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Published 5-17-2013 / Updated 9-24-13

A Whole Systems Upgrade

The kind man of God-Love sees in all mankind.

Transcending corruption and disruption of the abundant life
by involving and evolving a cultural upgrade model of
self-correcting self-governing self elevation that
- considering the current space age reality -
makes prevailing horse-and-buggy
models of our representation
deservedly obsolete.

Note: Buckminster Fuller is the 'Father' of whole systems thinking
that inspired this 'Whole Systems Reboot Model'.

A Whole Systems Perspective
on Global Holistic Solutions

by Christopher Rudy,
(as Walt Disney called
or "Design Scientist"
(as Buckminster Fuller called
or "Metaphysician"
as the
host of Cosmic LOVE
calls "
IT" (Intel Tech).

Highlights and Keynotes:

The Family of Man in our Global Village
is learning to co-Create with

form (Geometric Ordered Divinity)
frequency (heart coherence) at
heart of an 'Operating System'
 for peace and prosperity on Earth.

   This is an operating system of, by and for
    unity in our diversity... for our Net reality...
  for our self-correcting self-governance...
 for holistic healing in our consciousness;
for the culturing of social Conscience in
 our all-connected social network reality;
 for the 'holodeck' between our ears and
  the global holodeck we thus 'co-Create'.

The holodeck is going live with a surge in
a new global 'Unity Conscience' that
represents the purpose and plan
of co-Creation with

Tools and processes serving this purpose
are the focused 'ascent intent' of the
in the heart and mind of the
global 'Family of Man'.

This conscious evolution revolution may be
far different than you imagined possible,
yet far better than you ever hoped for.


A Whole Systems Upgrade

 Calling all lovers of freedom and opportunity...
  all those who love the Family of Man and want
  global unity with "communication communities"
   (networks) that represent civility as honors our
 holistic healing with tools and processes that
    involve and evolve our individual and collective
 Conscience, BEING and global village reality.

Education of the heart is the 'gold standard' for
every golden age civilization in cosmic history.
Tools and techniques that aid this STANDARD
 - the golden rule/law language of
   are the heart of enlightened learning processes,
   healing processes and the co-Creation process
    that mirrors and models the "language of light"
 (processes of consciousness) at the heart of
self-correcting, self-governance of a personal
 and planetary self-elevation (salvation) nature
  that represents the ascent of global humanity.
To understand why STANDARDS are so much more important than GOALS, watch this 3 min. video by Derek Mills - the 'Standards Guy' -- who is the guest on Cosmic LOVE for May 18th.
Keep this in mind; the STANDARD for 'Global Reboot'.
"Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that
  sooner or later give rejection to the illusory world view grafted
 upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin
    sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers.
     Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences shows them
a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their
journey of awakening.
       "Each step of the journey is made by
following the heart instead of
       following the crowd, and by
choosing knowledge over the veils
  of ignorance."
~ Henri Bergson, 'On Intuition vs. Intellect'
Heart coherence is universe's quantum field model
  of, by and for social coherence in our global village.

The Dynamic 'Secret' of Global Change

 Mastering Metaphysics of the “Matrix’ with Heart Coherence
at the Heart of Coherent Social Conscience
and Global Peace Sustainability

  Realize that heart coherence is resonance with
the "worldwide" (universal) web of the InnerNet;
the web of light of life in the
Spirit-Presence of
Source, G.O.D.,
or however you know
   the standard for conscious evolutionary ascent.

Buckminster Fuller was my mentor back in 1974 at his one-month ‘World Game Studies Workshop’. He inspired this conversation about SOLUTIONS from a whole systems perspective whereby 'Global Reboot' can thrive. Bucky pioneered the concept of ‘whole systems integrity’ and ‘synergy’ that produces results that are greater than the sum of a whole system’s parts. This is the concept whereby many ‘cultural creativesthrive. Kudos for this intent. It’s the path to ‘wholEness’ and healing on Earth as a whole system.

Leveraging integral synergy has come a long way with the message of THRIVE in the collective consciousness of global humanity.  But as you know, the work is just beginning.

THRIVE  is perhaps the best-informed social network of cultural creatives on the planet, and with that comes a lot of response ability from this network… the ability to respond in culturally creative ways whereby all can thrive.

The higher the concept of ‘whole systems integral synergy’, the greater the results.  The vision alone – properly positioned, packaged and outpictured – is the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy.

So what is the model that best suits the ‘healing crisis’ in the body of mankind?  What conversation will trend-fit the Thrive Movement with a vision-model of definitive SOLUTIONS?  That’s the conversation I propose here.

This is a ‘whole systems’ model that addresses global LIBERTY and HEALTH and CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION in the way that makes tyranny, and disease and dystopia virtually obsolete.

The vision-model concept in broad strokes
to paint the ‘big picture’ overview.

The business model whereby we can truly say,

“We did it ourselves!”

Following is a whole systems conversation on LIBERTY… recognizing that communication freedoms and health freedoms are interdependent on freedom of Conscience

Well-informed choice has a moral component at the heart of LIBERTY;
freedom of, by and for a
moral compass gives “US
United Sovereigns of Earth)
moral direction.

Global conscious evolution 'reboot'
begins with this 'big picture' of
well-meaning moral intent
for divine direction.

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

This is the Conscience that begins the conversation on LIBERTY
for the Family of Man in our global village.

Judge Andrew Napolitano's 'Call to Conscience'.
Explains 'Natural Rights' and why The Patriot Act is exactly the type of legislation
that Founding Fathers intended to PREVENT by writing the Constitution! 

Excerpt: "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been
        granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger.
               YOU are that generation. THIS is your role. NOW is that time when
               freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of
                  this country, from outside this country, from inside this country, and
               especially from the government that want to take it away from us."

         ~ Judge Napolitano

This Conscience is the same “gold standard
(Currency of Conscience)
that liberates
Freedom of Conscience
at the
heart of the Next Economy.

“Commerce without morality is a sin.”
~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

Liberty Conversation:

Upgrading our social networks with a universal interactive interface
involves the “Language of Consciousness” (cultural DNA),
evolves the “Constitution of Conscience” (cyberEthics).

Overview:  Mass-to-mass TeLeComm capabilities with Heartware™ will upgrade our
core Constitutional freedom, raising the standard from the anachronistic horse-and-buggy representation model to an Internet-Age
response-ability model that optimizes instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities for culturing our conscientious common sense - social Conscience - at the heart of our ubiquitous social networks.

New standards create new industry, and this definitive web 3.0 standard has vast implications for shaping the 'Next Economy' with abundant social Conscience.

All social problems are, at heart, communication problems:
how we ‘come into unity’ for ‘authentic’ community
kind men united among mankind - rather than
‘virtual’ or ‘pseudo’ community.

The Heartware™ model is based on a universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction, fulfilling the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution from the emphasis on ‘hardware’ (IBM) to ‘software’ (Microsoft), and to ‘netware’ (Netscape).

 Heartware™ (Heartcom Services) will not only upgrade interactive TeLeComm with ‘heart coherence’, as technically explained HERE, but also will provide a real-time interaction interface that translates the ‘language of consciousness’ in a “frame of reference” [small window on your smart phone, tablet or computer screen] that displays our individual and collective ‘holodeck’ pattern of consciousness at any one moment of a live or prior video program… showing upon replay how collective consciousness is represented in response to the context and meaning at that moment… and HOW that  "cloud-referenced response’ can then be utilized to create a new video that focuses on specific clips of ‘holodeck whole system patterns' whereby the context and meaning  can be ‘Conscience highlighted’ with further E-valuation and enlightenment exposure and development.

This process of/for organizing information IN FORMATION... with a Conscience... solves the #1 problem of the Information Age; information overload.  By recycling collective knowledge in the way that empowers wisdom with a heart (heart coherence), the complex can be made simple at the highest level of social Conscience.

The leaders of tomorrow will be the communicators of tomorrow,
and those who learn how to master ‘mass-to-mass
will rapidly define, refine, combine and ‘
shine’ our Conscience.

The vision alone – how Heartware will involve and evolve social Conscience with heart coherence – will quickly make it the standard for social networks intent on optimizing social Conscience with the ‘language of light’ that enlightens consciousness, empowering the recycling of knowledge power -- information's ecology -- in the way that generates conscientious wisdom-as-Conscience, with a capital ‘C’ as in ‘E=MC2’ whereby ‘C2’ is the symbol for ‘light squared… when all time and space becomes relative... just as when we become Conscious of HOW we are Conscious, coalescing the ‘Light of Conscience’ by utilizing ‘light language’ for Effective Sensory Perception... brightening the global holodeck of consciousness ... to bring more light to dark places, making obsolete those dark-side agendas that don’t serve the purpose and plan of liberty for the Family of Man in our new all-connected global village.

That's saying a lot. When you are 'hot' (intent to know),
you can burn through the dross of willful ignorance.
Anyone with a mature ability to read and study
can connect the dots and get the picture
for accelerated conscientious ascent
 with pure intent to make it so!

This is the intent of 'The Alliance' of alliances on the network of networks, the Mother of all networks, as the ‘InnerNet’ of conscientious common sense at the heart of the Internet.  Heartware™ creates a portal from the Internet to this InnerNet... the gateway from cyberspace to innerspace where Effective Sensory Perception rules... co-CreatingUnity ‘Conscience’ at the heart of our social networks.

Metaphorically – using a popular victory meme – this is the conscious evolution of global humanity as ‘The Alliance’ that liberates the United Sovereigns of Earth from dark-side, terror-for-tyranny tactics of totalitarian, war-like forces.

Quite simply, it is practical utilization of tools and processes that empower wisdom through response ability for their optimal use; the ability to respond to 'healing crisis' on Earth encourages responsibility for wise use of our human and physical resources.

A whole systems  Heartware upgrade of social networks can update our core Constitutional freedoms whereby liberty will thrive with justice and health for all.

Global Holistic Healing Conversation:

Studies published in Self-Care magazine showed that about 97.5% of one's health is a direct result of what you do to yourself, or for yourself. As thus, self government is fundamentally self-care.  If the public doesn't have informed choice in self care, we don't have fundamental control over our own lives. 

This is the 'health freedom'  issue -- the 'public option' -- that was originally promised by Obama before 'Obamacare' morphed into a complex regulatory agenda to 'box' informed choice into Big Pharma's drugs-per-symptom model of allopathic medicine.  Monopoly capitalism now dictates that a pound of cure is worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention; disease care dominates 'health care'.

The incentive driving that pathological system puts profits people according to corporate law, which is in direct conflict with Constitutional law that is, at root, natural-biological law.  Unfortunately, the medical-industrial complex, like the military-industrial complex, is more interested in power to profit than public health and world peace.  Either we end that insanity or it will end us.

Like a systemic cancer in the body of America, the 'economics' of disease care for profit are diametrically opposed to a free, non-profit system that builds health and prevents disease.  It's the nature of the 'beast' of corporatocracy that devours the fabric of civility with terror, war disease and destruction of Earth's environmental life support systems.

That may be profitable for giant soulless corporations that claim personhood to finance political elections with undisclosed 'dark money', but it's killing us. The incentives in that system are blind to the cause of disease -- or the actual creation of disease in order to profit from disease treatment.

This is the background for the conversation needed.

Consider the global village reality. Global 'Netizens' are all connected with instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities. Now consider the whole systems SOLUTION to 'village health'.  It's based on 'informed choice' that provides free on-line 'Universal Self Care'.  Everyone could have free access to a website that provides a massive database showing what modality of health care works best for your unique "metabolic type" (blood type) and specific symptom profile. Users of this website will be able to rate the efficacy of health practices utilized, creating a self-perfecting model. The more people using it, the more it becomes self-evident what will most likely work best for you, whether that be homeopathic, naturopathic, allopathic (drugs), chiropractic, acupuncture or other modalities.  Maybe it's a synergistic combination that gets better results. And there is no moral reason why that information should be denied for the holistic health of all of 'US' on Earth.

This brings us to the business model
whereby we can truly say,

“We did it ourselves!”

The true test of spirituality is practicality for all United Sovereigns of Earth. Global 'reboot' with whole system SOLUTIONS must naturally represent freedom of Conscience with 'informed choice', to do better as well as we know better.

Is it true that information should be free on the 'front end'
so that global Netizens can make well-informed choices?

Are you aware that the business of conscious evolution
will thrive when the evolution of business models
are based on well-informed choice for all?

  Would you agree that informed-choice services could be
highly profitable for service providers on the 'back end'
 with tools, products and professional services as honor
well-informed choice on the 'front end'?

That's the 'golden age' model; not for profit and yet
highly profitable benefits for everyone involved.

Continued with the Business Model:
Executive Summary


To establish authenticity of proprietary rights to this whole systems model, I’ve been ‘hiding’ the vision-model SOLUTION out in the open at ‘The Heartcom Network’ for many years.  Now the business model is being introduced, and with your help, we will make this the business of conscious evolution for our thrival -- a self-fulfilling prophecy -- and thus mainstreaming the message of Liberty, Justice and Health for all.

     Founder/CEO, HEARTcom Services
The High Touch HEART of High Tech



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