The 2014 Shift In Our Net Reality

 Mediating the 'New Media',
Keeping the
Heart in Mind

“The media is the message.”
~ Marshall McLuhan

 Social media is defining, refining and combining
  the full spectrum of Netizen gifts and talents with
   an instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality,
   shining social conscience in our social networks.

Enlightened Shift Happens!

       2014 heralds big changes in our new global village
 and there's no opportunity more promising than
     the mainstreaming of a vision for TeLeComm with
heartware, a universal interface for global TLC.

  by Christopher Rudy, published April 8, 2014
Upgraded July 24, 2014

The most common response I get from readers
  is for a more comprehensive explanation of the
 concept of ‘
heartware’ as the next phase of the
     computer/Internet revolution to follow advances
    from hardware (IBM) and software (Microsoft) to
     netware (Netscape's pioneering of the InterNet).

  Net reality  has arrived and
   quantum reality  is maturing.

    For those who would appreciate insight into
 2014’s ‘Big Shift’, here are some commonly
    asked questions about heartware™ and with
      explanations that are simpler than previously.

Keep in mind the quantum reality whereby
  the focus of attention on any experiment or
experience will morph the results in terms
 qualified by the intention of your attention.

  Fearless faith naturally heals faithless fear.
   Keep the faith in long-term global solutions
and short-term action for their fulfillment.

   Victory virtues will overcome victim dictum
D.U.H. (Dense-Unaware-Heartless).

    The higher the expectation and anticipation
    of optimal results, the greater those results
       for the highest and best service to humanity.

    For our common sense RESOLUTION...
     Paradigm shift always includes concepts and
        terms that have not been common previously.

  'Global TeLeCommis such a concept.

 In a global village of instant-everywhere
and interactive Internet capabilities, we
   now have the opportunity for a system of
operative communication coordination.
 What we do to the web of consciousness
   with our global TeLeComm capabilities,
we do to ourselves as a holistic whole.

When we co-create social conscience
    in our local and global social networks,
   then our conscientious common sense
   directs us, perfects us and protects us.

  The pure intent of, by and for all of “US
- United Sovereigns of Earth -
   naturally focuses attention on a process
     for involving and evolving our individual
          and collective common sense resolution
         for a more enlightened and conscientious
       Effective Sensory Perception at the heart
        of the TeLeComm process that optimizes
              the web of conscious evolution capabilities.

       In previous articles I’ve explained how an
heartware interface for mass-
TeLeComm will rapidly culture
     “common sense” (social conscience) in
         our all-connected global social networks.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."
~ Helen Keller

         A simple explanation of heartware with frequently asked questions:

Heartware™ integrates existing hardware, software and netware to provide a standardized interactive Internet interface for culturing social conscience in our ubiquitous global social network communities. This process involves and evolves
the currency of conscience and Universal Self Care™ for global holistic healing in government, education, health care and the economy.


All social, political and economic problems are, at core, communication problems; how ‘Spaceship Earth’ comes into unity with our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.  These capabilities define a global village in potential but still lack an ‘Operations Manual’ for personal/public win/win in our local/global social networks.

Social media is the message; our social consciousness is morphing rapidly. How we mediate our new Net reality will determine how fast and how well global society moves towards highly decentralized, everywhere-connected “Net roots” (the new grassroots) with mass interaction models of cooperative communications for culturing social conscience and holistic healing in our social networks.

This ‘Big Shift’ in paradigms has profound implications for systemic change.  As interactive telecomm makes old models of top-down, one-way mass programming increasingly obsolete, the new technology capabilities naturally disrupt the status quo. Normalcy bias is disrupted by cognitive dissonance as fearless faith in a whole systems upgrade challenges faithless fear of change in deeply entrenched institutions.

This is a ‘perfect storm’ – compelling drama --  that will either lead to systemic upgrade of our global communications infrastructure, or by default, the institutionalized incentives that profit from war, disease, disinformation and destruction of the environment will do what they’ve always done for devolution of humanity.


Interactive social media is sometimes referred to as ‘web. 2.0’; platforms for public-to-public communications.  Facebook is the contemporary success model for social network communications. But this model is still either ‘one-to-one’ (chat) or ‘one-to-many’ for both the origination and evaluation of content.  Real-time “mass-to-mass” (many-to-many) is an abstract concept, like trying to explain what the Internet would look like BEFORE the Internet.  But this next phase of the computer/Internet revolution will become a reality with heartware™. 

The advantage for everyone will be the rapid culturing of social conscience in social networks “with a heart” (heart coherence) and ‘cognitive congruence’. The synergy of these two concepts, as explained at multiple websites, is like the ‘symbiosis’ of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Like RAM and ROM in a computer, the creative learning process involves synergies with both linear thinking and non-linear intuition at the heart of both Heartware™ and Universal Self Care

Understanding how this works requires a basic comprehension of the language of consciousness that heartware™ frames at the interactive interface for real-time mass-to-mass communication. This languaging involves both content origination and evaluation processes with a frame of reference for universal archetypes in geometry, psychology (Jung) and “spirituality” (Effective Sensory Perception).


The computer/Internet revolution has evolved with ‘ephemeralization’ whereby less is more. Hardware emphasis with giant mainframe computers evolved to software emphasis on desk-top computers, and then netware emphasis whereby the ‘computer’ is the network of computers.  Now we are on the threshold of ‘quantum computing’ with heartware, an interactive interface for mass-to-mass interaction that registers ‘heart coherence’ as well as ‘cognitive congruence’.

The problem of contemporary information overload, which is just as debilitating as sensory deprivation, is to organize all information IN FORMATION. This requires a standardized topology interface model that is truly universal as a function of natural law, quantum reality, and ‘biomimicry’, the biological model that corresponds directly to the processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of ‘self-governance’.

Heart coherence is a frequency that is measured with simple biofeedback apps, developed by Dan Winter, and mind congruence is a ‘psyche-feedback’ readout of collective 3-number input at any one moment of a video.

Heartware™ is also an essential process at the heart of Universal Self Care™ whereby an empirical database model of what works best for one’s metabolic type (blood type) and current symptom profiles is fine-tuned with user results, medical parameters, and support groups mediated via heartware™.


Heartware is like ‘cultural DNA’ for optimizing ‘information’s ecology’, the recycling of general knowledge in that way that generates wisdom with whole systems meaning, value and purpose. Social networks are our new ‘community commons’, and conscientious common sense naturally becomes more common as we evolve with cooperative ‘come-into-unity’ processes through public origination and evaluation of content that cultures our social conscience.

The last frontier of global humanity will be inner space as well as outer space, and heartware™ provides the ‘e-valuation criteria’ for a ‘cyberEthics’ portal from Internet to the ‘InnerNet’ of our vast untapped human potential.  Witness the synergies between cyberspace and inner space as unprecedented search capabilities and knowledge power compels that we do better as well as we know better.

Resent statistics show that about 3 billion global Netizens are now connecting to the worldwide web with smartphones, tablets, lap-tops and desk-top computers. The vision alone – how heartware™ and Universal Self Care™ works to serve all of humanity – can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy of self-correcting “self-elevation” (salvation).

As Chief Seattle once said, "Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."


As a long-time whole systems geek “BC” (Before Computers), I was enthralled with the Buckminster Fuller inspired Whole Earth Catalog in the 60’s and early 70’s.  That’s why I attended Bucky’s month-long World Game Studies Workshop at the University of Pennsylvania in the summer of 1974.

At this World Game, I gave a group lecture on the core concepts of mass-to-mass communication capabilities for defining a new ‘World Game’.  Members of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ‘Committee For The Future’ at that lecture asked me to attend a 3-day SYNCON (SYNergy CONvergence), a ‘futurist summit on Capital Hill’ that November.  There I gave the final address to ten agencies of the federal government who were looking to the future of the “Bicentennial Era” (’76-’89).  I summed it up with a vision of how to best celebrate the Founders’ revolutionary spirit with utilization of modern space age communication capabilities to upgrade our horse-and-buggy legislative system with better public representation and accountability for our self-governing systems. 

That  was the genesis of heartware™ which I coined in 2000, recognizing the trend fit of the computer/Internet revolution via evolving emphasis from hardware, software and netware to what I had conceived and believed could achieve global ‘TeLeComm’ with more heart.

From the late 70’s to early 90’s, I developed three holistic healing centers, pioneered quantum medicine and fine-tuned the protocols for Universal Self Care™.


It’s happening in ‘baby steps’ now.  Did you read the recent news of a global consortium of leading Internet visionaries who are championing ‘the web we all want”? See the articles and videos HERE and HERE.

One of the most important things I learned at Bucky’s World Game was the ‘interaction matrix’ for cross-referencing world game objectives with resources. Once we identify what we want to achieve to best optimize the ‘World Game’, we must then get congruent about which resources can be best utilized to ‘make it so!’

If global unity in our diversity is the goal, then a ‘World Game’ model of modern communication capabilities must be utilized to achieve this in a way that will most likely culture peace, love and sustainability of abundant life on Earth. That’s the potential of heartware™.

If a vision of holistic healing for Earth’s 7.2+ billion inhabitants is the goal, then a ‘World Game’ model of free, on-line in-formed choice services for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all dis-ease will be utilized for the 3 billion Netizens that are already connecting with the Internet. That’s the potential of Universal Self Care™.

The synergy of Heartware™ and Universal Self Care™ is far greater for the ‘currency of conscience’ than their separate contributions spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

Sustainability of any superlative ‘World Game’ model is a critical issue that I’ve never seen better defined than in this article at ZeroHedge at:  While that article is strong on the problem, it is weak on any systemic solution such as heartware™ and Universal Self Care™.

Watch this video to understand why the current system of government
is systemically plundering the middle class, and is NOT sustainable:

The Threat to American Democracy
by Bernie Sanders

  Published March 27, 2014 / Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks on the Senate floor
 about skyrocketing income for 1% and increasing austerity for the rest of us.
This is the 'Fuller Challenge' we face for big win/win rather than big win/lose.

This video should make it obvious that the extreme imbalance of the wealth and power of 1% creates powerful demand for accelerated social transformation by the 99%. The prospects are thus positive for acceptance of innovative standards for integrative medicine and mass-to-mass interaction as optimized with heartware™. With vision, holistic healing begins.

Just as the best health care cultures preventive health assurance – and the best media cultures social conscience – so will a compelling vision for synergizing the benefits of both most likely win the hearts and minds of the public with widespread support of a Bill of Rights for the web.  See: "The Web We All Want".  Consider: 'The Constitution of Conscience'.


The reality of heart coherence standards has been well established by the extensive research and development of Dan Winter, and his ‘heartsring’ app for the iphone has received international acclaim and usage over this last year.  As a standard for ‘heart-centered’ consciousness, this breakthrough has vast potential when synergized with the real-time mass-to-mass interaction capability of heartware™.

There are well established self care websites like WebMed and SelfCareForum that provide a lot of information on different health conditions, but these web sites are largely biased towards allopathic drugs-per-symptom medicine with little regard to the respective strengths and weakness of naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and quantum medicine for different health conditions. Integrative medicine with Universal Self Care™ will dramatically upgrade the health care debate with ‘health assurance’ standards and support groups for different health conditions that are ‘mediated’ via heartware™.

This is a good example of the synergy that heart coherence and well-informed choice can bring to social network communities holistically: spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.


It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide have seen the Thrive Movement website and documentary, and are following developments.

This last week, the Thrive Movement published a comprehensive overview of the pathological problem with the medical-industrial complex that is virtually killing us with disease profiteering at the expense of health optimization as could now go mainstream worldwide – very quickly – with Universal Self Care™.

See this THRIVE presentation:

Empowering Your Health Beyond Monsanto and
the American Medical Association


  Seize the Vision: How Universal Self Care Works;
Embrace the Virtue: Take Heart with Heartware;
  Make the Vow with Valor: Co-Create Net Reality;
 Claim the Victory: A Global
TeLeComm Upgrade.

Conceive it and believe it to achieve it:
Whole Systems Upgrade.

"Believe in yourself!  Have faith in your abilities!
   Without a humble but reasonable confidence in
  your own powers you cannot be successful or
~ Norman Vincent Peale


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