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WholEness and Holy Spirit via Heart Coherence;
The Language of the Angels of Love

See also: The Power of Love

The frequency of interaction in the spirit of universal Love refines the nature of the holy spirit of -in-action.
It is the angels of our better nature that frequently refers to the first principles of
in thought, word and deed.
The more frequent is our individual and collective interaction through the first principles of the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age, the greater is the results.
There are core thought processes for conscious evolution and current 'global telecomm capabilities' are evolving to better represent our holodeck thought processes in ways that optimize 'core Constitutional freedoms' as empower social
Conscience at the heart of global social networks.
The frequency of holy compassion can now be objectively measured with heart coherence apps on your smart phone, tablet, lap-top or desktop computer; a software program utilizing biometric feedback correlation to heart coherence to show when you're in the frequency of holy compassion.

Application of this capability for culturing "heart intelligence"
-- for social
Conscience in our global social networks --
is the natural fulfillment of the Power of Love
with heart coherent enlightenment at
the heart of social networks,
social institutions and
the VISION of



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 meaning of "
read: "Heartware White Paper"

Lower left corner of our HEARTcom Interface 
HeartSynch™bio-feedback window for the
 Heart of Compassion

This is the 'heart monitor window' at the lower left of your computer screen, facing the left side of your body and your heart. Whether on a smart phone or with a headphone connected through your computer, your voice modulations and breath rhythms can be processed with HeartLink to display in the heart monitor window. This biofeedback loop monitors the actual frequencies of compassion as a golden ratio algorithm (mathematical formula) of certain heart rhythms.  Read about the state-of-the-arts with the technology at http://www.goldenmean.info and at 'Quantum Computing' .

The beauty of biofeedback is that once you become conscious of that which was unconscious, not only do you will to control, you can't resist self control; when "upward-mobile" people know better, they are compelled to do better.  And HeartSynch™ accelerates the learning process for education of a compassionate heart (spirit of love) like no other technology next to masterful meditation.

The concept and methodology of this technology was developed by Dan Winter and associates with the science behind it explained in great detail his website linked above.

Dan is well-known worldwide as the preeminent scientist working with "Geometric Ordered Divinity" (G-O-D) as a natural expression of cosmic (divine) law that frames the form and function of all the fractal order of the holographic universe.  But until now (the HEARTware™-
model in the right window), the sophistication of Dan's rendition of universal laws has confounded most humans who are as yet unable to comprehend multiple dimensions of reality that go far beyond the "walls in the mind" conditioned by prevailing public education methods which have virtually nothing to do with education of the heart. 

Dan Winters is the type of golden age visionary who has been under extreme harassment by people who stole his ideas, copyrighted them, and then sued Dan for infringement of his rights.  Dan has been getting almost a million visits per month on his web site that shows, on one hand, that there is a large global audience of high intelligence that is receptive to this message. But on the other hand, there are people who are jealous, resentful and vengeful who would destroy his message and limit the profound implications of divine law language whereby the installed global infrastructure for Net reality is utilized for education of the heart.

It is by stepping down these 1st principles of universal Law through higher standards for Global TeLeComm (TLC Process) that the audience for Dan's genius becomes far more inclusive ranging from self governing TeLeCommunity in social networks to lifelong learning (TeLeConscience), holistic healing (TeLeCare) and an economics of abundance via abundant TLC at the heart of TeLeCommerce.

Practical Spirituality - Success without the stress

The business and health benefits of HeartLink™-- a substandard product of the HeartMath Institute -- can be read (click here) in an article in Business 2.0 Magazine, June 28, 2000.  "Freeze-Frame" is the name of a biofeedback process similar to HeartLink that the Heartmath Institute uses for stress reduction and productivity enhancement.  Benefits include better listening skills, calm concentration, ability to think outside the box and the spirit of collaboration among employees.  But that's a comparatively primitive technology that Dan Winter explains on his website above.

In summary, this lower-left HeartSynch
window accesses, attunes and synchs one's behavior to the heart of right brain spherical consciousness that is the living spirit of compassion and love. Co-creation in this state provides an optimal level of holistic, big picture ideation (idea capital) and quality connection with others (relationship capital). 
Thanks to Dan Winter, the technology is now ready as introduced HERE.

By thus qualifying the optimal meaning of 'idea and relationship capital' at the heart of the
New Economy,
a higher standard for cyber
Ethics E-valuation criteria for Net worth will set the standard for E-gov, E-learning, E-care and E-commerce... fulfilling our spiritual destiny with practical applications for the the business of evolution as represents the whole, holistic, healing capabilities of a Net reality with a heart.


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