Dimensional Shift 
The mysteries of heaven on Earth
- as above, so below -
are not a mystery when known.

There is a common law, universal cosmic law,  
that governs the order of the universe and our
  accountability for choices in the grand scheme
of personal and planetry evolutionary ascent.

  The divine prime directive has always infused the
 secular with the sacred, and now that process is
 accelerating in our DNA, conscience and world.

By Christos Lightweaver

Published 9-9-2009  
  Upgraded 11-11-2018
 and 5-5-2021
 and 6-5-2022
    and 4-20-2023



"Eye of God" Nebula

World change is occurring so fast that in 100 years we have
   evolved from horse mail to
 instant global e-mail, and the rate
of change is accelerating with a
 Systemic '
Frequency Shift'
affecting our conscious evolution
 with Dimensional Shift
 'thinning of the veil' – general  enlightenment worldwide.

Those who understand what's really going on 
- the cosmic scheme of
 Galactic Alignment -
will take advantage of this Dimensional Shift.

   The better one's understanding of the 'cosmic clock'
 that is ticking off the
 Big Shift to O-Point energies,
 the greater the results for your part in co-creation.

Big drama is building with 'up-wising'
from the secular to the sacred.


To appreciate the whole picture of ‘Dimensional Shift’
consider that the personal and planetary
 holodeck is
like the holographic field of consciousness between
 your ears, connecting the
holographic universe with
   what is virtually a
giant prayer field – the Source Field 
of quantum light – 
that resonates as harmonic order
through universal frequencies of ‘heart coherence.

There are simple ways you can catch the wave 
 the current surge in the Source Field - 
and ride it HOME.



If you connect the dots, you realize that physical Earth Changes
are just the tip of the Dimensional Shift 'iceberg', 90% of which
we don't see but "floats all boats" in the 3-D matrix… higher.

Some would say this is the 90% of our DNA (or 90% of the brain)
 that we rarely use,but is being activated on the shift timeline for
    an unprecedented upgrade of our 'Effective Sensory Perception'
- a 'New Enlightenment' - as a holistic reboot of our conscious
 evolution via
up-wising & uprising (ascent) in conscience.   

Mankind has free will so anything is possible.
Practical spirituality takes responsibility for
the whole world that is your/our world.

That's the nature of multi-dimensional integrity
culturing pure intention as pays attention via
love's retention for evolutionary ascension
 in 5-D+ dimensions of full comprehension.

That's where this is going folks. Connect the dots
to a Big Picture of conscious evolution upgrade.
Get the picture?  Got it?  GOOD!

Realize that the veil of separation between
THE whole world and YOUR whole world
is rapidly thinning through the 2020's.


  It's one of the great mysteries, veiled in paradox,
"Only the whole can be made whole."   
One must step into the 'circle of wholeness'   
- the spherical Conscience that is truly spiritual -
   to conceive wholeness as was in the beginning,
   to believe the wholeness you will be in the end,
  and to achieve wholEness'  as a shift process.

We all know that what goes around, comes around, and
this means that the most difficult thing in the world
is to remain non-attached to worldly things,
but we have this assurance with us
that when 
LOVE is the rule,
love rules.

The universe has methods of divine order.
LOVE as a standard is universally valued.

  After all is said and done, love is for giving.
   It's the only thing that, the more we give 
it away, the more we actually have.

In full faith that love will prevail with Dimensional Shift,
pray conscientiously with pure intention for ascension
 so we will not be preyed upon by worldly energies that
   fail to embrace the Great Circle of WholEness in LOVE.

  As the shift to multi-dimensional wholEness'  goes mainstream,
the balanced 
power of wisdom with love naturally self-corrects
Power Shift from the OuterNet to the InnerNet (inner space).

This is the larger scheme of the 'Higher Power'
in a self-regulating, self-healing, self-elevating
prayer field aligned with the source field 
that we co-Create through our 
pure intention 
focused attention with love's retention for 
evolutionary ascension into the higher 5-D+ 
 dimensions of full spectrum comprehension.  
This Creative Ascent Process is the CAPstone
as a process to naturally define, refine, 
"combine" (synergize) and 
 our individual and collective 
Unity Conscience
as the one-for-all and 
'Dimensional Shift'

 So affirm this prayer field with conscientious common sense,
and confirm our resolve for the
 United Sovereigns of Earth  
  to determine Earth's rebirth via enlightenment as our prayer.

  At the highest level of Higher Power for our divine destiny,
may pure  intention direct our focused attention with
love's retention for evolutionary ascension

May we thus co-Create with Cosmic Love as our soul mediation;
 may we focus attention through Great Love as our meditation,
 and may we step into the Great Circle for our consecration,
 unveiling the global SPHERE OF ONENESS for realization
 as cultures personal and planetary ascent regeneration.

 May we learn All That IS REAL in the Great Spirit
 that is gathering the global tribes of ISREAL in a
 'non-linear' (decentralized) web of Conscience
 as reflects what IS REAL in divine 

Heaven knows, we are ALL connected in
a worldwide web of light-consciousness  
with instant-everywhere and interactive  
 TeLeComm capabilities of greater

The Family of Mankind has arrived
 in a global village, thinning the veil
of separation in space and time...
 compelling common sense uniting
 with a spherical connection to the
 O-point (5D) energies at the heart
  of higher Power-in-Love governing
All That IS REAL. 

Resolving the global healing crisis begins in your consciousness.
The healing crisis is all a matter of inspired mind over matter.
With higher mind, everything matters in an inspired way.
With no mind for inspired matters, nothing matters.
Take heart to inspire everything that matters.
Enthusiasm is the power of inspiration,
the courage of the human heart,
and the open path to
as the emerging heart
of the infinite and
eternal here
 & now.

~ Christos

PS:  The Dimensional Shift IS what the Source Field DOES;
Spirituality loves practicality... the intention, attention,
     retention and ascension in a higher dimension as will
make it so! - the Power of Wisdom with Love.      


Full-spectrum LOVE at the heart of Global TeLeComm
cultures kindness at the heart of mankind.

What you reflect in your heart of hearts
 you will 
perfect as the mind of 'G.O.D.'
Geometrically Organized Dimensionality)

The Language of the Angels of Universal Love
 is the resonant frequency at the heart of the
Law of the Angles of G.O.D. Conscience.

  The higher the concept of G.O.D.~LOVE at the heart of
Net realty -
  the interactive interface for TeLeComm -
 the greater the results for crystallizing, geometrizing
      and wholly harmonizing the
 3-D holy trinity of balanced
power & wisdom
 via love.

 May the meditations in your heart and visualizations
   of your mind frame your co-Creation in harmony with
     the holy Spirit of
 as it goes mainstream
 at the
 heart of Dimensional Shift from 3D=>5D just in
TIME (4D).

The 2023 Mainstream Awakening Series


Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Make the Vow and
Claim the Victory!

Networking for the Net worth of enlightened
Net reality at the TLC heart
of the
Aquarian Dimensional Shift.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love, then
for the second time in the history 
of  the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin