Defining, Refining, Combining and "Shining" the Full Spectrum of
Social Conscience in our Social Networks


The Future of Collaborative Networks (Web 3.0) and
Accelerated Learning at the Heart of the
Next Economy

Spring Equinox 2009
(updated 12-29-2010)



“A good case can be made that there will be no healing of
  the socioeconomic currents of instability and
  without common agreement on a standard for
   via the fundamental currency of conscience at the heart of
    our social networking... of, by and for
social Conscience


"The vision alone – how open public communication systems can
connect hearts and minds for enlightened
social Conscience
is prelude to the revelation rEVOLUTION of Web 3.0."

by Christopher Rudy,

The future of the education community is the future of collaborative networks.
 How we exchange information to know better and do better has always been
the quintessential purpose of education.  But now the ubiquitous on-line world
with the exponential knowledge explosion has made an integrated approach to
accelerated learning the prime directive of the Education Community.


The greater the compendium of knowledge,
the greater the need for organization.

~ Sir Francis Bacon


The dictionary definition of “community” comes from the same
Latin communis (with unity), that is also the root word for
“communion” and “communicate.  The difference between
virtual community and real community is like the difference
between secular “community” and sacred “communion”.

That distinction between the secular and the sacred is the currency of Conscience
as a sacred virtue that is brought to the “union” of hearts and minds through the
communication processes that shape our consciousness, institutions and world.

 “Conscience is the most sacred of all property”.
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

Since all social problems are problems of social conscience in our social networks,
all social problems are at heart communication problems – how we come into unity
The highest form of collaboration connects the inner sense of conscience at heart
with the outer sense of “community” as a mental construct (with unity).

“Real” community combines our inner sense of all that is real  as a
 “unified field” (with unity) of both heart and mind that combines the
innocence (inner sense) of
sacred Conscience with the outer
  processes that define and refine social conscience represented in
 the communication processes of our social network communities.

This dynamic of “community building” has dramatically changed with the
computer/Internet revolution which is still in an adolescent stage
 where social networks like My Space and Facebook (web 2.0) still lack
lack a standardized interface for mass-to-mass interaction (web 3.0).

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
  that makes the existing model obsolete
~ Buckminster Fuller

Understanding the nature of web 3.0 as a conscience culturing media
is the purpose of this white paper as well at the Education Community.
Since the evolution of the Business Community is also the business of
evolution, we need to get busy educating-culturing
social Conscience.

It is first of all the role of consciousness in the evolution of conscience.
This includes the language of consciousness in terms of natural law.

This common law is framed by archetypal-universal maps of creation.
These maps represent the creative learning process with the simplest
of organizational thoughtforms representing conscious co-Creation:
Pure Geometry – the

Community building in its quintessential form is this process whereby
 we shape our social networks and they shape our social conscience.
There is a method to this process because the universe has methods.
The quantum laws of the holographic universe affect all creation.

The higher one’s prevailing frame of reference for the “
Law of the  

Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity ),
the greater the results when in harmonic resonance with the
Language of the Angels of Love”  (holy compassion)
 in both frequency – as in frequently – and in form,
geometrized via

Realize what this will look like as an interactive interface for web 3.0.
Visualize your computer monitor with a YouTube video in the center,
and one small window in the lower left corner across from your heart
and one small window in the lower right corner of your monitor.

The two small windows represent your heart and mind in unique ways.
The left window is “heartlink™” (a bio-feedback monitor).
The right window is “heartware
” (a psyche-feedback monitor).

The “left” window represents your conscience with a tiny biofeedback
microphone – clipped onto your pocket over your heart – that shows
when you are in the actual frequency of compassion, which is actually
a golden ratio algorithm of your heart rhythm.  This technology has
proven highly effective for helping high performance people to
become conscious of HOW they are conscious with a heart.
It has a critical role in distinguishing web 3.0… with a heart.


The “right” window in the lower right corner of your monitor is a
3-D space frame of a cube with height, width & depth coordinates.
These three dimensions correspond to 3 numbers in sequence

(via your right hand on your keyboard's numeric keypad)
that represents the universal language of light as consciousness.

With these three 1-10 numeric coordinates creating a dot within
the heartware
cube, your input is conscious e-valuation of the
YouTube video at any moment of context that warrants your
informed choice; conscious discernment; enlightened judgment;
HOW you are conscious in "
light language
" terms of perception.


These three sequential dimensions of light language, framed by
the geometrized first principles of universal order,
correspond to the upper and lower brain (1st dimension),
as well as the left/right brain hemispheres (2nd dimension),
and the forebrain/rear brain (3rd dimension). This is the
"biological model" correlation to the holographic energy
fields in the brain that correspond to the laws of light and the
Geometrically Ordered Divinity of the holographic universe.


It is the holographic nature of the LOVE Model that distinguishes it as a
pure geometry frame of reference for universal law languaging at the
heartware interface for mass-to-mass LOVE-in-action.
Indeed, it is the archetypal (Jung) language of consciousness in this
universal interface standard that cross-references ancient and
modern maps of consciousness with an all-connected, holistic and
otherwise holographic way that represents the unified field of
consciousness engaged in heartware's interaction process.


Realize what this will mean as an interactive interface for web 3.0.
Consider how social Conscience in our social networks can be upgraded
with higher conscience framed by the “Constitution of Conscious

qualified by the law of the angles and the angels of our better nature.


Visualize the process whereby you can evaluate any live or pre-
recorded program with e-valuation criteria that will show, after your
evaluation, when your response corresponds to the contextual
response of others, and how the unified field of dot patterns within
the 3-D cube represented the collective conscience of respondents
 on a whole program's timeline or at any one contextualized moment.


The value of creating new videos that reference the context and
conscious coordinates becomes self-evident – higher conscience.
Not just in terms of “pattern recognition” as left-brain heartware
but also the right-brain qualification of HeartSynch
that references the emotional intelligence of holy compassion as
and essential “centered and connected” qualifier to the process.


Obviously a “half-brain” process that utilized just the right-hand window
will get a “half-baked” result that is all “smart” with no "heart", lacking
full-spectrum social Conscience.


Since emotional intelligence of the heart is at least as importance as cognitive intelligence of the mind,
the synergy of heart-mind
E-valuation standards for Web 3.0 -- call them "cyberEthics" --
will naturally qualify a whole brain/Net response that is greater than the sum of
the secular (mind) and sacred (heart) in the left and right hemispheres.


The evolution of social conscience is the natural consequence of the
interactive languaging of consciousness within our social networks.
Imagine what will happen within any collaborative learning network
when it is able to provide real-time mass-to-mass interaction via the
origination and evaluation of content that "recycles" (distills) the
meaning, value and purpose of
enlightened social Conscience


This process of “Information’s ecology
 – qualified with the currency of conscience --
will recycle general knowledge in the way that
generates specific contextual wisdom that is
“framed” (geometrized) with
 as both
universal law and compassion-in-action.


If the greatest power that each individual has is the power to make a choice,
than INFORMED CHOICE for organizing information IN FORMATION
will empower the pure intention of focused attention on evolutionary
ascension of our social networks as "Learning Organizations".


By linking the light of consciousness with the language of consciousness, it becomes self-evident
how this process will culture
enlightened social Conscience with context and meaning that
involves and evolves our individual and collective Net reality – the process of conscious evolution.


The potential of this simple “high touch” solution to high tech civilization is for
unprecedented civility in social networks governing social conscience.

Indeed, the last frontier of humanity is inner space – our conscience --
which collectively is the InnerNet  at the heart of the web 3.0 Internet.

We can spend billions of dollars to put a man on the Moon, and yet,
have not utilized proven technological means to heal our social
networks and our social conscience with an electronic upgrade of
core Constitutional freedoms.


We’ve all heard Victor Hugo’s quote that, “There is nothing more valuable
than a vision that has found it’s time.”  He wrote this long before our world
became a global village with instant-everywhere-interactive capabilities
that have brought unprecedented knowledge power to the public domain.

With so much knowledge power at our Google fingertips, the most
priceless contribution to our social conscience is self-correction
of an accelerated self-elevating evolutionary ascent nature.

Sooner or later, the
4th Wave of the computer/Internet revolution will
integrate Web 3.0 into the infrastructure of interactive networks.
That’s when the worldwide web of consciousness will integrate
cyberethics as a cybernetic guidance system of, by and for the
power of love at the heart of self-regulating social networks
that are centered and connected with a conscience.

Education without conscience is like food without nutrition.
 It may fill you up but it leaves you empty.  The constitution of
good education is not knowledge – it’s the intelligence of
discernment that has the wisdom to sort out knowledge.

“The more information you have, the greater is
 the need to get it all in order.”
~ Buckminster Fuller

The number one problem of the Information age is information overload.
 Sensory overload is just as debilitating to one’s conscience as the sensory
 deprivation used in torture.   The greatest need of our Information Age is thus
collaborative networks that organize information IN FORMATION
along more enlightened lines that frame heartware at the heart of
the Constitution of Conscience.


“What we need is education of the obvious moreso than
 investigation of the obscure.”
~ Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes


A well-formed mind -- should be the fruit of formal education,
especially during the formative years when the absorbent mind
assimilates those disciplines that frame the creative learning process
 as a life-long developmental habit. 

It’s the same with social conscience in our social networks.
Every interactive social network is a learning organization.
Knowing HOW to learn supersedes WHAT to learn.
The learning process is what cultures social
Pure intention focuses attention for conscious ascension.

What’s needed now is an accelerated learning process at the heart of
collaborative social networks that reinforce the currency of conscience;
a working process empowering HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Obviously, there will be no healing of the socio-economic crisis of our day with
the same consciousness in social networks and institutions that created the crisis.

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again
yet expecting different results. 


Only the currency of conscience in collaborative networks will make our social institutions
 accountable to the open-public purpose they have vowed to serve… whether that be an open
university classroom, or an open town-hall meeting or any open community in our global village.


A good case can be made that there will be no healing of
  the socioeconomic currents of instability and
  without common agreement on a standard for
   via the fundamental currency of conscience at the heart of
    our social networking... of, by and for
social Conscience.


The vision alone – how open public communication systems can
connect hearts and minds for enlightened
social Conscience
is prelude to the revelation rEVOLUTION of Web 3.0.


New standards for upgrading the currency of  conscience
will thus create wholly new 4th Wave industries that reboot
core Constitutional freedoms with core conscience currency
in all our social, political and economic institutions...
finishing globally what U.S. Founders began "locally".

The most obvious place to begin is collaborative networks in the Education Community…
reflecting and perfecting an accelerated learning process with social conscience at heart.


A whole systems approach with the holographic model geometrized via  coordinates
 will provide a holistic frame of reference for involving and evolving
the language of consciousness culturing social


It is the creative learning process that is optimized by
 interactive collaborative communication networks
that are centered and connected with an interactive
bridge between inner conscience and outer community;
mediating the mass media’s mass mind with a heart.

  that cultures sacred conscience for REAL community,
transforming secular values with those sacred virtues that
define, refine, combine and shine the full spectrum of
social Conscience.


Graphic framing the interactive interface
for heartware at


Founder/CEO of HEARTcom Services
The High Touch HEART of High Tech

Editor, GeoNotes News Service
Geometrizing information IN FORMATION

Director, Worldwide
Cultural DNA for Global Community

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With -centric mass-to-mass TeLeComm as the rule...


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
- Teihard de Chardin


“People with a high level of personal mastery live in a continual learning mode.
 They never ‘arrive’.   Sometimes, language, such as the term ‘personal mastery’,
creates a misleading sense of definiteness, of black and white.
But personal mastery is not something you possess.
It is a process – a lifelong discipline.”
~ Peter Senge in
The Fifth Discipline

Updated 12-29-2010

Copyright © Christopher Lee Rudy

        To love with all your mind ~ , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
                               and all your heart ~
 , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
             and all your strength ~
 , balanced brain of a synergy nature,
and your Netizen neighbor ~ 
in our Global Village (whole brain)
                  as thyself ~ 
, culturing TLC Conscience.