Quantum Healing with Trinfinity8

by 'Dr. Christopher'


UltraMedics Services

My experience with quantum healing is as a pioneer in the field with my third holistic healing center back in 1991 as you can read HERE.

Having developed 4 holistic health centers over 40 years, I’ve more recently been utilizing quantum healing technology that can work remotely at any distance.

In the quantum field, all fractal geometrized parts are an exact replication of the whole to infinity. And each analog solfeggio frequency generated by the Trinfinity8 creates a 'carrier wave' for fractal algorithm codes represented by beautiful geometric animations with swirling therapeutic colors and repeating fractal patterns on the Trinfinity8 viewing screen.

Lorna gets a 'Forever Young' Trinfinity8 session.

Visual attention on these infinite fractal permutations is thus resonance with left brain pattern recognition at a deep level of harmonic cellular 'set points' for healthy homeostasis. The audio corresponds to right brain 'nonlinear attunement' via analog Solfeggio frequencies masking carrier waves with fractal algorithms for the same reset of optimal health. And the pure quartz crystals carry the harmonics directly into the quantum body.

The full story behind development of this crystal/computer technology is in the amazing book by Dr. Kathy Forti, FRACTALS OF GOD.

If you watch the following video of Dr. Kathy Forti, produced in January 2016, you'll understand why the Trinfinity8 crystal technology is a huge advance in Aquarian technology that works so well at a holistic quantum level.

There are many doctors in a full spectrum of healing modalities worldwide who are now using the ultramolecular Trinfinity8 system which is a wholly new quantum dimension of rejuvenation and healing. 

Conscious evolution moves on,
and paradigm shift happens.

Natural healing is thus going through a big change from the emphasis on orthomolecular medicine - with nutrition - ultramolecular medicine beyond (ultra) medicine as we have known it... utilizing quantum energies that work directly with the body's bioelectric molecular terrain.

Quantum energy is instantaneous and wireless,
operating at any distance, and the body is like
a liquid crystal that receives and transmits
information every second of every day.

The current science of quantum energy healing has come a long way since Einstein pioneered his unified field theory of all-connected energy fields within fields from atoms and molecules to planets and galaxies. Your energy body is the interactive interface between the microscopic and the quantum universe-at-large.

It's now well known that the fractal geometric energy fabric of the universe is at heart a golden ratio algorithm of one's heart beat when in the frequency of compassion, joy, holy spirit, or what in essence is coherent synchronous resonance with the heart of 'Creator' for co-Creation with God-Love.

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know the nature of love itself. To truly know love is to know and understand God; and to know God is to understand love."
~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D
      from: "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88) 

Current brain science tells us that visual stimuli is processed in 'linear' terms as logic in the left hemisphere of the brain... just as audio stimuli is more 'nonlinear' and is processed as emotion and intuition in the right hemisphere of the brain. By addressing both hemispheres with visual and audio 'carrier waves', the coding of those carrier waves is optimized with thousands of health-specific algorithms, developed by Dr. Kathy Forti.

In an on-site T8 session, earphones provide the analog carrier waves for algorithmic-mathematical T8 formulations, and the pure laboratory-grown quarts crystals are held in the hand for conveyance of T8 programs.

In a distant T8 session, the focal point of the two crystals is placed within the earphones to create a quantum vortex over a client's picture or full name as is sufficient for 'nonlocal' connection in the quantum field.

 Algorithms are simply a mathematical formula
 - like a cooking recipe for the quantum body -
 that represents geometric ordered divinity as
'spiritual geometry' for coding bioenergies of
 homeostasis (balance) in one's energy fields.

Clearing energy blockages in the body is one of many prime functions of Trinfinity8, and this function can also be used for clearing the energy in a home or work environment.

  The cause of dis-ease in the body and
the clearance of dissonance therein
  naturally follows harmonic resonance
  with specific energy balancing codes.

The DNA of the body has been discovered to operate as a transceiver that both receives and transmits energies between corresponding organ systems of the body. This Grand Symphony of Fields within Fields operates on a spectrum of frequencies that have certain harmonic 'set points'. The science behind solfeggio frequencies as 'carrier waves' has shown that they make DNA work more coherently in resonance with the geometric mathematical codes developed by Dr. Forti.

Ascension Coding - A Spiritual Tool

On a spiritual level, Trinfinity8 can best be described as ascension coding. Its higher vibrational patterns help accelerate evolution and spirituality, moving one into a greater state of awakening and wellness. Thousands report experiencing feelings of peace and calm during use, leading to improved sleep, mood, clarity and youthful vitality.

Variety of Clinical Applications

Holistic applications with numerous integrated complimentary modalities have demonstrated that the Trinfinity8 works synergistically with naturopathic, homeopathic, chiropractic and allopathic modalities. Acupuncturists as well as psychiatrists, wellness spas and beauty salons are also using it.

United Self Care is one company that integrates Trinfinity8 with nutritional protocols for building health, using iridology with a digital camera to document body healing over several months. When you look yourself in the eye, magnified on the computer screen, and see the progress of holistic healing over time, seeing is believing.

One of the more remarkable capabilities of Trinfinity8 is the ability to customize energy coding for specific client needs remotely - at any distance. In the quantum realm of frequency coherence, there is no time or space, and Trinfinity8 can be automatically set up to run healing codes for clients while at work or while sleeping. This is difficult for some to comprehend, but the articles and videos at Quantum Reality and Quantum Science will help.

Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxAmercanRiviera

Just as with any healing modality, Trinfinity8 results are largely intention-based. It helps to be open to the process of healing. The book, 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D is a new 'classic' on this power of intention, the power of belief, the power of placebo, and the power of love at the heart of abundant health.

According to evolutionary biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton   
n his many prescient consciousness-raising videos, 
   Dr. Lipton explains what Einstein long ago discovered;

  quantum energies in The Field are the sole governing
  agency in matter. We shape them and they shape us.

 Heaven is not 'out there' or shaped by our genes. It is
 achieved by what we conceive and believe at heart.  

  Just as hope and faith evokes a self-fulfilling prophecy,
 doubt and fear is like praying for what you don't want.
 That's why it is important to augment 'hope' and 'faith'
 with 'charity' - loving kindness at the heart of intention
love intention focuses attention for retention
and ascension in 5+ dimensions of comprehension.  

UltraMedics Services is now providing 'health coach' services that include nutritional consulting and personalized Trinfinity8 health codes.  For more information and scheduling of a phone consultation, contact: ultramedics@mcn.net.

Personally, I believe that knowledge power wants to be free and open, and Global TeLeCare is modeled that way. Likewise, I've been wanting to make nonlocal (quantum) T8 treatments as effective and 'free' as possible. That's why I’ve been providing the $65 T8 treatments for free when ordering two or more bottles of SPX 'Royal Jelly' extract.

It takes a consultation and time to set up a personalized T8 program, so this is a non-profit service that is worth it for me just to see such gratifying results.

To Your Optimal Health,
  UltraMedics Director

  PS: No medical claims are made for the T8.
       The body naturally heals itself when you
        create a physical, mental-emotional and
        etheric environment for healing to thrive.

PSS: Realize the role of intention in healing.
Pure intention focuses attention with the
         power of belief –
the power of placebo
         whereby the power of love
with retention
            cultures ascension - conscious evolution -
           in a more enlightened ‘
TLC dimension’ of
            enlightened full spectrum comprehension:
Intention, Attention, Retention and
 Ascension in Coherent Dimensions
of Enlightened Comprehension.


 Advanced holistic modalities
for optimal health