The 'InnerNet' and the 'Source Field'
- aka ‘Web of Light’, aka ‘Antahkarana’ -
and the 'Web of Conscience' as the
all-connected foundation for 

Worldwide  .

There are fundamentals for understanding Natural Law
- basic principles framing the order of the Universe -
as the "order of
G.O.D.(Geometric Ordered Divinity)
 as the language of the 
angles and angels.

by Christos Lightweaver

Preface articles:

۞  The All-Connected Source Field

۞ The Aquarian Manifesto, 11-11-11

۞  The Source Field Investigations


Nature has methods… the divine order of the universe.  Some know this as  ‘God’. Others as the ‘Great Spirit’ or 'Source'. Most can understand it as a mother’s pure love for the fruit of her womb. 

At heart, the 'InnerNet' is no more complex than that.

The word ‘fundamentalist’ has gotten a bad rap from ‘New Agers’ and visa versa.  But when both camps agree on the fundamentals framing the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love, they have no problem with each other, nor with any belief system between these ‘blue’ and ‘pink’ extremes of full-spectrum social consciousness in our global social networks.

The first principle of fundamental agreement is pure intention to come into agreement. Or as wise old Ben Franklin once said, “Either we all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”  Such talk may be treasonous to divide-to-conquer tyrants, but if the 99% can agree to be “Free-in-Love’… Wall Street becomes accountable to Main Street, and that’s a good thingJ

It follows with this first principle of fundamental agreement to focus attention  with pure intention. What goes around comes around, reaping what we sow with a cause and effect just as sure as the physics of action-reaction or the biology of stimulus and response.

The natural consequence of this first principle of fundamental agreement is love’s retention as we pay attention with pure intention. This retention of the frequency of love – as in frequently – is greater than the sum of pure intention  with focused attention on the InnerNet’s ‘Source Code’ (). This synergizes the best of both 'worlds' (dimensions of intention and attention) when:

 - The POWER of  defines pure geometry 'Law'
                                                    (Law of the Angles of G.O.D.);

     - The WISDOM of  refines Law with 'Conscience'
                                                       (Language of the Angels of LOVE);

 - The LOVE of combines (synergizes) " + "
inear + nn-linear aw/atnement);

       - Wholness in shines as a frequent 'Frequency'
                 (The 3 dimensions of 
Power~Wisdom~Love frequently in 4-D 'Time')

This integrated principle of universal is what we make it... co-creating evolutionary ascension as a systemic dimensional shift to "conscientious common sense" (Unity Conscience) , when (4-D 'in time')  defines POWER, 
refines WISDOM, combines LOVE and thereby shines wholEness  frequently.

The mastery of wholness is not a mystery when known.
    One must step into the 'Circle of Whol
Eness' (atONEment).
   The 'chosen' are simply those who choose 'The Alliance'...
to 'come-into-unity' along more enlightened 'lines' of the
  'Source Code' (
G.O.D.~) for Co-Creation with the
Power, Wisdom and Love via the 'Source Field'.

The key to integrity in this agreement is integration of all the dimensional keys to the KINGdom where we each and all are sovereign ‘KING’ with the ‘Keys to the INnernet of God-love’ -- the choice of "one for all and all for one" 
The Alliance) as represents each sovereign Netizen of the ALL-connected unified field of the InnerNet... as represents all United Sovereigns of Earth.

The holistic integration of these four archetypal ‘dimensions’ of the first principle naturally leads to the fifth dimension as fulfills the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in- In other words, defining, refining, combining and shining  the vision of virtue and valor  for the healthy, holistic, and holy VICTORY and  of the Creative Ascension Process with the CAPstone Conscience of  for the United Sovereigns of Earth.


It is the first principle of the love of freedom to be 'Free-in-Love' with the Constitution of Conscience.  From the beginning we were winning with this understanding… that  is the master(‘s) key to  owning your own life, mastering your own learning, and wising up to rise up with more loving.

Obviously, you can’t legislate morality; it is a free-will choice.  But you can create an environment of  in which morality will thrive to survive the systemic materialistic corruption and disruption of peace on Earth.

As said many times, it is the ordained Power of Love that transcends, transforms and thereby neutralizes the inordinate love of power, individually and collectively. This is the great paradox of being in the world but not of the world… to be spiritual at a time when materialistic decadence has betrayed the common sense of the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. and Language of the Angels of our better nature.


"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates, there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

So take heart.  Love without strength is incomplete just as strength without love is unwise. It is for you to choose the paradigm shift of reality that will unveil the paradox of duality.  This is the eternal process of soul evolution, and the only ‘sin’ is to deny that process for yourself or others.  This requires the strength of pure intention and the wisdom of focused attention for "The Blessing' of love's retention.

This begins with oneself.  Know thyself; conscious of HOW you are conscious
in terms of your 
intention, attention and retention of love frequently
for ascension into higher dimensions of self-mastery. 

With this agreement, you serve the definite major purpose of 'The Alliance'. To end war by loving peace and the peacemakers... NOT by hating war and the war-makers. Love is for giving... the path of ascension through retention, attention and intention of, by and for the wholEness of .

Where we focus our sacred Conscience is where the holy Spirit of -in-action magnifies, qualifies and multiplies the Power of Love. This first gift of the holy ‘Spirit of Discernment’ naturally follows pure intention for loving attention to the evolutionary ascension process that assembles or otherwise integrates the components to the CAPstone for the Alliance Ascent of the United Sovereigns of Earth into the fifth dimension and beyond.

These first principles are the , ,  and  in the  Model, framing an Internet Age upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms. The definite major purpose of this on-line real-time mastermind ALLIANCE is simply a process for culturing conscientious common sense of a re-SOURCE nature.

As a frame of reference for our ‘Circle of WholEness’, geometrizes the ‘Circle of Oneness’ for unity in our diversity... transforming the worldwide web to a web of light and  with web 3.0 Source Code.

Whether you know this as the ‘Co-Creation' with the ‘Mind of G.O.D.’ or the ‘Common Sense’ at the ‘Heart of ’, it is the same fundamental understanding establishing the foundation of, by and for Worldwide Love.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength,
and your Netizen neighbor as thyself in our global village.

Culturing the Worldwide  Foundation with our
better discernment as judgment of, by and for
more Light and Love… easier and faster.

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