Where I'm coming from - my history with holistic health

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by Christopher Rudy, UltraMedics Director

June 26, 2017

I've developed 4 holistic health centers over the last 38 years. Each of these projects was a 'whole systems design' endeavor, having studied architecture and design at Ohio State University, and with Buckminster Fuller at the University of Pennsylvania. My intention all along has been optimizing health care options with well-informed choice of a 'whole systems' nature - spiritually, mentally and physically.  

The first holistic health center (l979) was the archetype of a natural foods storefront co-op and eatery; retail to the public and wholesale for working members.  The restoration of this building in downtown Troy Ohio won the City Beatification award.  The 1st floor was the store and eatery, the 2nd floor was an eating area alongside health and spiritual books, highlighting the Ascended Masters' Teachings.  The 3rd floor was where spiritual devotees (employees) lived and prayed in a separate sanctuary.  I didn't know what "holistic" really meant when I began that project, but I created an environment with all the best ingredients - physical, mental and spiritual - and learned a lot.

The second holistic center (mid 80's) was in a clinic with three chiropractors - a father and two sons.  It was here that I practiced "holistically", a clinical nutritionist utilizing computer questionnaire diagnostics, an iridology camera, Oriental face diagnosis, EAV point testing (energy field diagnostics), and therapy with colonic irrigation, reflexology, essential oils, and advanced homeopathic and nutritional formulas.

My third holistic center
(early 90's) was my own clinic where I worked with a breakthrough energy field diagnostic system -- the first system to computerize the periodic table of quantum biology discovered by Dr. Isaacs at John Hopkins Medical Center.  Dr. Isaacs pioneered the original heart by-pass surgery techniques that he later denounced as a largely unnecessary procedure pushed as a massive cash cow via insurance fraud.  Ostracized for exposing this, and fired by John Hopkins, Dr. Isaacs went on to pioneer the new paradigm of quantum biology that makes the old paradigm of chemistry-based drug pushing "obsolete" (in principle).  Working with breakthrough homeopathic formulas that were engineered with Kirlian photography for optimal "quantum" (energy field) healing, I saw the type of phenomenal results that promise the quantum future of medicine.

What I've learned from all my experience is that the economics and politics of "disease care" are far more complex than the science of holistic health care. I learned the hard way. The blowback from my high profile style of cutting-edge holism challenged too many "doctors" in the communities where I practiced.  Once word got around that their former patients were saying, "This is the future of medicine", my days were numbered since I hadn't paid my dues as a "real" doctor.  Even though I trained under the leaders in quantum biology in five states over many years, there is no certified authorization for bioenergetic healing under the FDA policing arm of "monopoly medicine" (Big Pharma).

My fourth holistic center (UltraMedics Services) went online with global reach, thanks to the Internet. I ship health products and provide holistic health services worldwide. It's a global village now.

I wanted to write and talk about what I have learned, and the Internet came along as an extraordinary vehicle to share my story. So I began writing from long experience on my Heartcom Network blog. And I began interviewing people a lot smarter than me on my BBS Radio Talk Show, Cosmic LOVE, the last ten years.

Over the last three years I've been developing my fifth holistic center, Global TeLeCare. Jan, 23, 2016 I held a seminar introducing this model of 'Universal Self Care', and also the next generation of bioenergetics - videos here.

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