Optimal Health and Your Immune System

Emphasizing our core freedom of freedoms...
to be well-informed, to know better, and
to have a choice, to do better with
'well-informed choice'

'Dr. Christopher'

My understanding of the immune system has matured over 37 years. I studied with leading experts in holistic healing while developing four holistic health centers. This understanding evolved from my first storefront co-op where I practiced as an herbalist and nutritionist... to my second center, a clinic with three doctors where I integrated iridology, clinical nutrition computer diagnostics, reflexology and colon therapy... to my 3rd center where I integrated quantum health protocols. My 4th 'center' has gone on-line with UltraMedics Services.

The state of the arts in holistic healing now is in rapid transformation with global Internet capabilities. This promises a free online model of Global TeLeCare with 'Universal Self Care' based on 'informed choice'... the 'public option' that would dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of health care.

Is it true that the more information you have, the greater is the need to
get it all in order for
informed choice?

Are your aware that your right to life and liberty is, at heart,
your core freedom of
informed choice?

Would you agree that the health of all other freedoms
- in our instant-everywhere and interactive 'Info Age' -
are only as good as your
informed choice?

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take,
their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny
~ Thomas Jefferson

Just to be clear, I'm not a doctor of the 'MD' or 'PhD' variety, but 'doctor' as in the original Latin meaning of the word, i.e. "teacher".  In all my health centers, I informed clients and let them make their own choices, prescribing nothing.  My experience in this holistic healing service naturally evolved to integrate the respective strengths of nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, allopathic and "ultramolecular" (quantum biology) modalities.

The key to integrity in holistic health care is based on "synergy" (symbiosis)
by integrating the respective strengths of different modalities with
 informed choice.

It's rather ironic, but the more I integrated the respective strengths of multiple healing modalities with the quantum breakthroughs of ultramolecular energy, the more resistance and resentment I received as 'blow-back' from other health practitioners, and especially mainstream medicine's monopolized paradigm of 'allopathic health care', which is based on the chemistry of disease treatment (drugs for whatever ail you), rather than the energies of health building (science of quantum biology).

In the modern cult of drug-based medicine, nothing resists and resents progress more than professional pride that is highly vested in pushing drugs, vaccines, chemo, radiation, surgery and other highly invasive and expensive treatments. 
    Yes, we take our health for granted until we lose it.
   Yes, we will pay just about anything to get it back.
But NO, it is NOT common sense to emphasize
 treatment that could be prevented or healed for
 little cost except to a highly organized monopoly
of 'disease care' that makes a killing - literally -
 for the medical/media corporatocracy complex.

The global evolution revolution has brought us to this point.
We can integrate
informed choice for holistic health,
or we can surrender freedom for false security in
prescribed by a medical-industrial
complex that inverts common sense on
its head with a pound of cure now
worth 16x's more profit than
an ounce of prevention.

Big Pharma has manufactured a climate of insanity,
pushing 14 billion dollars of anti-depressants
each year, with America the only 'civilized'
country that allows this drug-pushing
over mainstream television.

The prevailing paradigm of chemistry-based medicine never grew up (evolved) to validate and utilize the paradigm of integrative medicine as includes natural healing modalities and quantum energy medicine.

Growth was stunted by drug addiction...
the pushing of drugs for profit and monopoly
with government collusion to enforce it and
lack of informed choice to stop it.

Drug addiction for profit is a sick business model that profits from sickness.  The more toxic prescription drugs pushed on the public, the more pathological side-effects with the more drugs prescribed to treat these symptoms with more profit for this sick business model.  And what's really SICK is that more than a quarter-million Americans are dying yearly from the side-effects of these prescription drugs when there are holistic alternatives that prevent disease in the first place by building a strong immune system.

There are too many powerful organizations
making a killing on this SICK system,
and there are too many people dying
for lack of an
informed choice.

Common sense may be uncommon but the pathological disease care system we call 'health care' is killing us with a lock-step "drugs-per-symptom" (allopathic) model that denies, ignores and outright suppresses a common sense approach that honors informed choice regarding the respective strengths of other healing modalities, not just individually, but also as an integrated 'holistic' or otherwise 'holy' (sacred) whole.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Often we hear the 'talking heads' in corporate media talk about the need to reduce the cost of health care, but rarely if ever do they appeal to the conscientious common sense that would demand Universal Self Care based on informed choice.  These 'embedded' reporters (like embedded reporters of the military-industrial complex), would lose their jobs if they told the truth, that disease is a racket just like war is a racket.

So get over it... the Big Lie that is so BIG and so bold and so often told
that people get along by going along with disease and war policies
that make a killing -- on us -- by plan and sick intent for profit
above the 1st principle of honest service to the public
health and well-being of our global civilization.

You still have informed choice!

If you KNOW that the politics and economics of disease care are far more complex, corrupt and compromised than the SCIENCE of Universal Self Care... and if you KNOW that the greatest power you have is informed choice to OWN YOUR OWN LIFE... then you KNOW you have the power to build your immune system for optimal health based on good information for a well-informed choice.

So in Good Conscience,
know better in order
to do better.

Population control and reduction -- for monopolized profit -- has become the unofficial policy of militarized corporate government even as the cult of modern medicine has become an unofficial religion. People believe religiously in the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments, toxin-injected vaccines, and public health policies that sanctify fluoridated water, aspartame additives and GMO foods... not to mention chemtrails poisoning the air and our environmental life-support systems.  But I digress. The solution is what you can do now.

There are some very simple informed choice options
for building health and preventing disease.

All my experience identifying the progressive trends to integrated 'Health Assurance' policies, has served my pure intention to find the least expensive way to optimize health with a strong immune system.

Consider these two very powerful ways for
building your immune systems and thus
preventing colds, flu, cancer and the
fatigue symptoms of work stress.

Common sense would say that a strong immune system also cures disease.  In fact, one of these natural remedies is used by Big Pharma in drip IV's for immunotherapy for cancer after the immune system is wiped out by chemo and radiation. It increases the white blood count -- a key marker for the immune system -- dramatically.  Better yet, you can take this inexpensive whole food concentrate orally to build your immune system. I personally used it to for a fatty tumor on my back which shriveled up and disappeared after 3 months of use. 

   Believe it or not, this 'UltraFood' is actually
a concentrated source of the 'royal jelly'
  that was worth its weight in gold to those
Chinese emperors who needed to keep
  many concubines happy, before Viagra:)

On one radio talk show I was a guest on, a listener called in to say she had purchased this superfood after hearing about it on a previous talk show a few months earlier, and had experienced a complete remission of her cancer.  She said that the only thing she was doing different was taking the 'nutraceutical grade royal jelly'.  Personally, I wasn't surprised, having seen the research in Europe that reported the success for jump-starting the immune system with unequalled results from colds to cancer... not that I can publish those studies in America. 

As you know, Big Pharma has the type of big clout with Big Government that passes laws to make health claims for natural substances illegal, so I'm not making any medical claims.  Common sense may be uncommon, but it's not illegal (yet) to consume nature's most perfect source of genetic material for genetic repair, replication and rejuvenation at a core cellular immunity and DNA level.

This extract of the most concentrated nutrition at the source of the food chain
is also the most perfect food for feeding the 7 major glands in the body
with precursors to hormones that regulate all healthy body functions.

What I can say with long experience brokering this pollen extract superfood to America's largest nutrition companies is that there is an abundance of empirical evidence to show benefits in terms of:

   More 'Light' (mental energy) for clear-headed thinking;
 More 'Life' (vital force) for immunity & rejuvenation;
More 'Love' (feeling of well being) via hormone
precursors and vital health enzymes.
The other health breakthrough I recommend is also highly researched with peer-reviewed clinical trials providing evidence that this is the most effective probiotic for colon health, which is commonly known to effect as much as 80% of immune function.  That's HUGE!

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 25 million Americans, 
and is the leading cause of work-related absence."
[Harvard Women's Health Watch, April 2004.]
Think about it.  The food you eat passes through the membranes in your colon to feed ever cell in your body. Just as a healthy plant grows out of biologically healthy soil, so does the 'dirt' in your gut grow a healthy body.  But when stress in your solar plexus makes you 'sick to your guts'... or when you eat under stress or do poor food combining... or when you take antibiotics or other prescription drugs that are toxic to healthy microbes in your gut, the "dysbiosis" (toxemia) in your colon poisons every cell in your body.

Many years ago, the natural health pioneer Bernard Jensen proclaimed, "death begins in the colon." A morbid truth, yet pointedly factual, and critical to understanding good health in today’s supersized world of substandard nutrition.  A toxic gut indeed has serious side-effects; it poisons the blood, burdens the liver and can dramatically afflict the quality of life. 

Toxic buildup leads to chronic free radical damage, heart and liver disease, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and aggravation of auto-immune disease, allergies and chronic fatigue.  Free radical damage from gut toxins affect adequate blood flow throughout the body, especially the brain. This frequently causes depression, diminished mental function and memory loss.

Quality life extension is typically in direct proportion to colon health.  

Restoring Colon Health

As a former colon therapist in my 2nd holistic health center, I learned that the 'bottom line' for health is truly your intestinal tract.  One’s gut microbiome is the 'seedbed' of health or disease.  Reseeding the “seedbed” is critical when gut dysbiosis symptoms are present.  And the better the “seed culture” (probiotic), the better the results.

               There is no greater 'environmental' influence for over-all health than your colon.

The prime source of toxins is not “out there”, yet many people don't want to 'go there' -- their own sewer system.  Rural homeowners often pay more attention to microbes for their septic tank than seeding the 'soil' in their own body’s GI tract.  But there is not a more common cause of biological stress and distress than this 'bottom line' for health.

Many health researchers have taken the study of gut culture probiotics seriously.  However, many probiotic products quote research of limited quality that is not peer-reviewed by leading medical experts.  Lack of well-informed choice is a huge problem for millions of people seeking relief from a toxic colon, irritable bowl syndrome, and a host of body-mind-spirit “dis-ease” consequences of a toxic gut. 

The breakthrough with “Soil-Based Organisms” (SBO Probiotics)

Over the years, I have closely followed the research on probiotics.  I’ve seen lots of research touting the advantages of “quantity” – a large number of bioflora strains -- rather than “quality” (the best clinical results).  Rare is the research that emphasizes superior results through published peer-reviewed clinical trials, until recently.

Just as the natural foods industry has evolved to emphasize whole food concentrates rather than chemical isolates for vitamin supplements, so has the probiotic industry evolved to recognize soil-based organisms as the best supplement for colon health.

That’s actually common sense when you think about it.  Anyone who has studied biodynamic farming or organic gardening knows that a healthy plant grows out of a healthy bioculture in the soil.  Chemical fertilizers can stimulate the growth of a large plant that is nutritionally empty if the soil is depleted or “dead” from chemicals that poison the soil microflora which predigest soil for assimilation.

It’s the same with the “dirt” in your gut.  Healthy microflora in the gut breaks down food for optimal assimilation into the blood and cells of your body. Good nutrition is poorly assimilated if the soil in the gut
is depleted or “dead” from antibiotics.  We need those soil-based organisms for enzymatic conversion of food into a form that optimizes nutrient assimilation. 

The Latest Research on SBO's

Over the last decade, one research company has focused on soil-based organisms, developing a probiotic with a unique “prebiotic” component that feeds the probiotics for improved efficacy. Double-blind clinical trails have been peer-reviewed by doctors and published in leading medical journals.  Both doctors and nutrition outlets have found extraordinary results that speak for themselves.

After six years of Clinical Development, Tests and Evaluation (CDTE), THIS SBO PROBIOTIC, with 29 unique microflora components, became available to health devotees.  Numerous health centers have seen it become their best seller in just a few months, simply by word-of-mouth referrals.

Your immune system for 'optimal health'
(healthy body, whole mind, holy spirit)
is the result of well-informed choices.

The best 'Health Assurance' policy you could have would optimize your immune system in the way that builds health to prevent or heal disease. You would do that at a "core" (colon) level, and you would do that
at a "systemic level" (glandular, hormonal and DNA regeneration).

Now that you know how to do that, it's your
informed choice - your core health freedom.  Just realize that the biological synergy (symbiosis) of these two health aids are far greater than the sum of their separate immune-enhancing health benefits.  Another symbiotic co-factor that synergizes the biological benefits are 'essential fatty acids like fish oils, 'flax seed oil', etc.  Nutrition science has identified such 'fatty acids' as one of the most critical components to a healthy immune system, and they are in extreme deficiency in most people who eat the "Standard American Diet" (SAD).

Each one's body has unique biological individuality and different specific nutritional needs, but in general, I personally believe that these two 'breakthroughs' for immune function will have unequaled benefits for optimal health.

To Your Whole Health with Well-Informed Choices,

Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services

Summary Points:

 Health assurance that is proactive
is naturally more preventive than
health insurance that is

 97.5% of 'Health Care' is '
Self Care',
you choose to do YOURSELF
to build health and prevent disease.

Owning your own health is naturally
  empowered by
well-informed choice
 to build health and prevent disease.

The higher your concept of 'optimal health'
 the greater the results; health assurance.


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