberEthics at the heart of it).

As we get our global act together
TLC of a more loving nature,
 our collective planetary destiny of
    conscientious evolutionary ascent
    naturally fulfills quantum reality with
‘TLC heart’ of
   innocence under the 'Great Law'
    of universal
for our global
Effective Sensory Perception.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

"Commerce without morality is a sin."
~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

"Smart without heart is DUH."
~ 'C. Light'

There are rules whereby Creator's intention…
is self-evident to those who focus attention
within and with all via true
Love's retention…
wising up to rise up;
conscious ascension…
in a 
United State; Co-Creation's Dimension:  

Whatever we do to the web of quantum reality
we do to ourselves, co-Creating '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


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