Global TeLeComm with Heartware™

Involving and Evolving Conscious Evolution with:

Cultural DNA
Universal Interface
Quantum Computing
The Global TLC Project 

by Christopher Rudy

۞   What it looks like and how it naturally cultures TeLeComm~unity;
Self government via global
TeLeComm for unity in diversity;
What’s good for each one is good for all of “
United Sovereigns in a global village.


  Empowering Wisdom with Love of 
 an All-Connected Global Nature


۞  Mass-to-mass communications of, by and for
TeLeConscience; Education of the Heart.
Self education as global TeLeComm for mediation of Conscience;
 Heartware as the 4th Wave in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION
after hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) & netware (Netscape),
integrating this high tech with a global 'high touch
TLC' interface.

    Heartware provides an interactive interface for mass interaction
   via smart phones, tablets, lap-tops and desk-top platforms.
It includes biofeedback registering
'heart coherence'
integrated with unique heartware 'processing' of 
real-time mass-to-mass mind congruence via
E-valuation with 'cyberEthics' (web 3.0)
involving/evolving (culturing) social
conscience in social networks.

۞  Mass-to-mass communications that culture holistic TeLeCare:
Self healing through global
TeLeComm for holistic healing;
   Heartware™ for informed choice with Internet capabilities
    of holistic analysis, prevention and treatment of disease.

Heartware provides a portal gateway interface for
 global healing
TeLeCare based on the means
to achieve a working holistic process for
defining, refining and thus culturing
a self-correcting database model
that shows what's works best
for optimizing our global

۞  Mass-to-mass communications that empower ethical TeLeCommerce:
Self employment with global TeLeComm for owning your own life;
     Heartware™ as the evolution of ethical business based on the
business of evolution with 'Abundant Conscience' via
'Currency of Conscience' for the Next Economy.

Heartware is a model of cyberEthics for mediating
interactive "
TeLeCommerce" (TeLeConferences)
(as for TeLeCare or any TeLeCommunity assembly)
with capabilities via real time mass-to-mass
response ability (culturing responsibility)
for our conscientious common sense.

Defining, Refining, Combining (synergizing) and Shining
  the Next Big Thing in the Computer/Internet rEVOLUTION
with 'Universal Rights' in the interactive 'Public Sphere':

۞  Self Governance - TeLeCommunity for a Unity State of US;

۞  Self Learning - TeLeConscience for Education of the Heart;

۞  Self Healing - TeLeCare for Holistic Healing of Health Care;

۞  Self Employment - TeLeCommerce for the 'Next Economy'.



“May the thoughts in my mind and the meditations of my heart
and the words on my lips represent the loving kindness
that the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the
poor in spirit experience as
 The Blessing.”

With as the rule,
Love Heals All,

I Am,
One for All.
Holistic Visionary
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Director, Heartcom Services & Global TLC Project

As pure intention for freedom & opportunity goes global,
inordinate desire faces the fire of global judgment.
Better to know better and to choose wisely
for one’s evolutionary ascent that will
bless all with holistic healing

of that which is lacking
the wholEness of
by and for