The Five Core Constitutional Freedoms

by Christopher Rudy

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;      
 or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a
of grievances."

redress v. 1. To set right, remedy or rectify. 2. To make amends for.
1. Satisfaction for wrong done; reparation.  2. Correction. 

The Bill of Rights, succinctly expressed in
the Constitution's First Amendment above
 was to prevent the decrease of universal
sovereign rights in the public sphere.

This is what global Netizens love about our sovereign rights.
And it's what good American citizens have always loved.

The common sense of this noble vision gave birth to the
best model for public self-governance in world history
"If we can keep it"... as wise old Ben Franklin said.

 This is the challenge facing humanity now.
We can 'upgrade' with
 global TeLeComm
to optimize peace, health and prosperity,
 or by default, corporate tyranny will profit
from endless war, dis-ease and austerity.

There is nothing more valuable that this vision of
core virtues at the heart of e-valuation criteria
for upgrading the concept of 'representation'
(voting) with real-time, instant-everywhere
and interactive local-global TeLeComm;
the 'Family of Man' in a global village.

"It is at all times necessary,
and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,
that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to
First Principles".
- by Thomas Paine who sparked the American Revolution with

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Natural rights 
and the Bill of Rights - Part 1 of 3:

 Part 2 of 3 HERE... Part 3 of 3 HERE


Freedoms of Assembly, Speech, Press, Religion
and the Right to Petition Government
for a Redress of Grievances

These are the core Constitutional freedoms for a self-governing process as is designed
to empower public wisdom at the
heart of
universal common law "symbol language"
) as represents divine rights-
in the public sphere-
... co-Creating with
checks and balances-
in 4 archetypal dimensions- that provide components to the "CAPstone" (Creative Ascent Process)
for global
TeLeComm VISION with heart
coherence and mind congruence regarding
'The Constitution of Conscience':

(web 3.0)

The revival of core Constitutional freedoms
will naturally
involve and evolve sovereignty with self-evident, self-correcting VIRTUES
for our self-regulating and self-correcting
self-elevation (read 'salvation') of, by and
for all of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Common sense today honors this vision of
virtue and valor with the vow for victory iin
global village Net reality as can now define, refine, combine and 'shine' capabilities of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet
with interactive response ability to culture
Conscience at the heart of social networks.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison


      The Internet is our window into Net reality.
  Social networks on the Internet are like
    town hall meetings where we assemble.
     How we window into our social networks
 defines how our Net reality represents
rights in the public sphere...

  Culturing social
       ubiquitous social network communities.

      The more we assemble with well-rounded
Conscience in our social networks,
       the better the prospects for our prosperity
      that follows from intent for a meritocracy.

     Thomas Jefferson, author of our Independence,
     had an uncanny sense of the importance of the
    natural law governing personal/public morality
   with meritocracy as the "natural aristocracy"
  that honors divine rights in the public sphere.

"There is a natural aristocracy among men.
   The grounds of this are virtue and talent."

~ Thomas Jefferson

     Jefferson's intent for personal/public sovereignty
   with the morality of a meritocracy would today
   translate to Freedom of Assembly by way of
     social Conscience in our global social networks.
       Since the common wealth of virtue and talent will
     only rule if that 'natural aristocracy' is the rule...
       common sense of, by and for our commonwealth
      compels well-rounded rights in the public sphere
    whereby the best and brightest ideas for public
     service may rise like cream to the top of civility.


The interactive Internet empowers response ability.
 Response ability for our collective self governance
is represented through interactive free speech.
Response ability is essential for responsibility
for the conscientious common sense that
wants what ought to be for all humanity.

The more full-spectrum conscience we bring to problems,
   the more light language we bring for holistic solutions.

It is the pure intent of "full spectrum light" (intelligence)
in the Net reality networks of our social Conscience
that will most likely upgrade our core freedoms.

That will naturally occur as our social networks
"define, refine, combine (synergize) & shine"
(link the light) of collective wisdom in our
consciousness, BEING and world.

"May the father of all mercies scatter light, and not darkness,
upon our paths, and make us in all our several vocations
useful here, and in His own due time and way,
everlastingly happy. "
~ George Washington (letter to the  Hebrew Congregation in
Newport, August  1790

 As a simple yet profound essential whole,
these defined, combined and synergized
   gifts of collective wisdom, via free speech,
 will highlight a system of representation
 - interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm -
   as involves/evolves the common sense of
everlasting happiness for the 'Family of
in our all-connected Net reality.


   The modern printing page is one's computer/Internet monitor;
a palm-top, laptop or desk-top interface for Net reality.

   Approx. 4 billion global Netizens thus monitor the
   state of core freedoms being expressed by
  the power that claims liberty for all.
The use and abuse of power
 by the most powerful
  is accountable
   to truth.

The higher the accountability to truth in good Conscience,
the greater the results for culturing social 

in our local/global social network communities.

  The appeal of, by and for more light as Conscience
is the natural appeal of a personal and planetary
 paradigm shift to healthy, holistic and otherwise
holy spirit as good will, gracing public opinion
Freedom of Conscience = Liberty + Morality

This New World of instant-everywhere-interactive
Net reality thus thrives in the image and likeness
   of co-Creation with the Creator-Source of
Wisdom and
that reflects and perfects our
rights- in the public sphere- with
checks and balance-
in all dimensions- of
'The Constitution of Conscience'

 "Public opinion sets bounds to every government,
 and is
the real sovereign in every free one."

~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution



Every belief system is represented on the Internet.
"Organized spirit" is an oxymoron to a free spirit.

Yet the more information we have, the greater is the need
to get it all in order with interactive mass TeLeComm
and come-in-unity
processes that will optimize our
core freedoms via pure intent for virtue and talent
as response-able co-creators of a meritocracy
whereby the best ideas for the abundant life
are recognized and implemented for our
conscious evolutionary ascension into
  a unity dimension of common sense:
  United Sovereignty Conscience.

The higher the concept of universal-cosmic LOVE,
the greater the results for unity in our diversity.

"If a man reaches the heart of his own religion,
he has reached the heart of all religions.”

 ~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

It ain't rocket science folks. God is Love.
He that dwells in God, dwells in Love.
Fearless-perfect Love casts out fear.

Those who fear are not made perfect in Love.
The greater the LOVE, the less fear.
(paraphrased from 1 John 4: 16,18)

"The civil rights of none, shall be abridged
 on account of religious belief or worship,
          nor shall any national religion be established,
             nor shall the full and equal rights of Conscience
           be in any manner, or on any pretext infringed."
          ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution
              and 4th U.S. President from 1789-1797; this quote
              is from a proposed amendment to the Constitution,
   given in the House of Representatives, 1789



 to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This core 'Capstone Right' is the protector of all other rights.
 The four sides of the 'pyramid' of Constitutional freedoms all
  come together with this ability for self-correction through an
   interactive communication process that makes government
  accountable to the public service purpose it serves...
 The Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances.

   The great disconnect with all-connected Net reality today
can be seen in the
historical context and original intent
of U.S. Founders for a moral compass - 'God Vision' -
represented in the "capstone" (Great Seal of the U.S.)

Fixing the prevailing horse-and-buggy representation system
  with contemporary Space Age telecommunication capabilities
  is a way to fix virtually every violation against the Constitution.

An individual or civilization can rise no higher
than those shared values of sacred worth as
define, refine and shine whol-
E purpose.

  The higher the standard of
E-valuation criteria
for our Net reality, the greater the results for
    culturing social conscience in social networks.

The Genesis of Freedom

The business of evolutionary ascent for all humanity is
 based on the currency of abundant
Conscience for our
E-valuation" (discernment) at the heart of Net reality.

  The more truly universal the Evaluation criteria via
the '
meta-language' for both the origination and
 "real-time" (instant)
valuation of our Net reality,
the more 'light' as discernment we bring to the
self-correcting, self-healing and self-governing
process of 'self-elevation as salvation' with a
mature social
Conscience in social networks.
   Our five core Constitutional freedoms frame the
    Constitution of Conscience with common sense
    of divine rights-
in the public sphere- for our
 "co-Creation" (checks and balances-
) in all
  all four archetypal 'dimensions'-
of .

  This light-languaging process cultures the holy spirit
-in-action that integrates all our other core
 freedoms in a process of "information's ecology" --
  the recycling of general knowledge with
that empowers the wisdom of, by and for .
  Rule of Law via the Law of always frames
  the spirit of core Constitutional freedoms
at heart.
 This is the power of love as the
Spirit that matters
as always rules via the golden rule/law language
 that has empowered every golden age in history.

  The more that TeLeComm with  is the 'gold standard' for
culturing the Currency of Conscience in our social networks,
the more that abundant  will thrive as that ‘currency’.

In the cosmic scheme of things, what goes around comes around.
To the extent that these '
Five Core Freedoms' go around" in our
global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality,
virtue and talent will rise like cream to the top in our social
networks... because the light of truth and love provides
a Higher Power that naturally dispels its absence.

“Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by fear of punishment
and the other by arts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and
permanent than power derived from fear of punishment.”
~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

If we are to own our own lives, learning, health and the
business of conscious evolution with our Net reality
- the purpose of enlightened mankind as kind men -
then we must, indeed, understand and agree
that the golden rule/law language for civility
is the 'gold standard' for civilization that
ultimately provides the cultural DNA
for all our social networks and the
Net reality of our
as the Family of Mankind
in a new global village
of ALL-connected
common sense

 Full-Spectrum Enlightenment
with the
Emerging Blueprint

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All “Rights” ( ) Well “Rounded” ( ) & “Synergized” ( )
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
United State; Co-Creation's Dimension:  

Whatever we do to the web of quantum reality
we do to ourselves, co-Creating '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

Look to SEE - Know to BE - the Nature of Spiritual Geometry:
The Law of the Angles of
G.O.D.” (Geometry Of Divinity)
frames the “Language of the Angels of

(our better divine-humane-loving nature).

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~ C.R.