Healing the Sick System


"If the only tool you have is a hammer,
you look at everyone as a nail." 

by Christopher Rudy, Publisher,
Heartcom Network

Early in my holistic health care career, I worked with one of the most brilliant health pioneers in America.  Bill has the type of practical genius that is both an inventor of breakthrough health diagnostic computers and an exceptional clinician with interdisciplinary holistic vision.
In his youth, Bill Nelson worked with quantum science while at NASA. He left NASA to develop the science of quantum healing. And as with many practical geniuses who advance 'disruptive' technology breakthroughs that challenge the status quo, you might say that Bill was far ahead of his time... or that the prevailing paradigm in medicine wasn't ready for him. 
Back in 1990, Dr. Nelson developed the most advanced electro-diagnostic system in the world - the desk-top 'Eclosion System'. For the first time, that desktop 386 computer integrated biofeedback processed through an interface for the periodic table of quantum biology. That system was the forerunner of the lap-top 'QXCI which advanced further as the
Quantum Biofeedback SCIO / EPFX.

Bill also pioneered the engineering of homeopathics with "Kirlian" (auric) photography, which he taught worldwide.  But Bill had to leave the country.  He was in hot pursuit by the medical status quo which felt rather threatened by his breakthrough quantum-energy paradigm for healing the degenerative diseases afflicting modern civilization.

That may sound rather extreme if you are not aware how "energy medicine" is suppressed by the prevailing medical monopoly.  The entire paradigm of mainstream "allopathic" (drug-based) medicine is based on the chemistry of disease - NOT the energy of health.  Yes, we all know that everything is energy - the quantum field of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as physical reality.  But Bill was way ahead of the popularization of quantum reality in movies such as, "What the BLEEP Do We Know!?"

Indeed, the economics and politics of drug-based chemistry have not caught up with the science of quantum physics.  In fact, the old paradigm of chemistry-based medicine feels threatened -- at least their enormous profits and power -- by a new applied paradigm of energy medicine.  Quantum biology makes the old paradigm look very old indeed.  In fact, downright "dark ages".

Some people know the story of health pioneer Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who -- back in the 1930's -- invented the first microscope to see live cancer viruses. He discovered which frequencies killed them while harmless to the rest of the body.  Rife would experiment with his pet lab rats, using certain frequencies to induce cancer, isolate those cancer cells to discover which frequencies killed them, and then cure the rats with that frequency. He used this procedure with dozens of humans as was witnessed by top medical doctors who organized to have Rife's discoveries recognized.  But Rockefeller's drug-based medical monopoly was threatened, and Rife's laboratory was burnt to the ground while some of his leading proponents were brutally murdered.
Nobody wants to be wrong or look foolish, especially the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments.  And that was the problem.  Electrodiagnostics clearly show not only what nutritional supplements and homeopathics test strong in the energy meridians corresponding to different organ systems of the body.  They also show that almost all drugs test weak.  The energetic "side-effect" of drugs is to devitalize the body as a whole because they are toxic to different organs.  Lose enough vital force in the nerve-networked life supports systems, and you die, slowly but surely. That may be good business for Big Pharma but it leads to premature death... sooner than later.
You could say that I am a medical heretic with four holistic health centers under my healer's belt.  Back in the early 80's, I trained under Bill in his use of electro-diagnostic "point testing" on the energy meridian points on the fingers.  You can measure the energy, for example in the liver meridian, and then put a nutritional supplement or homeopathic on a metal plate in the circuit to see if -- or how much -- it strengthens the energy.
Some may know the story of Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., the medical writer for Prevention Magazine, who had a very successful holistic clinic in Tahoma Washington that was temporarily put out of business in a Gestapo-like raid.  He had three clinicians operating meridian point-testing as I just described.  With guns drawn, screaming at people to hit the floor, the Feds came in and seized all patient records and the cutting-edge diagnostic systems... with virtually no mention of this from the corporate media which made billions last year selling foodless food that make you sick and then drugs for whatever ails you... but I digress.
Bill had been a NASA electrical engineer and told me he was going to create a far superior system than manual point-testing.  It took him almost a decade.   And then in 1990, at my third clinic, I got Bill's breakthrough computer/biofeedback system of electro-diagnostics.  Leased it for $33,000 dollars.  Let me describe it to you.
Back then, it was a cutting-edge 386 computer that had special bio-feedback software.  The way the biofeedback worked was by showing the body's response to 5,500 vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, aminos, fatty acids, glandulars, etc.  These quintessential biological components for health were electrically "wrapped" (hardwired) in circuits that cycled their unique frequencies into the auric field via sensors wrapped around the wrists, the ankles and the forehead.  As with meridian point-testing, the body would instantly react to each frequency (bio-feedback) and the computer would instantly record the reaction through a unique computer program that Bill had designed with a team of software engineers.
To say this system was a medical breakthrough is an understatement.  Bill had computerized the periodic table of quantum biology developed by the same medical pioneer, Dr. Isaacs, who perfected heart-lung life support systems and pioneered the original heart by-pass surgery procedure at John Hopkins Medical Center and University,   Bill integrated the biofeedback loop with this quantum biology interface with breakthrough results.  He called it the "Isaacs matrix" in honor of Dr. Isaacs, but referred to it as the "Hermetian matrix" in reference to "Hermes" (messenger of the gods), also known as the divine messenger of healing wisdom.
I studied the periodic table of the elements in high school chemistry class (late 60's).  Physics class gave me a little taste of the energy universe.  But quantum biology and a practical application of the periodic table related to biological processes was -- and to this day -- NOT accepted as scientific reality.  It would change the entire medical system.  As I said, the politics of science and medicine is highly vested in the chemistry of disease - a mechanistic view of the universe -- NOT the quantum energetics of health and all creation.  The politics and economics are far more complex than the science of health; power and money have corrupted the health care system.
When I asked Bill why there was so much opposition to the new paradigm of energy medicine, he simply said, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you look at everyone as a nail."  In other words, if the only medical system allowed is drug-based, you hammer the message of "drugs for whatever ails you" as the only way.  To challenge that mind set is to challenge a medical-industrial complex that is more entrenched and self-serving than the military-industrial complex that "hammers" the mantra of endless "terror war" through the media-corporate complex.  The public is getting "hammered" by this medical-military-media complex.  The business of "sickness care", "war creation" and "group think" (mind control) is "making a killing" at the expense of health, peace and intelligent life on Earth.  Excuse the rant.
I would not have believed the breakthrough reality of quantum biology with Bill's breakthrough electro-diagnostic system if I had not seen how it works in practice.  After a full page advertisement in a local newspaper -- see -- I was booked solid with clients a month in advance.  Since I was highly trained and experienced as a clinical nutritionist with use of iridology, Oriental face diagnosis, reflexology and other non-invasive diagnostic disciplines, I could cross-check the results I got from Bill's system.
This may sound like a quantum leap to the "far side" for some readers, but to give you an idea how sensitive this system was to energetics -- even of a spiritual nature -- let me share this amazing but true account.  My associate in clinical practice was an expert in the macrobiotic diet.  Jenny had trained at the Kushi Institute in Europe.  She was also highly trained and expert in the invocation of healing energies from angels and spiritual beings. I thought I was also well-versed in the science of the spoken word and -- with the permission of spiritual-oriented clients -- offered a prayer at the beginning of client energy scans.  After sitting in on this process with several clients, Jenny asked if she could provide the prayer for one of her friends getting scanned.  I welcomed the offer and could feel the hair going up on the back of my neck with a tingling all over that resonated with an inspirational prayer as I have rarely heard.  But what really surprised me was that the scanning sound made by Bill's biofeedback device was much accelerated.  And there was much more information in the scan results that provided better "pattern recognition" in the diagnostics.  Thinking this might be an anomaly, I alternated following client scans between my prayers and Jenny's.  The "phenomena" was repeated.  Call it simply the power of inspired prayer -- or the response of "heaven" to pure intention in this dense octave of incarnation -- Bill's biofeedback device clearly demonstrated that Jenny was much better at spiritual intercession on behalf of the clients than I was.

That was empirical results-based proof, for me,
 that the power of fervent prayer is real.

The overall client results with nutritional supplements, homeopathics and diet protocols were exceptional.  Word spread very quickly and I began getting clients who came for "health assurance" -- to optimize the good health they had -- as well as those coming with health problems.  Indeed, that which prevents disease will also cure disease at therapeutic levels. Before long, some "spies" for the medical community came to find something wrong with what I was doing.  Rumors were being circulated by doctors in the local community that I was practicing medicine without a license when in fact I had nothing to do with drugs or harmful treatments.  I local group of doctors organized a meeting and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I must cease and desist or there would be consequences.  Some of those doctors were losing clients who told the doctors that "this is the future of medicine".  And I wasn't a doctor who nailed patients with drugs or hammered them with modalities for treatment they didn't need.
At the time, I had four children and a wife with her brother and sister being MD's.  She both revered medical credentials and feared I was too heretical.  Rather than get raided like Dr. Jonathan Wright, go to jail on trumped-up charges, or otherwise break up the family, I closed the clinic and changed careers, manufacturing nutraceutical formulations with the Swedish Flower Pollen Extract that I imported for clients.
It wasn't long after my experience that Bill had to leave the country.  He told me that whatever community his electrodiagnostic device went into, he had a problem with "professional jealousy".  Doctors couldn't compete and made this new paradigm wrong to make themselves right.  There's a lot more money in treating people with invasive drugs, chemo, radiation, surgery or other inappropriate modalities rather than building health as a way of preventing or treating disease.  Sickness care has taken over true health care ever so gradually.
Bill went to Eastern Europe that opened up after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  He put together a team of brilliant software engineers that he directed in a much more advanced biofeedback system in a laptop computer at half the price.  Now it uses fractal mathematics and energy signatures that correspond to all the natural remedies and health conditions known to man.  He has computerized more than 100 medical systems of diagnostics on that laptop, ranging from naturopathy and chiropractic to acupuncture and homeopathy -- all integrated in the 'Hermetian matrix' interface for quantum biology developed by Dr. Isaacs at John Hopkins University.
Bill knows that if he steps into the United States he could be arrested and "disappeared" like some kind of terrorist.  He has trainers that give seminars on the use of his "laptop" on cruise ships in international waters around the world.  I know of other "medical heretics" like Bill who have moved their clinics to South America and other places where the cult of modern medicine is not so pathological.
Healing the sick disease care system -- indeed the soul of America -- begins with making government accountable to the public it was created to serve.   The Net reality is that the Internet will either be used to liberate and leverage informed choice, public opinion and public service in the power of love... or the love of money and power will continue to destroy us with war, disease, death and hell on Earth. 
All health problems for civilization are - at heart - communication problems. In my mid-20's, I gave that message to ten government agencies on Capitol Hill.  Now that message has perhaps found it's time with Net reality reaching critical mass in "do or die" terms of planetary survival.
What we love is who we are.  We'll all be "judged" by how much we truly love -- what we do -- with the highest and best use of our gifts, talents and resources.  Love is for-giving (70 x's 70, etc.).  When we forget that -- our ability to respond with responsibility for our world -- heart-challenged dimwits rule in our name and put out the flame.
The 'Power of Love' is the quantum reality behind holistic healing that infuses health in body, wholeness in mind and holiness in spirit... for a holistic-holy whole that is synergistically greater than the sum of the parts.  That's the common sense for thrival of the Family of Man in our new global village.

  This is the spiritual practicality that will define,
refine and 'shine' global holistic healing with
free, online Universal Self Care (

For Holistic Health and Global Healing,

- Christopher

Part Two on Healing Health Care

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"I say we had better look our nation searchingly in the face,
like a physician diagnosing some deep disease."

 - Walt Whitman, "Democratic Vistas
"Let individuals and nations ally themselves no longer with death,
   but with life; Not with destruction, but with construction:
   Not with hatred and violence but with
   the creative miracle of LOVE."

- "Mahatma" (great soul) Gandhi

"When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of
either losing his moral sense or losing his respect  for the law."

 - Frederic Bastiat

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
--George Orwell
"A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes."
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"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead


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