The 'UltraFood' Story of
Swedish Pollen Extract

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Once you realize that this pollen extract 'UltraFood' is
nutraceutical grade royal jelly worth its weight in gold
as paid by Chinese Emperors (natural Viagra; many wives),
then you'll know why the difference between royal jelly
and Swedish Pollen Extract is comparable to the difference
between your street car and a race car... and why the
actual difference between bee pollen and 'SPX UltraFood'
is like comparing a bicycle to a Tesla Motors supercar!

So if you want to experience nature's most concentrated
'UltraFood' to bolster your energy levels and upgrade your

DNA and optimal health with multiple wellness benefits...

Then you’ll be interested to know…

Why Swedish Pollen Extract is a
Blessing for your Holistic Health

       ۞ A full spectrum of vital micronutrients for more light in the body;

     ۞ The ounce of prevention worth a TON of dis-ease treatment;

۞ Exceptional energy benefits for your body, mind and spirit.


So what is Swedish Pollen Extract?

by Christopher Rudy, UltraMedics Director

In one sentence, it is nature’s most nutritionally perfect whole food concentrate, higher quality than royal jelly, and Nature’s richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material for genetic repair, replication and rejuvenation for optimal immunity against disease.

Peer-reviewed clinical trials by doctors worldwide have found the over-all health benefits of Swedish Pollen Extract unequaled for bolstering immunity.  The fact that it is used in drip-IVs for advanced cancer treatments should tell you something.  If modern medicine emphasized prevention rather than treatment, this ‘heart of the pollen” would not be such a big secret.

There is no other superfood like this, which is why I’ve marketed it in America for years under my brand names UltraFood™ and HealthMax™.

Now I’m going direct to the public, cutting out the middleman, and selling at wholesale prices.

A five month supply* in one bottle for only $39.95
or get a bottle free when you order four bottles.
* Note: 33,000 milligrams per bottle is more than five bottles
              of 60 x's 100mg tablets as has been commercially sold.

You heard that right. Organically certified, nutraceutical-grade ‘royal jelly’ (pollen extract) at half the retail price, five times the quantity, plus a huge discount per bottle when you order four and get one free.  

How is that possible… that this premium-grade pollen extract ‘royal jelly’
- which Chinese emperors paid for with an equivalent weight in gold -
could provide so much for supporting optimal health
yet be so inexpensive?

It’s in bulk powder [no binders or fillers for tablets or capsules], so there is no extra processing cost.
And I began brokering it into North American markets after a trip to Sweden 24 years ago. 

I now sell it direct – no middleman jacking up the cost,
and for a limited time, I’m offering this pricing.

In 1987, I went to Sweden and met with the owners of the company that pioneered the science of pollenology 50 years earlier, including the study of which pollens have the ideal micronutrient profile for humans and how to harvest those pollens.  Since then, they discovered how to extract the nucleic material from the hard microscopic pollen husks without chemicals.  And now they predigest the nucleic extract with live enzymes so they are easily assimilated and non-allergenic. 

This extract is virtually standardized, nutraceutical-grade royal jelly made by:

(1) harvesting select pollen without bees (utilizing tractors with vacuum suction funnels
      when the select pollens are just right for harvest... for quality control);
(2) removing the microscopic pollen husks without chemicals (a patented process of
     shredding the microscopic pollen grains... for non-chemical extraction purity);
(3) predigesting the raw extract with enzymes for non-allergenic bioavailability
      (just as the bees mix their saliva enzymes to predigest the extract for royal jelly).

     This process has Organic Certification by Quality Assurance International (QAI)

Realize that this process mimics what bees do to make royal jelly.  Bees collect pollen largely for the nectar which they make into honey.  But they also take some of the pollen, suck out the nucleic material through tiny holes in the microscopic pollen grains, and store this royal jelly to create a super bee (queen bee) when they need one. 

It’s one of the great miracles in nature… how a lowly worker bee larvae
can be fed this RNA/DNA superfood at birth to become a SUPER BEE
which is 3-5 time larger, living much longer, and can lay thousands
of eggs a day with extraordinary virility and life-force vitality.

Guess what it does for your vim, vigor and vitality?
(and especially your immune system)

The history of benefits from royal jelly and Swedish Pollen Extract
is one of the best kept secrets in the nutrition world,
and I’d like to blow the lid off the mystery.

Chinese emperors prized royal jelly for its ability as a natural Viagra… to service their dozens of concubines.  Today it has huge markets in Europe and Asia for sexual dysfunction, low sperm counts, prostate problems, and bolstering the immune system in general.

It’s also well documented that the longest living tribe in the world, where centenarians were common, is the remote Hunzakuts in the mountains of Asia, and they had many members who lived past 140 years old… all of which were the bee keepers, family and friends who saved this precious royal jelly for themselves.

Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, trained on pollen extract. The Swedish Olympic Team for Power-lifting won the gold medal, as did Swedish long-distance runners, after training on this Swedish Pollen Extract "UltraFood". 

The year before the 1984 Olympics, I worked behind the scenes to supply the U.S. gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi with the Swedish Pollen Extract.  He was looking for a new source since defecting from Romania where he trained gold medalists Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut on the Swedish Pollen Extract.  After Karoly trained Mary Lou Retton and Julianne McNamara on the extract, their stamina and recovery time between performances increased dramatically, bringing home the U.S. gold!

"I firmly believe Pollen Extract is the ultimate food supplement in sports nutrition”.
~ Bela Korolyi

Medical nutrition companies have found extraordinary success with high-end applications of the Swedish Pollen Extract. Extensive research in this field has shown unprecedented value for increasing the white blood cell count – a marker for the immune system. This is why medical doctors use it in drip-IVs for immunotherapy in advanced cancer treatments.

So why am I now selling it direct at wholesale prices?
And why haven’t you heard of this superfood before?

For years I brokered this cellular rocket fuel to the largest companies supplying nutrition supplements in North America, specifically for health food stores, nutritionists, sports nutrition markets, and retail nutrition catalogs.  I’ve also developed product lines based on the pollen extract for numerous companies which wanted to private label this UltraFood™. 

It was an easy sell to these companies but they found a tough market.  People confuse pollen extract with bee pollen.  Because of that confusion, the public continued to buy bee pollen for its price rather than pollen extract for its quality. People didn’t ‘get it’ – the real value – and these companies were not able to successfully convey that message to enough people.

 Consequently, it is now virtually extinct on store shelves.

Most people don’t realize that bee pollen is highly allergenic with high levels of fungi and bacteria which feed on the sweet nectar. The ‘buzz’ that many people get from bee pollen is typically from the sweet nectar and a systemic toxic shock immune response to the high levels of contaminants.

The difference between bee pollen and Swedish Pollen Extract
is like the difference between a bicycle and a race car.
But human nature buys on price as well as quality.

Humorist Mark Twain had a great way of addressing this aspect of human nature by saying:

“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble.
It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

For example, consider the prevailing ‘BS” (Belief System) of modern medicine which is incessantly programmed in the lamestream media… that drugs are the fix for whatever ails you.  This ‘Big Lie’ is
so BIG and so bold and so often told on the boobtube that many people believe it!

This emphasis on treatment rather than prevention
has turned common sense on its head.

This virtually religious belief in modern medicine is the cause our “sick” (backwards) health care system whereby a “pound of cure” (treatment via drugs) is 16 x’s more profitable (for Big Pharma) than an ounce of prevention. Actually, most prescription drugs are marked up at least 1000 times the manufacturing cost.  Natural alternatives can’t compete with those profits.  They can only tell the TRUTH:

Short term fixes which suppress the symptoms of disease with drugs
have long term side-effects for the immune system.

After a long health care career, including the operation of three holistic health centers, I’ve learned that there is no healing without the pure intention of this common sense… that building health not only prevents disease, but also is the best way to cure ‘dis-ease’ in general.

The better the nutritional supplement for building health,
the greater the natural result.

Over three decades, I’ve witnessed the benefits of Swedish Pollen Extract first hand. As a prenatal supplement, I’ve seen babies born with extraordinary immune systems, rarely getting sick or recovering quickly. I’ve seen the benefits for high-stress jobs that demand stamina and endurance.  I’ve witnessed athletic performances which made steroid doping unnecessary and by comparison inferior. And I’ve seen the elderly rally in their vim, vigor and vitality.

From cradle to grave, we’ve been told that the miracle of drugs are our salvation, and when people get cancer, the epitome of this belief is that chemotherapy will likewise be one’s salvation.  But we all should know by now that the common side effect of chemotherapy is destruction of the immune system, as is the case with ionizing radiation, which is a proven carcinogen.

Americans have been inundated with ionizing radiation from
microwaves, cell phones, TSA scanners, ELF pollution
and now dangerous levels of Fukushima fallout.

Common sense would say that this onslaught on the immune system has an accumulative effect. Either we  compensate for these health assaults, or the stress on the body will take its toll. That's why 'adaptogens' are needed. They are those nutrients which help us adapt to stress by giving the body more energy -- more vital force -- for adapting to stress through 'homeostasis', the medical term for self-regulating healing powers of the seven major 'regulators" (glandular systems) of the body.

This "heart of the pollen” (UltraFood™) feeds all the glands
and the powerhouse of every cell, the 'mitochondria'.

Your body is a community of 50 trillion cells, each with a unique mitochondrial structure that produces 95% of cellular energy. That’s why the mitochondria are the cellular power stations that are as important to our life as electrical power stations for our homes.

‘UltraFood’ is soul food for the mitochondria.

The general consensus among researchers is that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a central role in nearly every degenerative disease. For optimal regeneration, the rich RNA and DNA genetic material in Swedish Pollen Extract is ‘royal food’ for your mitochondria which plays a critical role in protecting the cell from oxidative stress. Antioxidant ‘soul food’ for the mitochondria is the RNA and DNA genetic material which empowers replication and regeneration of the genetic blueprint for that cell’s role in the whole body.

This mitochondrial ‘soul food’ is anti-aging rocket fuel.

By boosting cellular energy, this ‘UltraFood’ is like anti-aging rocket fuel for the immune system, directing vital force for homeostasis and healing that adapts to higher levels of vitality as physical health, mental clarity and a soaring spirit. 

As goes the holistic health of every cell in the whole body,
so goes the optimal genetic blueprint for health.



33,000 milligrams bulk powder per bottle.

No capsule or tablet binders or fillers: pure extract powder.
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon for normal preventive purposes.

Dissolve under the tongue for sublingual neurotransmitter precursors
- for optimal mental performance -
and then swallow for assimilation of immune system precursors
for optimal physical energy for adaptation to stress.


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 UltraMedics Services does for preventive health as paramedics do for crisis medicine.
 For over 33 years while developing three holistic health centers, Christopher Rudy has
pioneered ultramolecular medicine and 'Universal Self Care' with a vision of emerging
 health assurance
standards as the efficacy model for global holistic healing protocols.