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Global Economic Transformation

Tracking Developments and Trendfitting Solutions

by Christopher Rudy / Nov. 29, 2014

Continued from the 'Trend Report' HERE

   When driving toward a sharp curve in the road ahead,
it's always wise to adjust to the track conditions and
    trend events that fit with an optimal driving experience.

   It's the same with humanity's drive into the future.

Those who are following the global Thrive Movement
are aware that a global economic 'reset' is imminent
one way or the other, and the following video brings
  us up to date on the five most likely scenarios for the
 emerging economy in our worldwide social networks.

 Excerpt from the live ThriveTogether think tank event
last weekend:

"For the first time in 70 years, countries worldwide are
     overtly checkmating U.S. dominance in the trade arena."

Note that both Linda and Foster Gamble provide a clear and concise
overview of the global economic situation, but do not provide a clear
and concise overview of a definitive overarching vision of solutions.

   They do say that decisions are being made at the highest levels of the
global power elite, and they also affirm that the future of global health
and prosperity with a free and open Internet will be determined soon.

     Every since Foster Gamble was on Cosmic back in Jan. 2012
 I've tried to get him to recognize and utilize a three-pronged approach
   to reset the 'matrix' to a Media-Medical-Marketing 'Hermetian Matrix'
   with a new heartware standard for global TeLeComm, the TLC Project,
   as will culture social conscience (web 3.0) in our core social networks.

    How that translates to a new "Currency of Conscience" (gold standard)
   for the Next Economy naturally involves and evolves our conscientious
     common sense with a golden rule/law language standard for culturing our
  conscience at the interactive interface heart of global social networks.

    The optimal valuation of "In we Trust" for conscience currency
   is naturally an integral function of the 'Language of Consciousness' for
  the optimal use of the golden rule/law language as a standard for TLC
at the heart of every authentic golden age.

  Unless and until true leaders rise up to champion well-informed choice
     for self-organizing, self-regulating intelligence with self-evident
 at the heart of global conscious evolution... the current surge of 'light'
  as intelligence in 'The Field' will go largely untapped and underutilized.

So Hold the Vision, Keep the Faith and
Make It So!

~ Christopher


BRICS Bank challenges Atlanticist hegemony,
offering an alternative to Vulture Capitalism:
(1) BRICS set up bank to counter Western hold on global finances
(2) The dollar's 70-year dominance is coming to an end
(3) BRICS Bank challenges Atlanticist hegemony, offers alternative to Vulture Capitalism

Brother Nathaniel on Global Economic Control by
'The Money Changers' (short video following)

My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner.
I'm A "Street Evangelist".
I Grew Up As A Jew.
I'm Now An Orthodox Christian.
I Wish To Warn How Zionist Jews Are
Destroying Christianity Throughout The World

12-3-2014 Update Note from CR: If you like this video by Bro. Nat.,
you'll want to watch his 12-2-2014 video on "Real Money" HERE.