Conscious Evolution
with the
Spirit that Matters

Host of Cosmic


Itís all a matter of mind over matter
and Spirit over mind.

Mind is the mediator of the Spirit that matters.
The still waters of a calm peaceful mind
reflects the heavens perfectly and
sees beneath the surface
to what matters.

The Global Foundation
for CoCreation with Spirit,
transcends the emotional turbulence
which derives from the sense of separation
and suffering as severance from Spiritual matters.

Unity Conscience is the Unity-in-Diversity whereby
polarity as a dance of two-in-One transcends
 dualityís divisive sense of separation.
With CoCreation rules...
LOVE rules...

The Most Powerful

in the World

 Imagine a love so powerful that it gives birth to a New Earth,
a transformation so profound that we can barely conceive it.

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

  Heaven knows that Earth is an incubator for life,
a platform for the evolution of Spirit in matter.
   Heaven meets Earth with the
Spirit that matters:

The Most Powerful  in the World for

 Conscious Evolution in Our
All-Connected Conscience

   Global humanity is now experiencing the Grand Finale event.
The instant-everywhere-interactive Internet has created
 a global village in principle, and in practice we now have an
 opportunity to co-create the
'Worldwide Web We Want':
Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

This is the global birth of a New Earth
- the big shift as a new beginning -
  restoring the archetypes of wholEness
 for initiating 'the foundation' with the
emerging blueprint for a golden age.

Continued with:

The Most Powerful Love in the World

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the
    stronger pull of what you really love."
~ Rumi