Cultural DNA for Global TeLeComm


Previewing an Upgraded
'Order of the Ages'

by Christopher Rudy
Heartcom Services

Specific major purpose and function:
“E Pluribus Unum” (Unity in Diversity)
“Novus Ordo Seclorum”
(New Order of the Ages)


These two major themes of Heartware stem from
the major themes or mottos of U.S. Founders on
two sides of the Great Seal of the United States
and their contemporary representation globally in
 our new world of instant-everywhere & interactive
    Net reality for the all-connected Family of Mankind.

   The 2 sides of the Great Seal represent both sides
  of the material and spiritual world in which we live.
   In 1776, this theme represented the diversity of the
   13 colonies of the original states forming one union.

 In today’s world this meme represents the unity in
   diversity of global sovereign Netizens as are united
   by upgrading core Constitutional freedoms of & for
all of 'US' as the United Sovereigns of Earth.


 It was a common man, Thomas Paine, who sparked the
 American Revolution with his treatise, Common Sense,
for the Great Experiment in public self governance that
can now rapidly proceed in our global social networks.

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
~ Quote from Tom Paine, author of COMMON SENSE (1776),
 that ignited the flame of freedom and opportunity which created
 the most prosperous land of freedom and opportunity in history.

Then and now, the diversity of the material world
is transcended by the Unity of the spiritual world
or what science in today’s world understands as
the quantum reality of cause and effect whereby
 we shape our global communication communities
   and our social networks shape social

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

  The constitution of principles & processes framing Heartware
 represents core themes of the Great Seal in unique ways that
 fulfill the "evolution revolution" (rEVOLUTION) that initiated the
  Founders’ Great Experiment in representative self government.

  Divine destiny for America was championed by U.S. Founders,
and there is a divine destiny for Earth that now champions an
 Internet upgrade of
core Constitutional freedoms for all global
  Netizens, to fulfill a global rEVOLUTION in higher

  This is the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution,
 the Spirit that matters at the heart of a new unity in our diversity.
 What’s unique now is that the rate of change is accelerating with
   convergence of both inner and outer dynamics of the Big Picture.

  What we see on the outer reflects quantum reality on the inner.
There is a time lag for adapting our institutions to inner reality,
 but the higher the concept of natural trends shaping the global
 transformation of social networks with social
Conscience, the
greater the results to fulfill our conscientious common sense.

The natural trend of the computer/Internet revolution
from a hardware emphasis (IBM)
 to software emphasis (Microsoft)
to netware emphasis (Netscape)

Heartware emphasis: (Heartcom Services),
   pioneering the last frontier of inner space as the
 InnerNet at the interactive heart of cyberspace.
(Culturing 'nonlinear' Effective Sensory Perception)

 The natural evolution of the computer/Internet revolution has
   accelerated from an early emphasis on mainframe hardware
   to a later emphasis on PC software.  And then the computer
 became the all-connected network of computers; netware.

 Now the emphasis is networked cyberEthics enlightenment
for a systemic global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience.

    This rEVOLUTION is the less is more (etherealization) trend
   whereby science has moved from the dense to the light and
   from the gross laws of matter to the quantum laws of Spirit.

     This process of conscious evolution thus serves innovation as
   will define (hardware), refine (software), combine (netware)
  and shine (heartware) for integrated holistic etherealization
    of the computer/Internet revolution with a heart;
Such a rEVOLUTION in conscientious common sense will
naturally involve and evolve our individual and
 to the extent that technology serves the public purpose of
the common wealth of kind men - the Family of Mankind.

Heartware fits the trend of the computer/Internet revolution
with a process for linking the light of global
for the sacred purpose of
Unity Conscience that
makes the common sense of one
as a standard at the heart of our
service to the highest and best
use of our God-given gifts
unity in diversity
whereby love

 Tools and techniques that aid this defining and refining of
Web 3.0 is the purpose of Heartware

and Heartcom Services.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution

 - Establishing the foundation-infrastructure for global TeLeCommunity;

- Utilizing integrated hardware, software and netware with Heartware;

- Defining, refining, combining & shining the light of social Conscience;

- Focusing attention with pure intention for our evolutionary ascension;

- Uniting with all our strength and all our mind and all our heart and soul
 for your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


Calling all Netizens of the 'Light Core'
 For Linking the Light of Lightworkers

More light translates to less darkness.  This is the simplistic formula that has profound meaning to Lightworkers.
Obviously, the more enlightened one's Conscience as the unfettered expression of full-spectrum light, the more compelling is the pure intention to link the light of others who resonate with the language of light for personal and planetary transformation.

As our solar system comes into O-point alignment with the Galactic Plane at this time, our perceptions of time, space and relationships in a global village are rapidly changing with our new instant-everywhere and interactive (Internet) capabilities.

 The rate of CHANGE is accelerating
as a frequency shift is
  beyond the DUH veil that's thinning
   with interactive Oneness now winning.

The end of time (as we have known) is fast approaching.  In other words, our perception of time as a lock-step linear left-brain frame of reference is dramatically changing to "O" point, the nonlinear spherical perceptions of a less compartmentalized logic and more holistic intuitive knowing. 

I know, that sounds crazy to the dominant left-brain logic of Western civilization, but this too shall pass. The energetics of the Big Shift at this time is matriculating the matrix of collective consciousness with a dimensional shift of a simulsensory multi-dimensional nature

As the veil thins -- from a rigid matrix of big egos in a small circle of wholEness to a nonlinear "I Am" in a large sphere of wholEness --  people are losing their former time-space perceptual matrix, their former perceptual identities of how they see themselves and their former grasp of reality as a fixed way of believing, thinking, feeling and acting in relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence re: the holy whole... our new Net reality... the gathering of the network "tribes" for all that IS REAL, etc. 

This new currency of Conscience is the movement of, by and for Conscientious Common Sense as our new unity in diversity. Of course this is disruptive to the divisive rich vs. poor class struggle behind corrupt social, political and economic institutions that poorly serve the public common wealth purpose for which they were created.  But that too shall pass as the InnerNet reboots our DNA and the outerNet fabric of Net reality.

A new enlightenment as Effective Sensory Perception is thus transforming our Net reality with the up-wising and uprising of heart-centric intelligence in our social networks. This new “ESP” at the heart of the instant-everywhere and interactive “Inner Net” (quantum 'Source Field') is rapidly bringing global humanity to a critical mass of enlightenment as our DNA adaptations of, by and for MORE LIGHT transforms our Conscience from the inside out.

Conceive it and believe it to achieve it… how pure intention will focus attention on the evolutionary ascension of MORE LIGHT (Conscience) with the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action at the interactive Heartware interface heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

More light translates to less darkness for our
conscious evolutionary ascent

~ Christopher


Heartware Mission Statement

- Pioneering the last frontier of inner space - the InnerNet
        at the interactive interface
heart of the Internet.

Developing mass-to-mass TeLeComm interaction capabilities framed by
golden rule/law language for mass interaction; The

- Innovating open source code (E-valuation criteria) for Web 3.0
 in form and frequency (as in frequently)
mediates interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm(unity)
to empower wisdom at the
heart of Net reality.

A unique FRAME of reference for organizing our
   individual, "indivisible" (universal) RIGHTS~

    in a new "global village" (public) SPHERE~

     for an upgrade of CHECKS & BALANCES~
      as represents a higher standard of .

- Establishing an interactive cyberEthics interface for a real time (live)
      upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms for unity in our diversity;
the united Family of Man in our new global village cultured
through the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet.

Freedoms of Speech & Press: Origination of content with Net neutrality infrastructure;
 – Freedom of Assembly: Open systems for open networks optimizing social Conscience
 – Freedom to Petition: E-valuation of content via interactive synergy of  and  with ;
  Freedom of Religion that centers and connects the "Power of Love" at the heart of the
           the rule of law via the
Law of LOVE as an interactive Heartware™ interface for Net reality.

- A self-evident model of archetypal maps of consciousness (LOVE Model)
that represents the self-correcting processes of consciousness at the
quintessential foundation of self governance for self-elevation of an
"evolutionary ascent" (salvation) nature.

The Constitution of Conscience

 Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Full Spectrum Light as 5D Conscience 


 Get the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Make the Vow and Claim the Victory

The golden rule/law language at the heart of every Golden Age
has always been the gold standard that ultimately
defines, refines, combines and shines
the light of consciousness

For the history of Heartware™,
see 'The Big Picture' and
Cultural DNA



The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
 Framing E-valuation criteria, HEARTware™, as a cyberEthics standard
interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm around more enlightened lines;
  the form that follows function - L O V E - as the golden rule/law language
 at the heart of an emerging Golden Age in social networked Conscience