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May 25, 2018

Quantum Computing With

Integrating new holistic disciplines of biomimicry,
quantum science and epigenetics... with a heart;
   the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution
 from hardware, software & netware to heartware.

 Computer/Internet Evolution Upgrade
from Web 2.0 (social networks)
 to Web 3.0 TeLeComm

"The nineteenth century was known as the machine age,
  and the twentieth century will go down in history as the
   information age. I believe the twenty-first century will be
the quantum age."
 ~ Paul Davies, physicist

New understanding of the 'unified quantum source field' has led to breakthroughs in quantum science and quantum computing. A new understanding of bioenergetics, biomimicry and natural laws of the holographic universe has been integrated in a whole systems model for 'heartware', the next era of the computer/Internet revolution after hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Netscape).
As founder, Christopher Rudy explains, "We're at the stage of global conscious evolution whereby heartware can now optimize not only the computer-Internet revolution, but also,
core Constitutional freedoms, and free, on-line universal self care Our new instant-everywhere and interactive 'TeLeComm capabilities' are now defining a global village for the Family of Man.  Heartware creates new standards for a new global industry of quantum computing."
Heartware is a process of mass-to-mass interaction that defines 'high touch' high tech with the quantum field standard of
heart coherence). It is more than a golden ratio algorithm of the heartbeat as represents quantum field resonance with the harmonic fractal order of the holographic universe. It's more like the frequency of compassion, joy and "holy spirit" (love-in-action) at the heart of one's heart.

Dan Winter pioneered the science of heart coherence at the
heart of heartware, demonstrated here:

Quantum computing is still a nebulous abstract concept for many, like trying to get a grip on the concept of ‘global Net reality’ before the Internet. Back then, heart coherence was still in early stages of practical development by Dan Winter

It took years for Dan to apply the geometrized wisdom of heart coherence to a highly mobile application -- a working demonstration of a universal standard for a global self-regulating 'prayer field' in the quantum field as represents the harmonic vector equilibrium of Torus Fields as Self-Organizing Systems (video) from atomic to galactic. 

Now Dan has a smartphone app you can download for real-time communications on smartphones or tablets; a sophisticated biofeedback app with algorithms monitoring your heart-breath-voice modulations to let you know when you’re in the frequency of heart coherence, or not so much.

Quantum reality is far more than mere physicality.

It has become self-evident to global enlightened Netizens that the highest and best conscious evolution process for culturing social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks is also the highest and best calling of developers, designers and other architects of our quantum future.
Heartware is a combination of heart coherence biofeedback and mind congruence psyche-feedback... to become more fully conscious of how we are individually and/or collectively conscious. When we know better, we tend to do better.

This is the core nature of self-correcting heart-mind interactive systems: conscientious full spectrum checks and balances in the quantum 'prayer field' via heart coherence – a universal standard for global self-governance.

The 'mental' part of heartware is an interactive interface for real-time mass interaction within social networks. The holographic nature of this interface is represented by universal 'archetypes' (Jung) of the processes of consciousness centered via "source code" (coherent LOVE) at the quantum heart of the 'Operating System' - a quantum field 'holodeck interface' between the ears... individually and collectively.

This OS represents universal 'light language' in the 3 dimensions of the brain from upper brain to lower (crown chakra to reptilian complex), left brain to right (linear logic to non-linear intuition), and from forebrain foresight to rear-brain hindsight.

Heartware's 'universal interface' includes manual interaction via input through three single numbers in sequence at any one moment of a replayed or live video. This x-y-z coordinate axis corresponds to the three dimensions of the physical brain, registering as a dot in a 3-D cube with '0-point' being the center and '1' at the extremes referencing 'disconnect'.
The field of dots (response) at any one moment of a video thus 'highlights' response context with 'conscious field meaning' - wisdom of the crowd - as displays in a 3-D graphics interface window, representing our individual/collective holodeck in 'real-time' (4-D). By thus representing this unified field of 
Conscience with real-time e-valuation that references heart coherence or its absence... and by optimizing pattern recognition skills in the unified field 'cloud' of representative 'dots' at any one time (or in a video as a whole)...  heartware naturally harnesses quantum biomimicry dynamics to culture 5-D Conscience in social networks.

This process; Co-Creation with Heartware
will naturally 'calibrate' dimensional shift
at the heart of evolutionary ascent
via synergy of all-connected
hearts and minds in the
quantum cloud field
registering as
'smart with

Biomimicry science correlates this self-correcting process to the self-regulating immune system that creates homeostasis with checks and balances that govern optimal health. Heartware simply objectifies the process... for homeostasis in our social networks.

This objective self-regulating process distinguishes the heartware model of 'quantum computing' from other models that lack heart coherence and/or as a universal law/language frame of reference for mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

A small window at the bottom-right of your computer screen can represent that 'holodeck cube' just as a small window at the bottom left of the screen can represent heart coherence biofeedback.

According to Rudy, "The product is the process. The conscience cultured by the process is the value of the product. The global communications infrastructure is now installed and operational.  It's a simple application; smart with a heart.  Early adaptors will get it.  Innovative attention pays with 'Net worth' upgrades. And the currency of conscience cultures a more enlightened Net reality."
Heartware will thus define and refine 'high touch'
5-D Conscience with a heart... 'in touch' with heart coherence as we originate and evaluate the interactive TeLeComm that shapes social Conscience in our social networks; educating the heart as well as the mind for cloud source synergy -- wisdom of the crowd-cloud -- that is greater than the sum of hearts and minds engaged.

As new videos are created that focus on previous heartware video response, the field of wise dominion naturally expands with consciousness of HOW we are socially conscious; psyche-feedback.  This process of social origination and evaluation of programming in the personal-public holodeck can highlight comment-worthy heartware 'cloud readouts' in a little window on your viewing screen.

Valuation of this vision cultures social conscience in social networks - the currency of conscience underwriting the Next Economy.

Net worth in social networks will naturally involve and evolve our individual and collective social Conscience, whether for a government, education, health care or business network communities.
Heartware provides
cultural DNA for conscience currency that gives 'Net worth' a different meaning with the 'Next Economy' as explained in Fourth Wave Business of the 21st Century.
This pioneering of 'quantum computing' obeys the
first law of quantum reality whereby observation of bionergetic dynamics effects the outcome in 'nonlinear' ways that inadvertently connect with bioenergetics of the observer. Heartware objectifies this process through collective 'crowd-cloud source' observation as will upgrade conscious evolution with conscientious common sense. Call that 'Effective Sensory Perception' or 'dimensional shift' or 'evolutionary ascent'. Consciousness evolves. Shift happens:)
It's the same principle with
heart coherence biofeedback. When you become aware of that which was autonomic and unconscious, you not only will to control, you can't resist self control... to maintain heart coherence.
As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious, social
Conscience matures.  Intelligence in the social network 'cloud' matures. Global humanity matures... with a heart.
The leaders of tomorrow will be the communicators who master the process of utilizing heartware cyber
Ethics for originating videos that get to the point -- Net worth -- with "E-valuation criteria" (
Model) as cultures the currency of Conscience at the heart of the Next Economy in our social network communities.

The higher the concept of 'heartware-cyberEthics'
as synergized in archetypal form and
loving frequency,
the greater the results as 'cultural DNA'.

With the launch of heartware, a vision for fulfilling the computer/Internet revolution goes mainstream. It has come to this point. Instant-everywhere-interaction capabilities have created a global village in principle. Now we can co-create it in practice.
To the extent we utilize our palm-top, lap-top and desk-top computers to get our act together -- with
in form and heart coherent frequency -- to that extent will the currency of Conscience naturally culture the 2018 Global Upgrade with the ordained power of love for approx. 3.3 billion on-line global Netizens now.
The business model for developments is a non-profit public service on the front-end that is highly profitable for the public and investors on the back-end.  The virtue in the vision is driving developments. 'A-team' developers are welcome with profit-sharing 'bonus pools'.
The full implications of heartware for quantum computing, according to Rudy, is as profound as the integral shift of emphasis from software to netware, when the computer became the network of computers.  Or as Rudy says, "Now the network will get a heart, pioneer the last frontier of inner space, and connect with the wisdom of the crowd far beyond limited cloud-source computing today."
"The real product with this vision is the process", Rudy adds. "The vision alone -- how to develop quantum Net reality -- can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy... a 'gold standard' for a millennial golden age in which the ordained power of love checks and balances the inordinate love of power. That's how homeostasis and holistic healing begins in our global village."
As the developer of
four holistic healing centers over 35 years, Rudy developed heartware with 'Universal Self Care' and global 'Health Assurance Policies' in mind. His 'biological model' for heartware addresses holistic healing from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical perspectives. The spiritual perspective includes a 21st Century upgrade of current horse-and-buggy public representation systems.
"We've come a long way since the chief architect of the Constitution said that, '
Conscience is the most sacred of all property'.", Rudy muses. "Finally, a process for culturing that sacred property can go mainstream with a cyberEthics gateway from the Internet to the InnerNet."
Heartware has given tech visionaries a reason to pause and wonder.  We shape the worldwide web and then it shapes us. Native wisdom is going mainstream:

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

Or as Christopher concludes, "If we develop it -- the Heartware Project to optimize the Ascent Process -- global civility can go mainstream in ways that are far different than we may have thought, yet far better than we ever hoped for... for the global-united power of heart coherence... for 5-D Unity Conscience in our diverse social networks...  Liberation of ... for the United Sovereigns of Earth." 

"The trend-fit opportunity now is to co-Create web 3.0 standards.
Seize the vision, embrace the virtue, commit with valor, and
claim the victory that is winning from the beginning of
 a 'Co-Creation Process', a
Creative Ascent Process,
 that puts the
CAPstone, 5-D Social Conscience,
on the pyramid of local/global
as is highly decentralized yet centered
 and connected in the grass roots of
global netizens, our 'Net roots',
as we network for Net worth
with a more enlightened
'network' model for
Net Neutrality."

"We have the power to begin the world over again
 with a universal interface for global Net reality."

Bio: Christopher L. Rudy is publisher of the Heartcom Network and producer/host of the BBS Radio Show, Cosmic LOVE, since 2007. He's the author of 'On the Path', 'Mysteries Unveiled', and the '2018 Global Upgrade Series'.

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Geometrizing the Foundation for
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   "Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

"Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram."
~ Terrance McKenna, from