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UltraMedics is for preventive health care
as paramedics are for crisis medicine.

  ۞ Essential 'thrival' supplies for
  your body, mind and spirit;

 ۞ Advanced bio-tech backed by
        peer-reviewed clinical research;

     ۞ World class holistic healing services.

UltraMedics Director

Since 1979 I've developed 4 holistic health centers while integrating numerous healing modalities and supplements, arriving at several health products and services that have 'ultra' benefit for optimal holistic health.

Swedish Pollen Extract

The story of 'UltraFood' - nature's most potent superfood -
derives from the richest source of genetic material (extract
from pollen) at the quintessential source of the food chain.
It is the story of standardized, nutraceutical-grade royal jelly
that is created with three internationally patented processes:
    (1) Harvesting select pollens without bees, Certified Organic;
    (2) Non-chemical extraction of the RNA/DNA nucleic material;
    (3) Enzyme pre-digestion of the complex nucleic material for
         optimal assimilation without allergenic side-effects.

Free shipping with 2 bottles and a free bottle when ordering 4.

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Prescript-Assist for a Good Gut Feeling

Gut problems - a toxic colon - is the common cause of toxemia, fatigue,
poor resistance to gut-wrenching dis-ease and a weak immune system.
Research shows that most of your immune system is colon related, and
thus, your intestinal tract is the bottom line for an optimal and lengthy life. 
Peer-reviewed clinical trials show
 Prescript-Assist  (30 SBO micro-flora)
to be the most effective probiotic for Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), acne,
and non-specific immunity against disease.  Read about
to understand why a host of physical and mental conditions are improved
by a healthy gut that reduces toxins and improves nutrient transfer into the
blood and all cells in the body.
 Prescript-Assist benefits are unequalled
for dealing with a colon flora imbalance and the common side-effects of
vaccines, toxic drugs, GMOs, and "
SAD" (Standard American Diet).

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Super-Immunity Combo
Two Leading Immune System Support Supplements
That Work Synergistically for 'Super Immunity'

  Both Prescript-Assist and Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX)
 have advantages for the immune system, and together,
     they work synergistically for much better immunity results,
plus you get free shipping and discount when together,
    an overall $23 dollar discount off the normal order prices.
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Informed Choice as the Core Health Freedom

In the Information Age of instant-everywhere knowledge power,
the greatest power we have is the power to make a choice.
When we know better, we can obviously do better, and that
common sense for healthy living is nowhere more practical
than for self care - what we do with one's own health choices.

The better the information for making choices -- backed by
peer-reviewed empirical evidence of what truly works best --
the better the public option as a standard for health freedom.
Consider how that will work and what that will look like at
'Universal Self Care'
and 'Global TeLeCare'.


Quantum Healing with Trinfinity 8

 Quantum science has matured with understanding of the quantum field
  of nonlinear space/time of an instant-everywhere and interactive nature
   whose 'center' is everywhere in the all-connected universe, on Earth as
   in cosmos-at-large. As it is 'above', so it is below... as within, so with all.
   As modern medicine matures with appreciation of quantum health care,
the reality of one's 'energy body' behind the veil of the physical body
will be recognized as the 'energy terrain' behind the 'biological terrain'
 with obvious capabilities for systemic holistic healing in all dimensions
spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically... as with Trinfinity 8.


Global Holistic Healing
The UltraMedics Model for Healing
the Sick Health Care System

Imagine what health care will look like when self care
becomes the emphasis of professional health care.
Visualize the tools and processes which define and
refine interactive TeLeCare standards for the holistic
analysis, prevention and/or treatment of disease.
               Consider how that will work for
                   "Global Holistic Healing".


High Quality Long Term Food Reserves
FREE cases of both Swedish Pollen Extract 
and Prescript-Assist, worth $959.80

  Best quality food reserves with superior
immune system support as a bonus!

  Don't get caught with your pantry down!  Stock up on good food
for long-term savings and the added bonus of long-term health
with this $959.80 'Super-Immunity Combo' bonus!
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