40 Energy Shift Symptoms, Clues & Warning Signs

by Jeanine Just ... Visionary Success Strategist


Comments by Christopher Rudy in violet:

The vibrational frequency of planet earth has been intensely increasing since 1987. Each of us is being forced to raise our frequency too, whether we do it voluntarily or involuntarily.

The energy shift can be an opportunity, but it is always a challenge, especially when unaware of how it is affecting you. Conscious evolution is always optimized when we are aware of HOW we are conscious. That’s what Conscience is - with a capital C as in ‘see’ how your consciousness is either reflecting and perfecting wholEness or lack thereof. See: The Conscience Connection (with 23 infographics).

The 40 Symptoms are things to always be AWARE of, so you can make better choices. Being on the spiritual path does not mean you won't stub your toe anymore ... but that when you do you will be able to consciously respond in more appropriate ways. You will need to learn about bio-energetic wellness, and get massages, energy healing or chiropractic treatments. This will remove energy blockages and help you integrate your energy. 

When the planet is impacted with big doses of electromagnetic energy, especially a CME (coronal mass ejection from the sun), each of us is impacted because we are energy. It usually takes two days before the chaotic energy reaches earth. You can subscribe to Space Weather News at http://spaceweather.com for CME alerts.

You may have noticed that mainstream news never reports the cause of planetary energy shift as the electromagnetic nature of our solar system that has come into alignment with the Photon Belt of hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. The quantum field of Earth goes through this alignment with the great photonic light of the Galactic Plane TWICE in every 26,900 year Precession of the Equinox… as depicted with computer graphics in a short video at The Field. The last time this happened was the rise of “mythical” Atlantis, long before its cataclysmic fall. This is why planetary civilization is maturing at such an accelerated rate. Great Light is flooding the Earth with the cosmic intelligence of The Field. It's ALL in divine order:)

The frequency of one's consciousness
follows the "fire of desire" (intention).

These 40 SYMPTOMS are normal responses you can expect to experience if you are in an energetic shift. Some people are "being hit" more frequently than others. To expand into greater consciousness and raise your vibrational level, it is necessary to go through a metamorphosis process. Hospitals get lots of patients after a CME, especially heart stuff, depression, migraines, Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms, accidents, etc. 

Be aware that CME’s are like ‘shock therapy’ that add to the systemic quantum field changes of Galactic Alignment. It takes many people over the ‘edge’ – their thresholds of tolerance. General dis-ease with accelerated change is something we all must deal with, and specific symptoms will manifest differently for each one’s bioenergetic ‘light body’ – the quantum field governing each one’s unique biological matrix. That’s why subtle ‘dis-ease’ in some people – like Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) – may manifest as physical disease in others, especially when triggered by a CME shock to one’s bioenergetic equilibrium.

You will rarely be in the experiences you are in for the reasons you think. From now on, please stop, look, and listen before you run to a doctor, take a drug, or take some quick fix approach to your symptoms. Also, don't personalize what you are experiencing, don't get all concerned with what's wrong with me, or what you did to create this. Many people are experiencing an energetic ASCENSION process, but they're not passing over—although sometimes it might seem like a better idea than going through shift symptoms.  They stay in this physical life experience, but have an expanded version of themselves. 

The book, Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton has become a classic for understanding the science behind the mind-body connection that Louise Hay made famous with her book, Heal Your Body.  The body is a self-healing organism, and it helps when the mind in proactive with belief in the self-correcting, self-healing process. There are natural ways to do this. And sometimes medical doctors are needed. But most drugs prescribed by doctors have been shown to have no efficacy for healing beyond the placebo effect of believing in them. But I digress...

The purpose of this exercise is to help you determine how many of these symptoms you are experiencing, so you can calm down as you make your vibrational changes. Read the entire list and circle the things you are currently experiencing. If you circle 12 or more, then you are in the shift—you are going through an energetic transformation, recalibration or a multi-dimensional merge. Relax, ground yourself, stay consciously aware—and you will move through your process with relative ease. You can expect to feel unsettled, discombobulated, or spacey. As the new energy frequencies integrate, you will feel "normal" again, however you will be at a new vibrational frequency.

Remember: There are progressive stages in the bio-energetic integration process for everyone and everything, including yourself, the planet, electronic equipment and even your furry friends. At the beginning of an energetic shift, it's not uncommon to feel fear, anger, scare, uncertainty, and vulnerable. As the new energy frequencies settle down over a period of days or a couple weeks, you will adjust and feel more comfortable, so let go of your command/control post ... and enjoy the ride into new expanded levels of consciousness. 

1. Old resentments, fears or issues surface that require acknowledgment, resolution, and release.  (Stuff often comes in relentless rapid-fire succession—and may be things you feel you’ve already completed processing) [Bless and release; Love is for giving. ~CR]

2. Feel depressed or experience emotional highs and lows—depression is the result of de-pressing your spirit. 

3. Misplace things.  

4. Physically fall down or trip.  

5. Sense of being disoriented or disorganized—can't focus, "think right" or concentrate.  

6. Digestive disorders, teeth problems ... your body may develop physical problems in weak or stressed areas.  

7. If you are reading this page.

8. Diarrhea or constipation as a result of your body feeling scared and wanting to eliminate or hold on.  

9. Forgetfulness. (Senior moments are really the result of dimensional shifts and multi-dimensional merges.)  

10. Feeling whelmed—and wondering what’s the use. 

11. Crying or crying and laughing almost simultaneously. 

12. Joint aches, swelling, excessive pain or stiffness in your neck, shoulders or upper back—low back pain—sciatica acts ts up.

13. Intuition and heart wakes up—then fights and argues with your logic. 

14. Feel confused and frustrated because nothing is working, no matter how hard you try. 

15. Increased dis-satisfaction and stress with your work—your career or work doesn’t fit who you are anymore. 

16. Money doesn’t arrive according to your payment schedule or in amounts that you think you need. 

17. Impatient—feel like you’re going to be in the limbo stage forever. 

18. Puzzled because you’ve done all the right things, yet nothing clicks. 

19. Feel torn in 50 different directions at the same time—and just wanting to sit and do nothing. 

20. High blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, dizziness. New energy needs to get integrated into your body. 

22. Headaches—and/or pressure on the top of your head or behind your eyes. Differentiate between pressure and pain. 

22. Have a series of two or more physical accidents or car accidents. 

23. Respiratory issues—throat,, bronchial or lung stuff because new energy vibrations don't fit in your current body. 

24. Flu or respiratory stuff is a symptom of discharge of old energy—differentiate cleansing and purging from being sick.

25. Anger outbursts for no apparent reason—anger generally comes from feeling powerless or out of control. 

26. Feeling you just don’t want to be on the planet anymore. 

27. Cynical instead of skeptical. 

28. Food doesn’t really interest you—or you desire totally different foods from normal. 

29. Friends no longer fit with who you are. 

30. Your home environment doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. 

31. You look in your closet and can't find anything to wear—or realize many things you don't ever want to wear again. 

32. Your car no longer feels like a best friend—or no longer supports your lifestyle. 

33. You are very sensitive to noise and sound pollution—may also experience ringing in the ears. 

34. Feel tired or exhausted—require lots of sleep. (sleep integrates the new energies)

35. Weird, violent or frequent dreams.

36. Electronic equipment stops working or blows up. 

37. Synchronistic events— seeming coincidences becoming your norm—manifesting in higher frequencies is easier.

38. Natural disasters such as fires, earth quakes, hurricanes, tornados, or winds, etc., always increase during shifts.  

39. Pay attention and you'll notice an increased number of accidents—physical, auto, airplane, or train, etc. 

40. Wonder if you're getting Alzheimer’s or dementia—(these symptoms are often just clues indicating that part of the person has gone on to another dimension energetically, but their body gets stuck in 3rd dimension)

15 Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself During Major Energy Shifts

1. Be compassionate with yourself, honor your Self—and slow everything down.
[Or when appropriate, speed everything up: ~CR]

2. Be kind to your body— get a massage, body/energy work, or get R & R in a nature retreat.
[Build optimal vital force in the body 'temple' of the vital spirit that matters. ~CR]

3. Get plenty of sleep—meditate, and allow plenty of quiet time and alone time to get into your own vibrational field. [Tune into your highest and best purpose - your 'soul contract'.]

4. Practice "earthing"—ground with the earth. Earth shifts into higher frequencies which you can draw into your body.

5. Find ways to arrange your time to allow for the activities you choose—including creating flexible work hours.

6. Slow down when you drive. Don't text or talk on the phone while driving. Be fully present while driving.

7. Remove yourself from as many electronic gadgets as possible. EMF's will hinder your energy integration process.

8. Become aware of what you feel in the moment—and act accordingly.

9. Wear clothes in colors and styles that feel good in the moment—change throughout the day if you feel like it.

10. Use water for healing—drink plenty of purified water, take baths, showers, and swim (especially in the ocean).

11. Make your environments special with appropriate music, fresh flowers, candles, incense and special friends.

12. Clearly communicate how you feel and what’s going on—but only to people who understand sacred principles.

13. Be clear about who you are and what’s important to you—know your Self and BE your Self!

14. Live in the NOW moment (NowTime). This means keeping everything current —communication, commitments, relationships, finances, auto maintenance, R & R, exercise, eating, etc..

The Here-Now Vortex - Eye of the Storm

It is harmonious calm at the eye of the hurricane
 that is centered and connected with discernment
  that is conscious of HOW you are conscious with

15. Be grateful for who you are and who you are becoming – simplify your life ... and legalize happiness!

I would add that there are powerful herbal adaptogens that help the body to adapt to stress of all kinds, strengthening the immune system. Ginseng has long been known as an adaption. Nutraceutical-grade royal jelly is a very powerful adaptogen used by professional athletes, health connoisseurs and immunologists worldwide. Cannabis is another herb with powerful adaptogens that science has validated far beyond the economics and politics of big pharma collusion with a federal government that still lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, a class “with no currently accepted medical use".

Many important adaptogens for optimal health are assimilated in your gut.
  It’s not what you eat, but what you assimilate that determines your health.

Most people don’t realize it, but the microbiom in their gut is the most critical PHYSICAL interface for the immune system. Of the approximate 10 trillion cells in the body, about 90% of them are fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. that make up the microbiom… and about 80% of these microbes are in the gut. These microbes break down food into the vitamins, hormones and essential nutrients that feed the endocrine glands of the immune system – the physical glands that correspond to the energy centers of the chakras. All chemical drugs that are taken orally create a toxic gut, virtually poisoning the good enzymes that process food into the full spectrum of healthy components for vitality of body and mind.
The GI tract 'gut' is called the 'Second Brain' because the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve, runs from your brain stem to your abdomen. A toxic gut thus 'reflexes' with a toxic brain. That’s why probiotics for the gut are so important for both mind and body, especially the more advanced ones with “SBO’s” (Soil-Based Organisms) like Prescript-Assist.

But above all, the most powerful adaptogen for stress and distress is the unmitigated Power of Love that is so well validated by Dr. Len’s Ho’oponopono process used for healing mental illness, which is so often the cause behind physical illness. In the larger scheme of soul evolution, it is the fearless faith in the ordained Power of Love that neutralizes or otherwise heals faithless fears that fall victim to the ‘BS’ (Belief Systems) which treat the symptoms of dis-ease with toxic remedies that compound the cause of dis-ease and suffering.


There are progressive stages in a bio-energetic integration process for everyone and everything—including yourself, the planet, electronic equipment, cars, and even your furry friends.  At the beginning of an energetic shift it's not uncommon to feel fear, anger, scare, uncertainty, and vulnerability. As the new energy frequencies settle down over a period of days or a couple weeks, you will adjust and feel more comfortable. So let go of your command/control post ... and enjoy the ride into new expanded levels of consciousness. 

Keep in mind that the energy veil is ‘thinning’ with frequency shift. Old paradigm thoughts and feelings are bobbing up like corks from the subconscious, and it’s better to make peace with them then rather than revolve the hurts and PTSD of the past. Otherwise we get “Stuck In Negativity’ (SIN) that brings our worst fears and self-sabotaging energies upon ourselves. 

A simple formula for the ‘ascension spiral’ may help.  It begins with pure intention – heart coherence. Pure intention focuses attention – mind congruence. When focused attention with pure intention empowers love’s retention, the ascension of Conscience is optimized in a dimension of comprehension where the Power of Love naturally rules.

In other words, wake up, wise up and rise up with an attitude of gratitude for soul soaring on thermals of grace rather than scratching like turkeys on bugs of begrudge.

Keep the Faith, See the Good and Make It So!