The Global TLC Project

The Family of Mankind in a Global Village
of instant-everywhere and interactive
TLC capabilities for TeLeComm
mediated with cyberEthics
of Universal


Internet 'Co-Op' with Heartware CyberEthics

Framing universal standards for global co-Operation by upgrading and integrating the highlights from 100+ online
e-books archived at the Heartcom Network, including embedded videos and inter-linked 'book chapters' as  codified together as the '
Global TLC Project'...
The Gold Standard for a Global Golden Age:
 Codes for Systemic Transformation.

Net Worth with the Currency of Conscience

 New Web 3.0 standards for culturing social conscience in our local and global social networks will create new industry – the platform for a global meritocracy – as a
co-Operative comm
UNIcaTIon process for co-Creating universal RIGHTS-
 in the public SPHERE-  with   CHECKS AND BALANCES () in four dimensions of INTEGRATION- via the Constitution of Conscience for whol ness and cyber thics  -valuation criteria at the TLC heart of  -Governance,  -Learning,  -Care and -Commerce; culturing global TLC Healing Options by assembling archetypal components to the ‘CAPstone’ (Creative Ascent Process) with G.O.D.~  Vision.

 Conscience Currency
dedicated to the
One Eye

Free Online Universal Self Care

Introductory video with crowdfunding for
the Global TeLeCare Documentary at:  


Sacred Geometry
with a

Culturing Global TeLeComm with a
  Universal Standard for Co-Creation
 with the Spirit of the Creator as the
 Source of Grace for atONEment
    Healing the Sense of Separation
from Law of the Angles of “G.O.D.”
 (Geometric Ordered Divinity), and
  Language of the Angels of
(heart coherence).