Mandatory Vaccines and Destruction of Health Freedom

If we don't even have the freedom to decide what is injected into our body,
what is left of "freedom"?
by Christopher Rudy

This is a mini-history behind the destruction of our core health freedoms and the soul of the Republic.  It is the reason why hijacked war powers resort to Martial law policies to eliminate our freedoms.

The history of the Bush Family is Big Oil and war profiteering via the Big Money (bankster) elite.  Prescott Bush did the banking for Hitler's military-industrial complex, having a unique connection to Rockefeller's Standard Oil which fueled Hitler's armies via his oil tankers off Aruba.

John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire with his Big Oil monopoly in the U.S.  He parlayed that into a Health Care monopoly early in the century when he financed 1,100 medical schools across the U.S. that made pharmacology -- with petrochemical-derived drugs -- the core of the curriculum.  His "philanthropic" contribution to hospitals was in fact with self-serving intent to create "ethical" drug pushers for the drug companies he owned... while financing legislation that made allopathic "drugs-per-symptom" medicine the "legal standard" (monopoly) which the FDA has used to suppress natural "biologically correct" health care to this day. 

Rocky and friends went on to create the privately owned Federal Reserve banking monopoly to further consolidate his power over legislators, regulators, and Big Media where Big Money pays the piper and calls the tune.  Mass media mind manipulation controls perceptions via "embedded news" -- in bed with Big Oil and Big Pharma -- to maintain the Big Lie of "war for democracy" when it is in fact a war for monopolistic Martial law management of markets, medicine, military and the "mass media's mass mind" (the CONSCIENCE of mankind).
The influence of these elitists like Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan was tremendous, even to the extent of enslaving the press. John Swinton (editorial page editor of THE NEW YORK TIMES, 1860-1870) told journalists on April 12, 1883, that "the business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon....We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumpingjacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men." - excerpt from "PLANNED SLAVERY" (The Rockefeller Connection) by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
It is well documented by health researcher Dr. Len Horowitz in his best seller, EMERGING VIRUSES, that half of Hitler's flight capital went into Merck Pharmaceutical -- the stealth center of Rocky's pharmaceutical cartel -- for rise of the 4th Reich in America.  In that book, Dr. Horowitz -- with a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University -- reveals how Rocky and his power elite cronies brought over and employed thousands of top Nazi scientists after WWII (Project Paperclip).  This included Hitler's V-2 rocket scientist Wernher von Braun -- who became a director at NASA -- as well as Hitler's geneticists who had created thousands of retroviruses before being employed in U.S. military biowar laboratories. 

Have you seen how
Merck Pharmaceutical
is in the news recently with the Texas Governor mandating that all teenage girls in Texas get injected with Merck's unproven anti-cancer vaccine?  How is it that young girls in an entire State can be forced to accept the injection of toxic heavy metals and cancer retroviruses into their own bodies?   If we don't even have the freedom to decide what is injected into our body, what is left of "freedom"?

As the former Communications Director for Dr. Horowitz, I have an intimate knowledge of this courageous health rights activist and his brilliant academic-scholastic research.  In several of his books, Horowitz documents how cancer retroviruses were seeded into polio vaccines and inoculated into the baby boom generation when cancer was relatively rare.  A huge cancer treatment industry was born as Rocky's backwards disease care monopoly -- called "health care" -- emphasized treatment with drugs rather than natural health-building modalities that prevent immune dysfunction and cancer.
The extent of Rockefeller's control was growing so great that Robert A. Taft, after his defeat at the 1952 Republican National Convention, announced: "Every Republican candidate for President since 1936 has been nominated by the (Rockefeller) Chase National Bank." In that same year (1952), John D. Rockefeller III founded the Population Council, which was supported by Senator Prescott Bush (father and grandfather to future Presidents), and which supported population control measures.
- excerpt from "PLANNED SLAVERY" (The Rockefeller Connection) by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. [see also: www.heartcom.org/Rocky.htm ]
Most people know that everyone gets cancer cells in the body but a healthy immune system keeps degenerative disease and cancer in check.  Certain genotypes are more susceptible to certain cancer retroviruses that are like biological time-bombs triggered by a weak immune system via the effect of "aging" (accumulated toxins), especially via the residue toxicity of drugs from cradle to grave.  As the boomers aged, we saw the cancer pandemic explode, thanks also to other immune-challenging influences from chlorinated and fluoridated water, and foodless "food" grown and processed with toxic genetic poisons.  A host of other food contaminants come from diseased animals "recycled" into animal feed lots and fish farms.  Genetic engineering of food -- undisclosed via new labeling laws -- has a direct impact on genetic integrity.  The air we breath is likewise contaminated with fossil fuels and a wide range of industrial pollutants pumped into the air with Bush-legislated impunity for corporate America.

This nefarious plot out of hell --
destroying the genetic integrity of mankind -- is the "side-effect" of a massive population reduction agenda for culling the American population according to the stated policy of elite population planners.  In Emerging Viruses, Horowitz also provides the definitive paper trail of documented research showing how AIDS retroviruses were created and deployed out of American bio-war labs, injected via hepatitis B vaccines into black and homosexual populations in the U.S. and African populations via the UN's World Health Organization.  This created a huge new immune deficiency (AIDS) industry with the only authorized treatment being extremely expensive drugs created by the same medical-industrial profiteers behind the cancer and AIDS pandemic.

Don't be surprised that you never read about this in the mainstream corporate media.  They get much of their add revenues from junk food that makes you sick and then drugs for whatever ails you.  The really Big Money wants you to believe religiously in their "miracle medicine" with "wonder drugs".  Since double-blind efficacy studies have shown that half of them don't work, they count on the placebo effect of your believing religiously in them.  It's all great cover for their
"population reduction"
"Underlying 'America's New War' is international 'population planning.' According to Rockefeller-directed population planners, additional depopulation must occur in advance of the New World Order. In the United States, according to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) March/April 1996, Foreign Affairs journal, plans to depopulate America by half to achieve a U.S. population in the range of 125 to 150 million, or about its size in the 1940s, are underway." --Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H.
A more recent book by Horowitz -- Death in the Air -- was published right before 9-11.  It reveals the policy of Rocky's elite-CFR cronies to reduce population through "non-lethal warfare" that doesn't kill people outright, but reduces population with the combined factor of untraceable immune-destroying influences (as in vaccines) that paid-off scientists are quick to say "does no harm". This accomplishes two basic policy objectives at the highest level of genocidal "population planners".  It weakens the vitality of body and mind so that Americans are too sick and tired to think clearly, submitting to the religion of modern medicine and government authorities for salvation.  And it reduces population at great profit for the medical-industrial complex. 

The leading health complaint in America is fatigue - the result of a backwards disease care system.
For lack of a system that cultures optimal health, people adapt to lower levels of energy and vitality
of body-mind-spirit integrity, yet consider themselves "healthy" unless they are in pain or discomfort.
By suppressing symptoms with toxic drugs, they compound the core problem until chronic disease
with an afflicted mind will pay anything to the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments.

Millions of Americans have suffered premature death with cancer and a host of other degenerative disease attributed to the backwards "health care" system that is 97.5% disease care.  Millions have died in intensive care with their life savings -- trillions of dollars -- going to Rocky's medical-industrial complex.  Millions of other Americans have had their minds and lives destroyed via autism and Alzheimers due to the insidious effect of mercury and other toxic ingredients in vaccinations.  Any courageous politician who tells the truth risks political suicide for challenging the most profitable companies on Wall Street (Big Pharma) behind the most powerful lobbies in Congress.

Since Gulf War I, more than a million Iraqi's and thousands of GI's have died from the effects of Depleted Uranium -- another media "blacked out" subject re: Death in the Air.  It is well documented that radiation compromises immune function, especially in combination with pathogens pumped into Gulf War servicemen via numerous vaccinations.  

In short, the medical-industrial and military-industrial complexes are both "making a killing" on the creation and management and war and disease via the plan and intent of Rockefeller planners to REDUCE POPULATION.  It all makes sense from a "wise as serpents" understanding of power elite giants who are ethical infants -- psychopaths who really hate our freedoms and create chaos to maintain Martial law war powers.

The Fourth Reich Rising?

The unspeakable politically incorrect truth is that big business collusion with big government is not just the definition of Nazi-like fascism.  It has created a Big Brother Orwellian nightmare of global intervention and domestic surveillance.  Encroaching tyranny parallels the encroaching fascism that dominates Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Money and Big Brother collusion.  Encroaching Martial law war powers tighten their grip on monopoly markets with elite intent to own and control the physical and human resources of the planet. 
People of CONSCIENCE are both appalled and determined to seek a resolution of this mess.  Free energy technology has been suppressed for decades as has ultramolecular energy technologies that -- combined with holistic modalities -- could heal 95% of common diseases.  The FED could be eliminated with monetary control under the U.S. Treasury as the Constitution specified.  The Internet could resurrect core Constitutional freedoms as the common carrier for print, radio and TV, featuring interactive capabilities that translates "response ability" to accountability in all our social, political and economic institutions.

But culture clash, confrontation and division has become elite policy to keep the public fighting among ourselves rather than uniting in full CONSCIENCE -- the moral COMMON SENSE that is pro-life for our own lives.  The greatest fear of power elite potentates is that the public will wake up and unite to demand our divine RIGHT to life and liberty under the Constitution. 

Energy, health, media and the economy have been "privatized".  We-the-People don't own our own government anymore.  Big Government has been infiltrated by giant corporations who write legislation sponsored by bought-off reps.  Control and profits for the elite hides behind the golden calf of Wall Street profits that are used to gauge a "healthy economy".  The rich get richer while everyone else is being impoverished, duped,  regulated, taxed, demoralized and programmed into a mechanized, medicated, health-challenged and mind-controlled stupor of subservience to tyranny

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on,
or by imbeciles who really mean it."

- Mark Twain
This corrupt dysfunctional system has arrived at the point where gross defects obscure actual gains.  Oil side-effects are destroying the environment while drug side-effects destroy our health.  Expensive disease care insurance has virtually nothing to do with preventive health assurance.  Scarcity economics via monopoly capitalism is destroying the abundant life.  Endless war is destroying our freedoms.  Corporate media is destroying the truth of all this.  Government protection of these rackets is destroying the purpose for which the Constitution was created -- checks and balances on the enemies of health and freedom within the gates of government.

Professor Acton once said that
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  If you own and control the giant monopolies that profit from oil, disease, war, death and hell on Earth -- and have trillionaire status beyond what millionaires or even billionaires can barely conceive -- you don't care about money.  It is power above all that possesses the Rockefeller Family, the Bush "front men", and their loyal sycophants in Media, Medicine, Military and the Markets of the world.  Power trumps principle.  Control trumps conscience.  Deceit trumps decency.  Murderous policies are masked with "population control" rhetoric.

What does it take for a global revolution in healthy CONSCIENCE?  Is the insider "fix" so permanent that those behind 9-11 will resort to more treason and treachery to maintain CONTROL of their lock-step monopoly on the institutions that shape our lives?  How long will the public ignore this encroaching cancer in the body politic?
"We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest
which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive.  If they once become
inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors
 would all become wolves."
- Thomas Jefferson

By default -- if enough good people do nothing -- the wolves in sheep's clothing prevail. Yet while there is still freedom, there is opportunity.  Heaven knows that the preventive medicine needed for global healing is the Higher Power of united spirit in the common sense of the moral imperative as could now mediate the collective CONSCIENCE of humanity.

Either the "good shepherd" is this "mediator" -- a moral compass at the heart of social conscience in our social networks -- or we are left with power elite potentates playing god with heartless contempt for life and liberty.
Network for the Net worth of a new Net reality.  Please forward to all your lists so that some will do likewise and a critical mass of enlightened humanity will rise to the occasion.
Universal LOVE floats ALL boats and heals all.  All ways.  ALWAYS,

- Christopher

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 -- "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

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