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by Christopher Rudy

One’s life on Earth is but a dream – a brief moment in the eternal scheme of soul evolution.  Obviously, the future is what we make it, and the highest and best dream shared by the Family of Man will float all “boats” (conscious vessels) HIGHER. 

Some of us see the way things are in the world and accept it as the justice that “just is”, rarely asking “why?”.  Personally, I’ve always dreamed how this world can begin healing, developing four holistic health centers over the last four decades. 

My pure intention has been to learn and grow with sufficient experience in the trenches to now look forward to the miraculous healing power of love as will harness the truly unprecedented global knowledge power for holistic healing in the worldwide web of consciousness that can weave the fabric of our core social institutions with the whole, healthy and otherwise holy spirit of love-in-action.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

I recently did a comprehensive life review of my long experience researching and developing holistic health care services, systems and products.  The pure intention of this life review was and continues to be application of what I have learned -- the highest and best vision of, by and for global holistic healing.

   The right use of common sense holistic health protocols via
 free online public access to self-perfecting databases will
 make it self-evident which holistic protocols will work best
    for one’s unique blood type as their genetic/metabolic type.

Many are those who rant on about the problem with the sick health care system as it is.  That becomes self-evident when you know 'the future of health care' and consider a core part of the solution at "United Self Care" (US Care).  My background with breakthrough healing technologies is also detailed at "Meetings With Miraculous People".

Blaming self or others is off the mark.
Responsibility wants response ability.
  Well-Informed choice wants good info.
   On-line self care wants a public option.

Few are those with a clear vision of compelling practicality that could make the current system obsolete, for great benefit to all humanity.  Personally, that’s what I aspire to.  And perhaps you will read what I have in mind, and find it a rather compelling vision also.

Social conscience of a healthy and holy nature
    simply wants to heal the health care system with
    common sense solutions that build whole health,
 the ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure.

Obviously, there is spiritual dis-ease and mental dis-ease in social pathology that is afflicted by organized greed that profits from war and disease.  That is not the subject here.  A systemic holistic healing process is better served by a reboot of social networks with a universal interface for global TeLeComm.  More TLC translates to a strong immune system… but I digress.

Imagine what the UltraMedics™ Clinic of the future will look like,
doing for preventive health what paramedics do for health crisis.

When you come into an UltraMedics Clinic - or mobile unit - you’ll first be guided through an online interactive questionnaire as described at Global TeLeCare. This begins with questions regarding your blood type which corresponds to your metabolic type which provides a vast amount of biological individuality data at the core of healthy lifestyle guidelines regarding optimal nutrition needs for your body type.

 More specific questions regarding symptom profiles
    provide a sequence of guidelines for informed choice
regarding which healing modalities or combinations
    will most likely optimize your specific health condition.

Already, you have done what most doctors don’t do, but we’re just getting started. Next your chair swivels and you put your chin into a rig like your optometrist has, but it merely makes a digital photograph of the iris of both eyes - a holographic readout of all the organ systems in your body. This photo benchmarks your record of progress over a course of health building.

 Iridology was taught at Harvard Medical School in the 1920’s,
    and was so effective for seeing into the body in part and whole,
 that it was eliminated, since anyone could do it, and it showed
    the toxicity and health complication caused by the use of drugs.

Now you discuss your health data with the UltraMedics consultant who may also be a doctor who is certified in the UltraMedics protocols of consulting via informed choice, not prescribing anything.  The power of choice is firmly in your hands.

After you sit down with the UltraMedics consultant,
the lights are turned low as he projects your digital
   eye photos blown up onto the screen in front of you,
 so you clearly look yourself in the eye – both eyes.

Then your consultant points out different things going on in your body as self-evident from dark spots, separation of tissues and a variety of patterns that are easily referenced in charts on screen.  As your attention focuses on each organ system affected, the consultant pulls up the results of your nutritional deficiency analysis on screen, pointing out the chart which shows which deficiencies correspond to the same organs indicated via iridology.

The self-evident truth thus far is that
 you can easily connect the dots and
      see the common pattern of information
      that indicates what needs attention and
  which remedies will help build health.

Obviously, this would be a revelation for most people.  But again, we’re just getting started, to get your attention with the pure intention of knowing what’s going on in the biological terrain of your whole body.

For years I practiced iridology and would later see
white “knitting lines” in the dark organs of the eyes
     when clients took the corresponding health remedies
 that bring healing 'light' to dark places in one's eye.

By now, after looking yourself in the eye to come out of any denial, you have a good grasp of what different nutrient deficiencies are involved.  For a better grasp on what health-building protocols are now recommended, the consultant will now pull up the global database of UltraMedics clinics, showing what other clients - with the same metabolic type and similar biological profiles - have chosen to do, and the results that worked best.  Now that’s a revelation!

There's nothing like evidence-based results of
what works best to compel well-informed
choice of a more enlightened nature.

Well-informed choice - looking yourself in the eye - is compelling for a health-building program that fits one’s budget, whether that is the one indicated or one of your custom creation. This may be strictly nutritional or homeopathic or chiropractic or allopathic or some eclectic combination thereof.  The only obligation of UltraMedics clients is that their periodic check-up includes database reporting protocols as to results... serving all UltraMedics clients with an expanding database of empirical evidence-based results.

Different modalities have respective strengths and weakness
in regard to any one symptom profile and biological type
as a global database of results makes self-evident.

See the Global TeLeCare model at the heart of new
standards for a new health assurance industry;
UltraMedics (wisdom of the cloud) Services.

One other holistic health modality that UltraMedics Consultants can provide is the advanced bioenergetic balancing of the body’s energy circuits as I've explained at Trinfinity8.  This quantum energy field technology works synergistically with other modalities, providing a wholly new quantum dimension of rejuvenation and healing.

   As the pure intention for global holistic health compels
liberation from the prevailing economics and politics
behind the sick system of disease care profiteering,
 you may well see a mobile UltraMedics Services van
  coming to the door of your store, home or business...
     the UPS of personalized health care delivery services.

This vision has been maturing on the drawing board for many years -- but once being enlightened as to the potential for global holistic healing, there's no going back to drugs-per-symptom pharmacide.

Obviously, the number one cost of doing business in Corporate America, health care, would benefit if workers didn’t get sick as much and recover quicker if they did.

For decades I’ve been 'ahead of my time' with this vision, but the veil is thinning and common sense is quickening in the collective conscience of humanity.  Perhaps the Great Awakening with global economic reset has made this vision a perfect trendfit.

Timing is everything. It's a good time to get ready.
The best way to predict the future is to create it:  

    - Informed choice health assurance via holistic health care
         is better than drug-based health insurance for disease care.
Any health care provider can be certified in the process
      to compliment their practice from this holistic perspective.

  - PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organizations) can underwrite
        personalized health
assurance with self-insurance policies.

    - Branchising of UltraMedics will work better than franchising
        with each UltraMedics Clinic privately owned as a branch of
       the larger cooperative alliance of all Internetworked clinics.

For Global Holistic Healing,

Director, UltraMedics Services

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