2015 Shift Series

Galactic Vision

July 31, 2015 / Full Moon

Fearless Faith as Shift Hits the Fan

  Fearless faith is the best antidote for faithless fear,
 and with ‘fear ramping up in global stock markets’,
   practical spirituality resorts to faith... and prepares,
  realizing one’s limitations yet expanding one's hope
   for humanity with imminent Global Economic Reset.

by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

Continued from last week's feature article on
Frequency Shift

The Galactic Overview Global Transformation

Sombrero Galaxy - a close approximation of our Milky Way Galaxy

We all inhabit a planet that belongs to a solar system
that is embedded in the third arm of a spiral galaxy
 around a Great Central Sun with four spiral arms.

The biggest story never told in the myopic media
  is what is actually going on in our local sector of
 the galaxy with our solar system orbiting across
 the Photon Belt of hundreds of billions of stars.

The Great Crossing of the Galactic Plane's Photon Belt

This is a 1 1/2 minute computer-animated video of the 'Great Crossing'
that occurs twice in the 25,920 year Precession of the Equinox.

The last time the Earth was 'awakened' by the great light of
the crossing of the Photon Belt was the rise of 'mythical'
Atlantis, long before its demise with the Great Flood.

The rate of global change is indeed accelerating, and it's not just the tsunami of stellar light - surging in carrier frequencies through our Sun - that is changing the climates on ALL the planets in our solar system.  Our collective consciousness is also changing dramatically – our DNA is morphing to adapt to more 'light' - and this is a time when it’s essential to keep change dynamics in enlightened perspective..
We've entered a pregnant time of worldwide transformation
with birthing of mass awakening to universal solutions for
ALL our global social, political and economic problems.

A new world is being born with the universal language of light as an exquisite metaphor for the light of consciousness governing the creative learning process and the quintessential processes of consciousness at the foundation of self governance.

Awareness of HOW we are conscious with
the language of light-as-consciousness
involves and evolves our individual and
 collective Conscience with more light.

The Internet has matured as a platform for global mass awakening to the unprecedented potential for culturing the light of social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks. But the Internet has also awakened humanity to the dark side of modern history – mass deception in mass media that provides cover for highly organized greed and power that profits from population control and reduction through terror, war, disease and virtually hell on Earth.

The Faith Matrix of hearts and minds united for
the purpose of more light and love on Earth
naturally neutralizes the
Fear Matrix.

It is faithless fear that gives your power to
the sense of separation from the power
of love –
fearless faith – that thins the
 veil of separation from higher power.

So on one hand, the Internet promises personal and planetary possibilities for mass enlightenment. On the other hand, many people are waking up to the sinister intent of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

Without vision of virtue and valor for the victory
of all of 'US' - United Sovereigns of Earth -
faithless fear paralyzes fearless faith.

The light flooding the Earth at this time can be naturally harnessed with the Power of Love to give birth to a new Earth. It is the power of wisdom with universal love - in form and frequency - that mediates the mass media's mass mind with more "light" as a conscious evolution revolution that unveils corrupt "BS" (Belief Systems) as calls evil 'good' and good 'evil' - the war on consciousness that inflicts pain on conscience.

Like the pain in the body that demands one’s attention, the pain in the
conscience of mankind compels a Big Shift to wholeness and healing.

Approximately 99% of Internet blogs by Netizen journalists cuss and discuss this pain whereas maybe 1% embrace a vision for global holistic healing with definitive solutions.  Or as Henry David Thoreau once said, "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."  If we focus on definitive solutions, the root of problems are naturally resolved like darkness at the dawn of day... the dawn of Aquarian light after a long dark night.

It is faith in the Power of Love that heals all,
 not just with the spirit that matters above all,
but also for holistic healing in mind & body:

Mentally: Global TeLeComm interface

(mind congruence via
heart coherence)
Physically: Global TeLeCare interface
(free, online Universal Self Care)

Demonstrating in the streets isn't doing it; the mainstream media typically blacks out dissent as if it didn’t happen.  Better than protesting as reaction to problems is networking for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality – a proactive vision for healing with a global revolution in higher consciousness of definitive solutions.  And ready or not - whether you “get it” or not - this is the Big Shift from talking about problems to making solutions happen. The Thrive Movement is a good example.

If love is the solution that is for giving - service to others,
forget the problem that is for getting - service to self.

All problems are - at heart - communication problems; how we come into unity for community of an authentic "TLC" (TeLeComm) nature. There is clearly a huge shift in the collective consciousness of humanity due to the instant-everywhere-interactive TeLeComm capabilities of the Internet. That capability is naturally maturing with an emerging blueprint for a millennial golden age - the Aquarian Dispensation of global Freedom-in-... the new Net reality that is emerging as Web 3.0.

 Co-Creation with Creator~Source is Earth's divine destiny,
 and the
Language of the Angels of is the heart of
Law of the Angles of "G.O.D."
(Geometry Of Divinity) for
 heartstreaming the message of mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

Now is that time ordained as 'Revelations'... all things unveiled with free will optimized by the extraordinary opportunity of phenomenal potential at this amazing time of judgment... with discernment... or not. Judgment is what judgment does - a choice.
This is the 'Evolution Revolution'... a common sense of karmic recompense, reaping what we sow to ideally co-create through the golden rule/law language of 'Light and Love' that defines, refines, combines and shines our brightest gifts, talents and resources for culturing the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom and Opportunity with heart coherence and mind congruence - the mind and heart of G.O.D.~.

Heart coherence is the frequency "spirit"
of harmonic resonance at the "heart"
of the fabric of holographic Net
reality - quantum reality...
and the brain-field's

There are many enlightened Netizens worldwide who have already awakened with coherent hearts and congruent minds that naturally embrace clear thinking about the highest and best use of our individual and collective gifts, talents and resources... to culture conscientious common sense with Effective Sensory Perception that upgrades global civilization for the Family of Mankind in our new global village of instant-everywhere and interactive TeLeComm capabilities.

 Heart coherence leads to mind congruence just as
pure intention leads to focused attention with
love's retention for conscious ascension
in the unified field dimension where
the power of love upgrades the
Currency of Conscience with
common virtue - the heart
of the Next Economy;
 Global Net Reality.

Consider that there are no human solutions to human problems; there are only divine solutions to human problems. Human solutions only compound human problems. So you can see why global up-wising will involve and evolve our comprehension of the natural order of the universe, and the natural law-language frame of reference for optimizing our up-rising (conscious evolution ascent) with a new common sense of ourselves as part of a divine matrix - the fractal order of the holographic universe that has a pure geometry frame of reference for the holodeck field between your ears as relates to heartware's holodeck field of Conscience within a social network.

So Keep the Faith in the Spirit of

'I Am' ~ Affirmation,
'I Can' ~ Confirmation
'I Will' ~ Determination
and 'I Do' ~ Integration.
To be winning from the beginning of
 global transformation with
the integral
power of wisdom with
heart coherencemind congruence
 seals the door where 'e-veil' dwells.

The VISION of 'unity-in-diversity' (power)
 for all of US - United Sovereigns of Earth;

The VIRTUE of 'wise dominion' (wisdom)
with culturing of social Conscience in our
 global social networks (Net Reality Age);

 The VALOR of 'heart coherence' (love)
  the heart of interactive global TeLeComm
  for '
TLC' evolution revolution revelations.

The VICTORY of United Sovereigns of Earth:
  - Universal Rights with coherent intention,
  - Public Sphere with congruent attention,
     - Co-Creating ( + ) with love retention,
- Integrated for evolutionary ascension.

So Claim the Victory of Vision, Virtue and Valor
Affirmation, Confirmation & Determination
Power, Wisdom and Love... with .

The Family of Mankind in a Global Village;
an idea whose time has come.
Let the birthing begin!

Full Spectrum Enlightenment
with Global TeLeComm

In the 2-D matrix, everyone once believed the Earth was flat. 
We now call that 
The Dark Age: old "BS" (Belief System).
3-D enlightenment gave us a round-global world view. 
A new 
4-D Net reality with the Internet has virtually 
eliminated time and space. And a global village 
with 5-D capabilities 
is now emerging for the 
 Family of Mankind as a 
sovereign whole.
~ www.heartcom.org/TruthResolution.htm


In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
  and common language for inspired direction
   centering love within, so when we all enter in
   we find a unity state with
one clear mandate:

 either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

Bottom Line: The Worldwide Web We Want

May the neutral ground for Net neutrality
 be the fertile ground of actuality
 whereby we culture our global Net reality
  with the TLC heart of
spiritual practicality.

The Golden Rule in the Web of Life

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." 
~ Chief Seattle