The Currency of Conscience
and the Next Economy

Occupy Conscience Series
Updated 5-30-2013

by Christos Lightweaver

“Spirit of ‘76”

Bicentennial Self-Portrait in my ‘Egg Rocker’,
 hand sculpted from 2 inch slabs of polystyrene
glued together with construction adhesive and
fiberglassed then velvetexed with nylon fibers
  dusted onto epoxy with an electrostatic charge
 for a robin’s egg blue seamless velvet surface.
 From the side, it looks like a dolphin with
its fin flipped up.  Kayak paddle for
float trips is not shown

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Defining, Refining, Combining and ‘Shining’
    the Currency of Conscience at the
heart of the 'Next Economy'

Global evolution is the revolution beginning.
  Conscience prevails whereby we are winning.
  Ready or not, there are options now revealing
 choices to be made that are quite appealing.

From Big Oil to Free Energy… how liberating is that?
From debt slavery to '
Free Conscience'…
that’s now where we’re at.

 Who owns and controls the air we all breathe,
     and precious life in our bodies, free of disease?
         It's not Big Pharma whose prescription is fulfilling
     denied health freedom as drugs makes a killing.
Universal Self Care with Global Holistic Healing
    prefers health freedom, an Alliance of the willing.
    Energies of health trump the chemistry of disease
   thanks to quantum science for true healing ease.

Politics of profit are more complex than the science.
Unfortunately the Constitution has lost our reliance.
Corporatocracy has 'overruled' the citizens united.
  Corporate media keeps us misinformed and divided.

This may sound like the cause of major disruption,
but thrival begins as we end systemic corruption.
Endless war for peace is propaganda's profanity
that promotes our demise with abject insanity.

The issue boils down to inordinate walls in the mind
that must finally come down for thrival of mankind.
This mission is now possible when we all can agree
on terms of Alliance - our
CONSCIENCE - now free.

   The genesis of freedom for our Alliance means survival
  when in good
CONSCIENCE, we rise up for our thrival.
   The economy must pivot on a moral compass with love.
     Blessings come from ethical currency, below as above.

 CONSCIENCE is the currency for the Abundant Life.
     It’s not a mystery when known, for reducing all strife.
ACTION PLAN we have long been waiting to see
    is co-creation with 'Source', the G.O.D.~

The Currency of Conscienceis for giving, not betting
on self-serving interest that is stuck on ‘for getting”.
Man doesn’t live on bread alone… but the ‘leaven’ of
-raising CONSCIENCE here/now as 'heaven'.

      Such knowledge is power and the wisdom of
   transports heavenly realms as on wings of a dove.
Holy Spirit is no longer a great mystery in awe;
-in-action fulfills the Great Cosmic Law.

 Unity in diversity is common sense, pure intention
   for self-fulfilling prophecy as we now pay attention
to tools and processes for pure
    as empowers
CONSCIENCE and evolving ascension
       in fully Present realms of


~~~~~~~~~ NEXT ECONOMY KEYNOTES ~~~~~~~~~

CONSCIENCE is the most sacred of ALL property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

  The flow of CONSCIENCE through a movement
- to upgrade core Constitutional freedoms -
acts to organize that movement.

The more information you have, the greater is the need
to get it all ‘IN FORMATION’ (in order)…
in good

The higher the CONSCIENCE conceived and believed
- the ‘Spirit that Matters’ at the heart of  -
the greater the results ACHIEVED.

The greater one’s
- in form and frequency (as in frequently)-
the higher the Holy Spirit of

is what we make it. When
 is the rule,

For winning from the beginning of the conscious evolution revolution
by culturing the '
KINGdom' whereby all are "KING" (sovereign)
with the '
Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D.~

~ Christos 

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Language of the Angels of ” (our better nature) at the heart of
The Law of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).

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 around us and within us is
for giving so please care
to share this with all
in that Spirit.
~ C.

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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon