Global Power Shift to the Abundant Life

 About 4 billion "Netizens" (global on-line citizens),
  are discovering that
clean free energy technology
is available to replace toxic petrochemical fuels.
"We would have universal abundance."
~ Adam Trombly, New Energy Inventor

 This is the GLOBAL CHOICE that heals
 core status quo institutional resistance;
to upgrade
global TeLeComm for our
  upgrade to abundant social conscience.

by Christopher Rudy, Heartcom Network

Updated March 12, 2016


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'Global Transformation and Ascension'

Please consider that 7.4+ billion lives on Earth are at stake. Thanks for affirming 
the 'New Common Sense' that -- with this global power shift -- will make it so!

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There are approximately 7.4+ billion global citizens today, according to real-time world population statistics.  At the current rate that global Net reality 'hook up' is growing, according to 'Global Net Reality Statistics' (PDF file) -- it is projected that
4 billion global Netizens will be connected with Net reality in a short time that other studies say has already occurred as shown in the following chart:

What we do to the web of consciousness
 is what we do to ourselves as a WHOLE;
the Family of Man in our Global Village.
Consider that it took 12 years of the Internet revolution for 1.25 billion global Netizens to connect in an instant-everywhere and interactive way. But then it took only 6 years more to reach 2.6 billion Internet users. And now we are seeing half the world's population sharing the worldwide web of consciousness.
Most Internet usage growth is in developing countries
 where free-energy technology can now truly empower
  or otherwise liberate extraordinary abundance with the
   development of heart-qualified 'smart' which by itself
   is often the prelude of the revelation of public power
  for our conscientious evolutionary ascent with a global
  revolution of social Conscience in our social networks.
What we do to the least developed among us, we do to ourselves. Family is what the holy spirit of love-in-action does, and social networks naturally involve and evolve social Conscience (with a capital 'C') as distinguishes REAL community from the 'virtual' or 'pseudo' communities that lack heart-qualified 'smart'.
 Social consciousness (with a small 'c')
may be conscious, but not WHOLLY
 'Self' actualized with one's higher Self
 as the mediator for our wholEness in
   The Field of upgraded common sense.
All the power struggles on the world stage will be made obsolete by free-energy self-reliance of all the countries of the world. Think about that.  All the wars over oil and the petrodollar-backed currency will be out of business. Expensive scarcity can't compete with abundant FREE. Information wants to be FREE in our global Net reality just as in your local library. And the Internet has sparked the global surge in FREEDOM MOVEMENTS to know better and do better for the abundant life.
Consider what that will look like
and how it will naturally evolve.
Energy independence and people power go hand-in-hand with universal rules for:

 1- Worldwide self governing sovereignty,
 2- Decentralized self-learning Net reality,
3- Personalized self-healing capabilities,
 4- E-valuation criteria for 'cyberEthics' at
heart of self-reliant TeLeCommerce.

The next economy will be based on abundant, clean and virtually free energy from the vacuum of space, technology pioneered by Nikola Tesla more than a hundred years ago, and suppressed every since. Now it's a compelling choice that is naturally emerging with the currency of Conscience that makes scarcity consciousness obsolete.
Free energy and freedom of Conscience
 is no longer just an option, but more so a
   compelling vision of virtue and valor for the
     victory of intention for conscious ascension.
So please forward this email freely. It is the 'Currency of Conscience' that will define and refine the Next Economy as self-evident solutions become abundant, naturally replacing the bankrupt system of scarcity economics.
The vision alone, winning from the beginning,
 is the spark of conscientious common sense
  that builds wildfires in global social networks
with social Conscience that will make it so!
This vision of the 'Global Powershift' is far more that just the emerging free-energy technology for liberating the physical power that gives true energy independence to the Netizens of Earth. It also liberates spiritual power in "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth), as will conceive, believe and achieve the abundant life ALL WAYS...
'The TLC Blessing' of Social Conscience in our Social Networks:
 Self-governing TeLeCommunity, locally and globally;
TeLeConscience, personal and netwide;
TeLeCare, free on-line Global TeLeCare;
TeLeCommerce, free from scarcity consc.
Common sense would say that an abundance of energy for power, wisdom and healing love will sooner or later make 'scarcity economics' -- the oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' -- obsolete.
"No problem can be solved from the same level of
consciousness that created it."
~ Albert Einstein
The dysfunctional self-sabotaging paradigm paralysis of 'scarcity economics' is deeply embedded in core social institutions that are now 'deconstructing' for failing to serve the purpose for which they were created; the abundant life. It is the 'stinking thinking' of 'scarcity's value' which tolerates the institutionalized corruption
that conceals, wastes and outright destroys abundant peace, health and opportunity as could now be liberated to overcome war, disease and public austerity policies.
As global Netizens wake up to the opportunity
and the opposition to world peace and health,
   they are compelled to wise up and stand up for
the big shift: 'Aquarian Golden Age Reboot'.
This extraordinary opportunity for global humanity at this unprecedented time is a challenge for giant impersonal corporations in collusion with huge self-serving government bureaucracies that serve scarcity's value for their prosperity in exchange for public austerity, the inevitable win/lose 'fruit' of scarcity economics.
    The 'value of scarcity' sabotages the value of virtue.
   Institutionalized corruption that profits from scarcity
   creates and manages scarcity of peace and health
   through the military-medical industrial complex and
   media-industrial complex; war & disease for profit.

That COMPLEX of profits-before-people corruption
will naturally be neutralized by social Conscience
at the heart of 'The Blessing' for the Net reality
of all of "U.S." (United Sovereigns of Earth).
"The blessing came silently in the night.
  Everyone was fast asleep at the time.
No one knew what would happen -
how it is transforming illusion in
ways that are far different than
they ever imagined, and yet,
far better than ever hoped
for in their most inspired
 dreams of possibility."
~ from: The Blessing

Holistic healing of systemic corruption and disruption of holistic health is the same process in your body (see TeLeCare) as also naturally cultures social Conscience in social networks of the 'body politic' (See TeLeConscience).

When we know better
- in good Conscience -
  we naturally do better.
Personal and public healing naturally requires that we come out of cherished illusions, willful ignorance and outright denial of the dysfunction and 'dis-ease' afflicting global civility. This requires a more inclusive way of thinking about the all-connected fabric of "whole health" (spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well as physically) in government, education, health care and the economy.
This is as true for social Conscience in social networks
as it is true for each individual's conscious evolution. 
We each and all have the opportunity to optimize  personal wholEness and global healing with the 'TeLeComm Blessing':
Spiritually: WholEness as social Conscience in social networks...
                   pure intention; divine will as represents the 'Loving Father'
                   archetype at the heart of 'God Governing TeLeComm'.

Mentally: Cognitive congruence along more enlightened lines...
                 focused attention on divine law as represents the 'Loving Sun'
                 archetype framing the 'Constitution of Conscience' shining at
                 the "interface" (heart) of 'mass-to-mass TeLeConscience'.

Emotionally: "Energy-in-motion" (E-motion) as heart coherence...
                      love's retention (intelligence of the heart) as represents
                      the 'Loving Mother' archetype; heart standard for 'smart'
                      as will co-Create global health with 'Universal TeLeCare'.

Physically: Centered-connected components to the 'capstone'...   
                      conscious ascension in the dimension that represents the
                      'Loving Girl Child' archetype of "Holy Spirit" (LOVE-in-action)
                      at the heart of an economics of abundance; TeLeCommerce.
      That's the SOLUTION: to KNOW THY SELF in the image and likeness of a
                                          personal and planetary model for 'The Blessing'.
1- Government out of control: The whole world now knows that 9-11 was
a false-flag operation with intent for global petrodollar hegemony by seizing
power sources and pipelines in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.
   More than a million civilians were killed in the process.
Millions more have become impoverished refugees.
 Global insecurity is created in the name of 'security'.
   Freedoms are suspended by orchestrated insecurity.
    The American public are also victims of corp. tyranny.
 Covert population control and reduction policies are
   making a killing with profits-before-people pathology.
2- Education that is heartless: Smart without heart is the mechanization matrix that makes robots out of people.  When 'politically correct' becomes "morally wrong" (heartless), there is no vision; the people perish. Heartless policies that prefer war and public disease for the profit of Wall Street is a form of predation against Main Street populations worldwide. It is NOT sustainable; this unconscionable 'greed parasite is destroying the civilization that hosts it.
Billions of global Netizens are now becoming aware
   that our new all-connected Net reality will be blessed
    by the interactive TeLeComm capabilities that nurture
   social Conscience in social networks with heartware.
3- Health care that is 97.5% disease care: When public health care became privatized for profit as a priority to optimal public health, the cost has naturally skyrocketed with more sickness and less health. Insurance, for sickness care, merely insures a bigger fraction of the action for insurance middlemen as more people get sicker more often. There is no healing of systemic insanity in the body politic without public awareness of self-evident self-healing capabilities that make self-destructive war and disease incentives obsolete.
Free on-line Universal Self Care with
global health assurance policies will
naturally culture global public health.
4- The economics of scarcity creates scarcity:  The end game for 'scarcity's value' is a self-sabotaging economic system with sociopathic policies that prevail for the profit and power of those creating war and disease. But that game is ending. The Internet has shown us the potential of abundant truth and love; the TLC blessing as the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution... with a heart.
Poverty consciousness heals with abundant Conscience.
Abundant Conscience mediates for 'Higher Power'.
Higher Power resonates with 'Free Energy'.
Free Energy empowers prosperity.

Public prosperity with abundant Conscience
makes public austerity policies obsolete.

The highly organized suppression of optimal public health, peace and prosperity will only profit from public war, disease and austerity if the public continues with victim values rather than victory virtues. It's that simple.
We have the power to liberate our own power...
  to be free and independent sovereigns of Earth.


   Is it true that global Netizens are now awakening to
 the opportunity for free online Universal Self Care
 with 'quantum medicine' capabilities that will make
   the current monopoly of toxic drug-based medicine
  look like an unenlightened 'Dark Age of Medicine'?
      Will we finally reverse the mass dying of life on Earth
     due to giant impersonal corporations that have been
    making a killing, literally, for their profit and power
   to poison our air-water-food life support systems?
Most of the civilized world now knows that the fabricated 'war on terror' has been a war against world peace, orchestrated by banksters, big oil and the military-industrial war profiteers with their mainstream media sycophants who make a killing by suppressing the truth of clean free energy technology that could liberate global humanity from scarcity economics and the toxic petrochemical pollutants that are poisoning our air, water and food.
The greatest power you have is your choice.
 The choice is victory virtues or victim dictum.
 The power of CHOICE is power of INTENT;
forward freely with love that is for giving,
Stuck In Negativity as 'SIN';
for getting.

If we don't use the Internet to liberate the "power of divine love" (social Conscience) in our ubiquitous social networks, we could lose it. That can only happen if we forget the source of "Sovereignty Conscience" (Higher Power) within us.

Forgetting the divine -- the sense of separation from 'Source-Creator-God' -- is the cause of all suffering. This is what happens when 'God Government' is inverted, subverted and perverted by 'government god'. That should be self-evident by now. The devolution of core Constitutional freedoms since 911 has been gradual but devastating... degenerating into demoralizing dysfunction that denigrates the unprecedented opportunity for the abundant life staring us in the face.

The greater the challenge of dark side 'powers-that-were',
  the greater the victory of global TeLeComm enlightenment.

We can thank the dark side's terror, treachery and tyranny tactics to provide dark contrast as a backdrop for the brilliant vision of virtue and valor for the victory of global conscious evolution with Aquarian prospects for universal freedom-in-love.
If enough good people do enough...
 to see the good and vow for victory,
'The Blessing' is sooner than later.
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

You never know if someone you forward this to will forward it to someone who has a unique way to mainstream this message for hundreds or thousands if not millions of people in social networks worldwide. So please...
~ Christopher

his is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

Global TeLeComm
for 'The Blessing'

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
United State; Co-Creation's Dimension:  

Whatever we do to the web of quantum reality
we do to ourselves, co-Creating '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


CopyRound © 2014-1016, Christopher Rudy
All 'Rights' Well-Rounded:)

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