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Awaken and Stimulate Your Own Stem Cells
For Advanced Holistic Self-Care Benefits
When the leading nutrition and
quantum energy modalities
combine and synergize
for holistic healing,
the benefits are

Dec 14, 2022

 UltraMedics Director


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Optimal health devotees may well be aware of stem cell research and applications for rejuvenating cellular health. But stem cell treatments have been expensive and with invasive injections. Fortunately, that has changed.

Recent stem cell breakthroughs have advanced on both the physical and quantum level. The bio-energy terrain is definitely upgraded. And the synergistic benefits can seem almost miraculous at comparatively inexpensive do-it-yourself cost.

This is now possible when nature's most concentrated superfood combines bio-energetically with quantum stem-cell stimulating 'patches'. 

Nature's Most Concentrated Superfood

My experience as a clinical nutritionist led to my 1987 discovery of Swedish Pollen Extract  (SPX) 'royal jelly' that makes a super bee 'Queen' out of a worker bee larvae when it is fed the royal jelly - whenever the hive needs a queen.

SPX features advanced biomimicry
bio-tech, improving what bees do
with three patented processes for   
nutraceutical-grade quality control:   
1-harvesting select pollens without   
the bees, 2-extracting the nucleus   
from the microscopic shell without   
chemicals, and 3-predigesting this   
rich extract with enzymes to make it  
highly assimilable and non-allergenic.

This is how the miracle of queen bee genesis translates to regenesis in your body. SPX is rich in all the vital stem cell precursors that the body assimilates to rejuvenate. This is similar to how beta-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A. And with SPX, the benefit is not only for stem cells but also as a precursor for endocrine gland hormones that naturally regulate the immune system and everything in the body.

One proof of its value for the immune system is the worldwide use of SPX by immunologists and oncologists in drip-IVs for bringing back the immune system after chemo and radiation treatments weaken the immune system. 

And for high performance athletes, executives, computer coders and health lovers in general, SPX is highly valued for sustained energy and mental clarity.  

Advanced Quantum Healing with 'Patches'


The Aquarian 'Quantum Age' is going mainstream at an accelerated rate. Quantum science as pioneered by Tesla and Einstein have come a long way. As a pioneer of quantum healing (1991), I worked with the first biofeedback computer to integrate the periodic table of quantum biology with a full body scan of 5,500 vitamins, minerals, aminos, phenolics, prostaglandins, etc., to analyze which biologics (supplements) and bio-energetics (homeopathics) will mostly likely optimize holistic health.

Seven years ago I began working with a much advanced quantum healing system - called
Trinfinity8 - with 70,000+ programs that recalibrate the body's bio-energetics for homeostasis and healing.

Almost four years ago, I had Dr. Nicholas Tivoli, D.C. on my Cosmic LOVE Show/Podcast, explaining how for ten years he had been working with many doctors who were using quantum patches that stimulate stem cell production in the body. The science is brilliantly explained at
LifeWave Patches, and the results are quite phenomenal.

LifeWave now has the premier anti-aging suite of products. While many self-care companies never recovered from the shut downs, LifeWave has gone global into more than 100 countries, and just had their biggest year and biggest month... growing fast.

The biggest growth is with Baby Boomers. They get it - hitting the wall of their mortality.  The older you get the fewer stem cells you have - the faster you age - and the slower you heal. Stimulate stem cell production and you enhance cellular rejuvenation.

Of course, mainstream media buzz about stem cells is a big factor in public demand, but results speak the loudest. These patches work like nothing else for all kinds of health conditions - from pain to improved eyesight.

As many of you know, I was going blind with macular degeneration this last year, and thought my life was over. A friend put one of his LifeWave patches on my brain stem, and to my utter astonishment, later that evening I could see the computer screen clearly. I've been in recovery ever since with a daily routine wearing fresh patches.

Relief is usually quick with the patches... like with my eyes. Some users have seen cataracts "disintegrate" after patching for a few months. But pain in the body often mitigates almost instantly since the nervous system is bio-energetic in nature.

Watch the short video at
LifeWave for the many other health benefits. 

Combining SPX with LifeWave Patches 

Now imagine what happens when you combine this SPX 'UltraFood' with quantum energy 'patches' that stimulate stem cells in focused areas of the body.

Results are much better when combined. The SPX provides the micronutrient precursors for stem cell rejuvenation in the whole body, and the LifeWave patches then awaken and stimulate the process in specific areas. This is biologic and bio-energy synergy - benefits greater than the sum of the separate parts by themselves.

I'm in a unique position to offer both the SPX and LifeWave patches. So for a limited trial - to see how this goes for you - I'm providing a free LifeWave patch when you
place your SPX Order. Just ask for the free patch in the order notes.

You usually don't feel immediate benefits with SPX, but often do with the patches.

So give it a try. You are the best health-wealth investment you will ever make!

And keep in touch with any questions at ultramedics@mcn.net 

 To Your Health!
~ Christopher

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