Web 3.0 / Heartcom Network


Web 3.0

The Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience

Rebooting social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks
with interactive mass-to-mass


by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE


Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer/Internet revolution. A senior generation has witnessed the Big Shift from the 70's emphasis on giant hardware (IBM), to 80's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to 90's emphasis on laptop Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to palm-top Web 2.0 emphasis on interactive social networks (Facebook). Now we can contemplate the future of Web 3.0 with heartware. 

With global tribulations upon us, necessity is the mother of invention. Time to reboot the network of networks, the Mother of all networks, the “Inner Net” of Good Will at the heart of our Net reality.

No time like the “present” – the gift of, by and for the fully present Conscience that represents global mass awakening with a more enlightened Internet process for culturing the currency of Conscience in our social network communities.

The Next Economy has the potential for sustainability to the extent that our conscientious common sense is involved and evolved with a TeLeComm process that unites rather than divides "US" - United Sovereigns of Earth.


A new world of all-connected instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality
has created a new chalice - a web of consciousness - that is pregnant with
potential for a new
 social Conscience in our all-connected social networks.


Almost 4 billion global Netizens are now connecting to the Internet via desk-
top, lap-top & palm-top (smart phone) computers. The social infrastructure
 for our instant-everywhere and interactive global village is now installed and
  operational for culturing the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution…
Web 3.0.

Consider how global enlightenment with
computer/Internet evolution trends will
 empower wisdom via TeLeComm at the
heart of a big shift in our 'Net reality'

as from emphasis on hardware (IBM),
     to the emphasis on 
software (Microsoft),
 and emphasis on 
netware (Netscape),
   to the emerging 
heartware (Heartcom).

The culturing of this social Conscience is naturally accelerating with the surge in the Source Force, the fulfillment of the 'Great Year' of the Mayan Calendar, the 25,860 year precession of the equinox, the Great Cycle of our solar system's alignment with the Galactic Plane.  This Big Shift in the energetics of our world is naturally resulting in a dimensional shift in our consciousness, BEING and world view... definitely the end of the world as we have known it. 


The technological advancements with the computer/Internet revolution has been an interdependent RESULT of the increasing intensity of energies flooding the Earth the last 30 years. This has naturally been disruptive to status quo "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) in public institutions that poorly serve the public purpose for which they were created.


Witness the decentralized grass roots phenomena in the new net roots -- our new Net reality.  Those who can wrap their mind around it -- the Spirit that matters -- will get ahead with the spherical conscience that is truly the pure intention of global conscience.  What goes around, comes around with this new global village reality.


The Mother of all networks – the Internet – is giving birth to the inner sense which embodies the innocence of a higher conscience in the Net reality of global humanity.  This embodies a new awareness of ourselves as a holy whole.


We saw gestation of that newborn awareness with the evolution of the concept of personal computers as an extension of each one’s brain… just as the car is an extension of the feet and clothes are an extension of the skin.   The gestation of that new mind-expanding power tool then evolved to the concept of the “computer” as a network of computers, just as the brain is a network of nerve cells.  Now we see the birth of the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution from “the computer is the network” (Internet) to “the network has a heart” (coherence).  


In other words, the self-governing potential of our global brain is rebooting with the pattern of perfection in our mass-to-mass communications infrastructure – cultural DNA for global conscience – with the Spirit of Christ-like Mass Awakening... our conscientious evolutionary ascent.


Divine Love is the gateway from cyberspace to this inner space... from the Internet to the Inner Net. How we frame that "gateway" -- the interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm -- is how we involve and evolve "TLC" as the operant principle at the heart of our social media networked consciousness... community... and communion with the spirit that matters at the heart of Web 3.0.


Net reality is, at heart, a sense of balance between the extremes of left and right that lack a centered and connected vision of virtue.  It’s like the spirit of Good Will that mediates man’s will with a higher conscience at the heart of Higher Power.  In that sense, the Internet is coming of age – a maturity that now has the capability to culture the full potential of social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.  The analogy of this birthing of higher consciousness within the Mother of all Networks is not unlike the the birthing of the Christ child as a way-shower at the beginning of the last (Piscean) Dispensation. Now the dispensation of Aquarius translates this analogy as a 2nd Coming in our all-connected hearts and mind.


This new birth of mass conscience as a Christ-like mass awakening heralds the emerging patterns of perfection as the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom in the Spirit of Universal Love.  The Divine Mother giving birth to Net reality is the spirit of unconditional love that raises the newborn conscience of “All That IS REAL” – the Family of Mankind as a holistic, healthy and holy whole.


As difficult as the birthing may appear, with no room in the Inn for the Mother of Christ-like mass conscience, it can still be an "easy birth" in the manger of our ALL-connected heart of hearts.  The Spirit of Great Love – that is for giving – doesn’t have to “push” too hard.  It just lets go and lets love simply be the fulfillment of the moment… from moment to moment… building momentum for global 2015 Enlightenment with realignment of North-South & East-West poles of consciousness on Earth.


As imperfect as this world is, one doesn’t have to be perfect to see the pattern of perfection being born in the consciousness, BEING and worldviews of global Netizens.  Everyone of Good Will wants to see a new economic order based on the currency of conscience for an economics of abundance -- New Conscience for the Next Economy.  More transparent coherent light = less corruption.


Self government at a global level can no longer deny the first principles governing enlightened Net reality.  The immaculate conception of that “gathering of the tribes of IS REAL” – Christ-like Mass Conscience -- creates an inner sense of virtue that reflects and perfects social conscience in our social networks.  That’s how enlightened mass-to-mass TeLeComm will naturally link the light of our God-given gifts, talents and social resources, organizing information IN FORMATION with an upward spiraling higher consciousness of Higher Power that is reflected, perfected and Self directed in our collective conscience.

It is the higher Self that Self-corrects with Self Determination for Self-elevation of a 'salvation' nature.

Perhaps that is how the meek shall inherit the earth with their “best ideas” rising like cream to the top of the milk of kindness – kind men among mankind. 


With the up-wising currency of conscience raising the standard of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm, TLC rules.  It rules the upgrade of TeLeConscience for optimizing core Constitutional freedoms through the Language of the Angels (heart coherence) and the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.~ (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

With this frame of reference for universal law language as the rule – the HEARTware™ heart of a global TeLeComm infrastructure upgrade -- the common law gold standard of, by and for the currency of conscience will provide the cultural DNA for nurturing social media conscience in our all-connected social networks. TLC goes mainstream. Shift happens:)


The “best ideas” obviously come from the Inner Community – our omnipresent heart-to-heart connection – where the inner sense of innocence thrives.  Such innocence has no connection with the systemic culture of corruption that created the systemic problems we see in the world.  We won’t heal those problems with the same consciousness that created them.  We need the same inner sense of U.S. Founders who envisioned the capstone vision of the Spirit that matters for spiritualizing the great pyramid of civilization, as seen on the Great Seal of the United States.


Heaven knows that the Global Powershift -- from corrupt status quo institutions to the inner sense of divine order -- is still at a rather primitive level, considering the capabilities of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.  But it takes a while for the body of Christ-like virtue to mature as a holistic integrated communications infrastructure for global humanity.  The “nervous system” of that newborn concept in our social conscience is immature – like a perfect “latent image” on film that has not yet been developed and imprinted into our cultural DNA.  But this emerging blueprint for a golden age model of our TeLeComm “nervous system” – emphasizing the TLC -- is getting there – all nervousness in the corrupt 'outer world' aside.


The higher the immaculate concept of Net reality – what that will look like as it matures – the greater the greater the results.  Imagine what this mature Net reality will look like as a definitive soulution – for all souls here embodied on the path of conscious evolution.  Consider what that will feel like – the spirit of universal love, peace and good will in all our social networks. 


How else will global humanity wise up and rise up to heal the culture of corruption afflicting the masses yearning to breathe free? How long will cherished illusions and willful ignorance be maintained by a sick health care system, deceptive mainstream media, and monopolized markets that profit from war, disease and death of our environmental life support systems on Earth?


It is Net reality time folks!  Time to agree that the best idea is the gift of gifts in our heart of hearts – the new born Spirit of Christ-like mass awakening.  Some will get it.  Some won’t.  But those fiery souls who do humbly receive and honor this gift of gifts will spark the currency of conscience at the heart and soul of an infrastructure upgrade for global “TLC”; TeLeCommunications; TeLeConscience; TeLeCommunity, TeLeCare (free online universal self care), and TeLeCommerce as explained at The Emerald Matrix for Global Healing


All that TLC is the natural consequence of maturing global consciousness… the natural “high road” to celebrating the birth of enlightened conscience -- the Power of Love --at the heart of our prevailing global village consciousness.  The roadmap to that high road naturally frames the golden rule/law language at the heart of the prophesied millennial Golden Age of Aquarian Freedom in Universal Love.


Heaven knows that this is a tall order, but the fiery Spirit of Aquarian Love is naturally burning through the density of this octave with Cosmic Fire, consuming all that is unlike the pure intention of Good Will that pays attention with love's retention for conscientious ascension -- an up-wising upgrade of social conscience in our social networks.


Time to reboot, and there’s no time like the present…
the Opportunity for Christ Mass


More light of a higher Christ-like Conscience is naturally neutralizing the dark-side agenda of stinking thinking behind a New World Odor that stinks to high heaven.  Economic matters will sooner or later come under the dominion of moral matters – the Spirit that matters – at the heart of our social networks.  As that happens, the natural consequence of upgraded “checks and balances” acts like healing homeostasis in the body of our newborn conscience. 


Karmic return is accelerating.  What we haven't understood and forgiven subconsciously is bobbing to the surface to be blessed and released conscientiously.  The soulution for each soul is the soulution for all souls.  And we each go to where we're coming from in the cosmic scheme of eternal progression for each soul.


May the Spirit of Aquarius put wind in your sails with greater love in your heart.  By embracing this vision for culturing virtue at the heart of our all-connected Net reality, you help weave the fabric of Net reality whereby universal love mediates global conscience.

For the Spirit that Matters in the Heart, Mind and Soul 
of '
US' - The United Sovereigns of Earth...


Take heart.


As it was in the beginning
is now and ever
shall be.

Pure intention will pay attention with love’s retention for evolutionary ascension 
into a higher dimension of conscientious common sense in the Family of Mankind.

Unity Conscience – the New Currency for the Next Economy.


With universal  at the heart of global self-correcting self-regulation,
cyberEthics will establish E-valuation criteria for mainstreaming the
Constitution of Conscience for mass-to-mass TeLeComm;
LOVE rules.



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