Evolution Revolution Revelations


July 27, 2015

Things are moving fast with global transformation.
This includes a systemic global energy shift,
affecting human consciousness in the
way that encourages enlightened
conscience and discourages
Stuck In Negativity (SIN).
So see the good to
make it so!

by Christos Lightweaver

Saturday's show on Cosmic , archived for listening HERE, featured an interview with the CEO of Visionaries University, discussing the systemic energy shift affecting all of us on Earth right now.
After the show, I got a lot of feedback from the Cosmic Community, one of whom informed me of an extraordinary video interview with David Wilcock this last month, regarding Earth's Frequency Shift:
Click & drag the video's progress button forward to the 17 minute mark. David goes on from there to expose many 'deep mysteries' behind the frequency shift, sharing much brilliant science-validated research into this phenomena of the quickening in the quantum 'Source Field' that he explains:

The quickening is waking up some people to 'eternal salvation' (self-elevation with coherent conscience), while waking up other people to 'eternal contempt' (paradigm paralysis that is Stuck In Negativity - SIN).
This 'side-effect' dynamic of mass awakening is explained by David at the 29+ minute mark - the Great Pyramid's purpose unveiled - and later in the video when David explains how our Sun is flooding the Earth with a surge of intelligence in the Source Field that is morphing our DNA and consciousness... as I also explain at 'Energy Shift' - our solar system's alignment with our galaxy's Photon Belt of 250+ billion star systems in the galactic plane.
The big picture unveiled in the rest of this video goes into things that are going on in the universe that are "otherworldly" to say the least!  This may be a stretch for your comfort zone, but be aware that the purging of insanity in the collective consciousness of humanity is ordained for this time.
Obviously, to advance with conscientious evolutionary ascent, one must move beyond the stinking thinking of paradigm paralysis caused by "FUD & DUH" (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt, and Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

So Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!

~ Christos